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You Can Open With Anything

I had a mate from Australia, whose Aussie-lingo clearly rubbed off on me, training with me at my job in February.  He was out here for about two months, and me being a freshly minted 21 year old, and him wanting to have some fun with American girls, we naturally were out hitting bars and clubs every weekend picking up girls.  He was the best wingman I’ve ever had, hands-down.  That damn accent made girls melt.

He didn’t have the opening skills to get going into large groups, but once I got us the “in”, he could hold the attention of 2 girls which freed me up to hit on their hot friend I wanted.  While there is little doubt in my mind the accent helps (girls here in SoCal seem to LOVE Aussie accents), together we projected such a confidence that by the time he left, we had such a great system we were hardly ever getting shot down.  Clubs became a game to see how far I could push myself with him.  He had a couple nights he would probably prefer not to remember, but regardless, I learned a TON about club/bar pickup during those two months.

Anywho, back to the original point of the story, it doesn’t matter what you say at all, as long as you say it with a staggering amount of charisma and confidence.  Our go-to pickup line for two straight months was the following:

“HEY!  Do we look gay?!  Some guys totally just hit on us!  WTF?!”

It helped that my boy would wear this bright purple sweater every time we went out, and it was definitely very metro-ish.  And what happened every time I ran up to a group of 4-5 girls and spit this line out?  They’d laugh, tell us we didn’t look that gay, and it was off to the races.  Looking back, that opener shows tons of confidence and a overall attitude of, “I don’t give a shit,” so it’s no wonder it worked so well.  I’ve used it since even when by myself and had good results.

So next time there’s that hot girl at the bar and your mind blanks…ask her if you look gay.

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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