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The 8 Step Work Schedule Template For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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I’ll tell you guys a secret. Somedays I wake up and I just want to go back to sleep. But these days I’m lucky enough to be the boss. I’m location independent. I own the company. Which means I have a work schedule template I stick to at all costs.

And if I don’t?

Guess what. I’ll be returning to a cubicle jail cell.

No thanks.


Just last week, my alarm went off at the usual time. 7am. I rolled over, looked out the window and it was depressing. Dark and grey. Fall is coming to Eastern Europe.

This California boy doesn’t like it.

I wasn’t happy, but I still dragged myself out of bed that morning.

But that night, I stayed up later than usual. I was pounding the pavement, digging into a new niche site I’m working on.

Here’s some information about the themes I use for my websites.

The next morning, I decided to roll my alarm back one hour. I woke up at 8am. No big deal.

And that next morning, I was infinitely happier than I had been the day before. Nothing had changed except the one hour. I still went to the gym both days. Both days I ate well. I got a ton accomplished.

And to top it off, I’d gotten laid each day.

So what was different?

It mystified me at first, but then it hit me. I woke up with the sun on the second day. Rather than staring out the window into darkness, I was greeted by the warmth of the sun.


I know how I work.

I know that I am a much happier and successful person when I simply wake up with the sun.

No, this doesn’t mean I sleep in until I wake up. However, I like to wake up at the same time that the sunrise is peaking over the horizon (or just before it). Waking up in pitch darkness makes me unhappy.

When I was in Kiev in May, the sun was shining through my window at 5:45am. No sun-blocking shades.

And I was waking up at 6am, ready to start my day. My work schedule template was to work for 5 hours in the morning, go to the gym, work more, and enjoy my evening.

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It was perfect.

However, if I tried to do that now–I’d be miserable.

I’m the boss, so I shifted my work schedule template.

With winter hours fast approaching, and daylight lacking, I shifted my schedule back. I don’t mind working when it’s dark outside when it means staying up late.

But waking up in the dark to work is just depressing.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in discipline. 

I’m a huge advocate of being an early riser. If it gets to the point where daylight isn’t hitting the streets of Kiev until 9am, well–I’ll be up before then.

Sometimes though, ya gotta shake things up.



This is the first time in my life I’ve been faced with a prospect like this.

In past corporate jobs, sometimes I had shifts starting at 7am. With a 30 minute commute to get to that job. Therefore, I had no choice but to get up in the darkness.

But now that I’ve left that life behind, I can do whatever I please.

And you can, too.

It’s not easy. It takes a lot of discipline. A decent set of balls. And a hell of a lot of perseverance.

But if you aspire to be location independent. To be free. To bang a lot of beautiful and stunning foreign girls. To be the guy giving orders, instead of taking them.

Then this is for you.

Here is how you develop a work schedule template, stick to it.

And prosper.


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That sure was a mouthful. 


work schedule template
Dicking around before recording Troublesome Radio 047 with Jon of Masculine Development.

What’s the point in trading in your corporate job that you hate for an entrepreneurial gig that you…well, hate.

Say you’re a computer programmer in the corporate world. You decide to leave this. Instead, you’re going to run a small software company online. The salary is less, but you obviously are now free from the cubicle jail.

Sure, you get to the boss. You don’t have a boss. Those are huge pros.

But you also don’t have health insurance. You now have to be the boss to people who hate you. And there is a hell of a lot more work.

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t still take that leap. However, it makes really little sense to be an entrepreneur in a field that you hate. The only thing to appease that hate is a bucket load of cash. And you’ll never make that cash if you hate it so much.

Especially if you’re starting from the bottom (likely).

Worth A Read: Maybe A Membership Website Is For You



If there is one thing that blogging for the last 3+ years has taught me, it’s that consistency really matters.

You know how many “up and coming” bloggers were up and coming with me?

A lot.

Nearly all of them these days have dormant blogs and a dying brand.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re good guys. I’m friends with most of them. Many of them moved on to other things because they didn’t have a true and genuine passion for their blog.

But I’m the only one of those who truly made it in the blogging world.

The catch–there were a lot of times I thought I was going to quit too. Hell, still are.

Times when I didn’t have the motivation to write. Sometimes I wanted to just erase This Is Trouble from the face of the internet.

But I never quit.

I was always somewhat consistent. The longest I ever went without posting was probably three weeks. I kept trucking away, slowly but surely. Now, I’m at the point where I have a good sized audience and community. It pays the bills.

Major news sites want me.

And now that it is a job, I have a rigid work schedule template that I stick to.


As I said above, I do well when I wake up with the sun as opposed to waking up before the sun.

Take a look at who you are as a person. When are your most productive hours? It’s important to be honest with yourself here. Too many people think they’re productive at night. In reality, they binge watch TV.

Do real, live A/B testing from day to day.

Figure out what time you can wake up without feeling groggy.

Learn the hard way that hitting the snooze button nearly always makes you more tired.

Discover what time your energy starts to fade off.

Learn what breaking your intermittent fasting does to your focus.

Figure out when you you perform best at the gym.

Gotta keep on that gym grind while traveling. #fitnessmotivation #fitness #poland #wanderlust #thisistrouble

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If you can’t be honest with yourself here, you’ll never make it.



Okay, so we’ve established now that you need to have something that you like to do. Or at least don’t truly hate. Secondly, consistency is key. Trekking forward. Climbing mountains. More motivational shit.

So…now what?

You need to wake up at a consistent time at least 5 days of the week. It should be seven, but let’s face it–life gets in the way sometimes. As long as you’re getting things done, I see no reason to stress too hard about it.

Sometimes you have those binge nights when you’re on a roll and don’t go to sleep until 3am. Uh…yeah, it’s okay to sleep until 9am instead of 8am the next day.

Nothing lost.


I sleep in on Sunday mornings because my girl usually spends the night on Saturday with me.

We wake up around 9-9:30am. We drink coffee and sit on my balcony. She cooks me bacon and eggs while I respond to emails and do work stuff.

good work ethic

You can meet great Ukrainian girls like her with this advice.

Around 11am or noon she heads off to her weekend dance class and I buckle down for the rest of the day.

You’ve got to have some way of stepping back at least a few times a week.




Sorry to say it.

But there really aren’t.

I work far more as an entrepreneur than I ever did as a corporate wage slave. The difference is I can take time off when I want, the smartest guy at my company is the one in charge (how often do you see that in the “real world”?) and…

…I’m free.

Difference is that my job is now getting to interact with you fellas and change the world. I get to write posts like this that can turn lives around.

Travel and then share the pictures at Bachelor Travels.

Create revolutionary courses that help guys master dating. Etc, etc.

All of this…as opposed to watching the clock in a cube. It’s hardly work.

But yes, I am at my computer on weekends. I work late nights (it’s 12:20am as I write this). I’m up early regardless of how late I’m up.

But good God, I wouldn’t trade it.


If you want to succeed and be location independent, tough times will be ahead.

I’ve gone through them this year. Project launches stressed me the hell out. The first week The Harem Handbook was out, it wasn’t selling like I was hoping.

But I kept pushing it. I didn’t let myself get down about it. I stuck to my work schedule and went through with everything that I planned.

It worked out. The sales on the final day of launch week alone paid for a couple months of expenses.

Pro Tip: If you launch a project or website, the last day is KEY. Check out Jeff Walker’s ‘Launch’ for more information on this.

The point is, perseverance matters, too. This Is Trouble has had bad months this year. I’m still posting every day.

I’m trusting the process.

When you’re least expecting the break throughs to come they will. It’s important you stick to your work template and be consistent, as I mentioned in #2.



This has been a seriously long-winded post. With a lot of personal tidbits, insights, and revelations.

So let’s recap.

If you want to have the success of working online and being free, here’s a cliff notes of the article above.

1.) Find a niche that you are at least somewhat passionate about. Build a website, and make it a good one. Pursue relentlessly.

2.) Learn what your body likes. There are many, many variables. Sleep schedule, gym, eating, and more all play into this work schedule template you’re designing.

3.) Detox, sometimes. Sleeping in for an hour here and there on a weekend is okay.

4.) Don’t take days off.

5.) Be consistent.

6.) Be persistent.

7.) Start now.

Yup, that’s right.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. That last sentence is something that my father drilled into me from the time I was 8 years old.

Thanks, Dad.

I love and miss you.

That’s it for today, boys. Take that leap. Start that business. Book that first trip.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Heck, I just might use that as a future article title.

So, until tomorrow,


PS: I’ve been posting a lot about business and breaking free lately.

And it’s been getting a great response.

Many of you are asking where to start as far as building your first websites go, for a variety of businesses. I recommend BlueHost for a domain and hosting and Thrive Themes for the design.

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  1. You are gonna have some issues come winter time and really late sunrise. Look into a blue light alarm clock that turns on and gradually increases in intensity. Philips Go-Lite is a big brand but I believe there are others.

    You can DYOR, but essentially the blue wavelength mimics the effect of sunlight on the human body. It’s a godsend for me in Ohio winters when there is zero sun, ever.

          1. biggest things that have helped me are 10,000IU vitamin D daily. And the blue light in winter when it is hard to get natural sunlight.

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