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The Worst Type of Girl to Meet While Traveling (How to Handle It)

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“I just want to practice my English.”

These are, quite possibly, the most dreaded words a man who is traveling wants to hear from a girl he is out on a date with when visiting a foreign country.

It’s a kiss of death.

I suppose it’s simply a trade off for how easy it often is  to get foreign girls out on dates. Rather than deal with the usual headaches of getting an American girl to leave the house out of her Uggs and sweatpants, instead you have to deal with screening for the girls who are just meeting you to practice their pronouns.

So the question becomes, how do you handle this situation? How do you avoid wasting your valuable time, money, and energy on girls who have no intention or desire to see you beyond a tutor?

The good news, is if you meet her via either nightgame or daygame, and she agrees to come out with you, she likely has at least somewhat of an interest in you as a person (and ideally, in a sexual sense, too).

But when traveling, online game often comes into play – and here it’s easy to get eaten alive by girls online looking for a free English lesson; and a free drink. While I’ve generally found foreign girls to be sweeter, hotter, and overall better people – girls are still girls. They can still be cunning and take you for a ride if you’re not careful (I had a girl use me for a free night out in Colombia, so I learned that lesson the hard way – and I’d already fucked her!).

With that being said, most guys who are taking short trips are utilizing some form of online game and are therefore likely to encounter this problem sooner or later. For simplicity’s sake, this post will focus on dealing with the online girls.



Some girls will actually flat-out say this in their profile – because they know there are a lot of thirsty men visiting their country who would be all too happy to give up a valuable afternoon or evening to tutor them in English for the sheer gift of being in her presence. Don’t be one of the guys who feeds into this thirst – do not bother going out with her.

Don’t think you’ll be the one guy who will change her mind or convince her otherwise. I’m not saying you can’t or won’t, but it’s simply not worth the time and effort when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other girls to meet. There is not point in handicapping yourself from the get-go.

Let’s say you had a football game.

For this example’s sake, it can be either American or European football game. If given the choice, would you show up to your game in cleats, or flip-flops?

You wouldn’t handicap yourself by wearing flip-flops, right?


Many of these girls have jobs in a tourism field; i.e. they give tours to foreigners, get foreigners into clubs, etc. Tourism is a booming industry in any large city.

I’ve noticed while traveling that some of these girls think their tourism skills should extend outside of their normal day job, all the way to their dating life. Some girls will literally go on Tinder and offer tours of her city, and with perfectly good intent. They aren’t trying to scam you or anything of the sort, they genuinely just like to meet foreigners for a beer and show off their favorite bars.

And they think that Tinder is just a way to “meet people” or “make friends”. Then they act surprised when you make a sexual move on them, despite the fact that they’ve already been on ten Tinder “dates” and had each of those dates try the same thing.

My first date in Poland was actually this type of girl, to a T. I managed to turn her from a tour guide to at least a make out, but it was still more difficult than I’d hoped.


It’s actually not a bad thing if a girl doesn’t speak English, or speaks poorly. Because, guess what – she won’t be out just to “practice” it, as she realizes that a full-blown conversation isn’t a way to learn at her current level. She needs actual classroom instruction.

It’s the girls who are a bit more on the fence with their English as far as fluency. If she’s totally fluent in the language, she obviously has no reason to use you for a free English lesson. However, if she’s not quite fluent, but conversational – guess what – you’re the perfect practice.

Here’s an example of two girls who I WOULDN’T be worried about using me as a tutor:





How do you tell how fluent she is?

Well, it’s not an exact science, but if you travel enough, you’ll generally start to be able to pick up how good a girl’s English is from your texting or online dating interactions.

The following are actually GREEN flags for girls who probably aren’t trying to use you to practice English, because they’re shy (or even ashamed) of how they speak it:

  • “My English is not good”
  • “I don’t speak English well”
  • “I am not very comfortable with English, I am nervous to meet you because I think you will think my English is bad”

Here’s an example:


If a girl says things along these lines, you’re in the clear. Sure, the date may be more difficult, but this time of girl doesn’t usually have an underlying motive.

Now, the girls who speak just well enough to not say that they’re shy with their English, but who don’t seem like very natural English speakers – those are the ones to be aware of.

Take, for example:


Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t meet up with this girl (the fact that she’s studying tourism is irrelevant in this example), but I’d probably screen her a bit harder and ask how long she’s spoken English, how her online dates have been, etc. If she says something like, “All the boys want to have sex, but I just want to make friends/practice English/give tours” – RED FLAG, NEXT.


TO BE CLEAR: This is definitely not an exact science, and it does take some calibration and practice.

But I understand the pain of having a short trip and having girls waste your time with no intention of having any sort of relationship with you besides pupil-teacher. It’s frustrating, and they make you feel like a fool. So use these guidelines as a measuring stick to see where you stand. Only give your precious time to the girls who deserve it.

I’m not interested in a pupil-teacher relationship with any girl.

Well, maybe unless she shows up in a schoolgirl outfit. Then we can talk.

More coming from Poland soon.



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  1. I think Polish chicks are becoming jaded when it comes to “dating”. That “why you wrote me” sounds familiar. I was going out with one here in Dublin. One day she asks “have you got other foreign friends?” Of course ‘friend’ in there was a huge red flag but you get the idea.
    Before all of that I was in Poland for a trip for a few weeks. All I did was binge drink every night and go for the pull. This was much more fun and it saw results too. They’re also different out on a night out, everyone knows what the score is, so that’s my advice anyway. Plus it would make for a potentially more outrageous/hilarious kind of trip. That assumes you’re one for the booze ofc

  2. Good advice. I have dealt with girls like this in China and Japan that just want to practice English or make a foreign.Black/American friend or whatever. At any rate, I try to get some value out of them if not sex. For instance, they can pay for my diner in exchange for the “free” English lesson.

  3. I have a LOT of experience with these girls in Asia. Here is the best advice I ever got, from an Aussie bogan who was rather successful with the ladies:
    “Mate, you’re overthinking it. Take her out. Take her home. Fuck her brains out.”
    It sounds stupid but it works fine. The girl herself won’t know whether she just wants to practice English or if she wants to experience other foreign delights until she’s met you and you’ve busted your move. So do that at the first convenient opportunity.
    If she’s up for it, great. If she’s not, good. You’ve made your intentions clear and you will waste no more of each other’s time. The only tricky case is when a girl seems to show shy interest but on the other hand might be stringing you along for a few more dates. Here you have to go by feel. Will she hold your hand, come over to your house, have a kiss and a cuddle? If so you’re probably only a date or so away from the prize but there’s no guarantee.
    My current policy is to always propose sex (smoothly) on the first date, regardless of the feedback I am getting. It is working out pretty well. Even if it doesn’t happen straight away, it lets her know what I’m after and communicates my confidence.

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