Last updated: March 4, 2016

You Aren’t Owed Shit



You think because you are a nice guy who brings girls flowers, you’re owed a beautiful girlfriend who has eyes for no one but you.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you read The Game and negged a girl once, you’re owed the time from every girl you approach.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you read Manosphere blogs and keyboard jockey in comment sections, you’re owed respect.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you jumped on a grenade once, you’re a great wingman and your buddy owes you for eternity.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you can drink a ton and approach girls, you’re owed one night stands.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you are a cute girl, you’re owed a Ryan Gosling clone, complete with a Ferrari and mansion.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day, you’re entitled to lose 50 pounds.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you lift weights 3 days a week you’re owed a great set of six pack abs.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you went to college, you’re owed a great job right after graduation.  Complete with medical insurance, a 401k, and 3 weeks of vacation a year.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you know about how to make money, you’re owed money.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you identify as liberal, you know everything and everyone owes you thanks.  You’re not, earn it.

You think because you are a citizen of America, you’re owed a bunch of free handouts.  You’re not…oh wait, you are, oops.

You think you should be more humble about everything.  You’re right, you’ve earned it.

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  1. Another great post – we need to be constantly reminded that our lives are own – time passes no matter what you do.

    Here’s another one (but since you’re a young single guy, it’s not within your orbit)…

    You think because you go married, put a ring on it, work your ass off you’re owed a loving, passionate wife that can’t wait to have sex with you. You’re not, earn it.

      1. Never let you guard down, never believe that you can cruise, always be building attraction, create and maintain sexual tension, stay in shape (don’t get fat and lazy), say NO, limit your compromises, never stop learning, never stop leading. And remember, the Game never ends.

        Simple, right?

      1. There is always that opportunity. But the condition of of the “bored housewife” or “lazy bum of a husband” is to pervasive. Also, regardless – it is always the responsibility of the man to lead, to set the direction, to create attraction, to maintain sexual tension. Single or married – those remain constant. Also, if you are curious, go over read the heart breaking stories over at Athol Kay’s site – is everyone marrying the wrong person?

        1. So your comment wasn’t laced with sarcasm and a distaste for women? I half expected it to be–but then again, I’ve grown used to that attitude–so I appreciate your thoughts. I think women tried to cure bored housewife with the modern working woman, but that left little to be desired once it actually happened. I also think many young men and women these days just dump the blame on the other sex, when in reality we’re both perpetuating our feelings of entitlement (like this post says).

          I hope more young people take notice 🙂 And I’ll get right on your reading suggestion! As a single person, I don’t even know what to think about love and marriage anymore.

        1. Oh, I’m sorry. No one likes a women with an honest, somewhat rational, opinion. You’d rather settle for the girl who doesn’t speak and is too dumb to help your future with their homework. But hey, as long as she’s pretty, you’re getting everything you want. Isn’t that correct? 😉

          1. Also I can’t write without forgetting letters and words… Like the word “children”… So I’m not qualified to help anyone with their homework. Obviously this is why I am single.

      2. And my comment was specifically directed to the Disney-fantasy laden myth of “living happily ever after” … Like it doesn’t take a significant amount of effort. I know I bought into it – that I didn’t need to “work” anymore – I could cruise with my wife (now xwife). There are lots ways “the other person” does wrong – but if we learn nothing else (as Men) we need to learn to remain true to ourselves, continue to put effort into making ourselves the best men we can be and that is our responsibility to keep the attraction alive (which means the game never ends, even if we think it should).

        But like I said, that’s from a guy that has the perfect vision of hind-sight.

    1. Or, you think because you married a man you’re entitled to have him work himself to the bone to provide for you and to put up with you without complaint. You’re not, earn it. Make that man a sandwich and take him to bed.

      1. No matter how you slice it – or which side of the coin you look at – none of us, single, married, “involved” – banging in the boys room or in the bedroom – are entitled to someone else doing it all for us. We all have earn our little slice – or just become more cannon fodder for those that will act.

        The best part of every statement statement are the two words that bring it all together….Earn It.

  2. You think, because you’ve written a blog post consisting of unsupported claims, you’re owed the belief of people who understand logic.

    You’re not. You *can* try to earn it, if you are willing to try to write a proof.

    You might also think that because you’ve stated unsupported claims in a confident tone, you’re owed the credulous assent of sheep. You are owed that. You have earned that. You will rapidly discover that it’s not worth having.

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