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Women Have Zero Emotional Control



It seems I may no longer be welcome to return to Budapest.

Because of this article and all of the hysterical comments that are now contained within it. This post went viral on Facebook, and was latched on to by a large group of Hungarian people (mostly women) looking to make personal, senseless attacks on me. I think it’s worth sharing simply to see the reality of the world.

Notice the constant projection, shaming language, and personal attacks – all of course, with no logical arguments. There were some good constructive ones that I’ll post too, in all fairness.

You should definitely give the entire article a read (I’ve written far worse), but I can honestly say that these are the two “worst” things that I wrote in the entire article:

The girls will appreciate money. Don’t cry and say they’re gold diggers. Sex revolves around money, and money revolves around sex. Deal with reality. Sometimes these countries are so poor that the average salary is $400 USD per month. It is not a big deal to pay for her $2 drink for you, so just do it. It’s appreciated by her.”


Find an excuse to get them back to your apartment, assuming you followed my advice from this post and found a good place at a reasonable price. They will be impressed because most of them live in broom closets, or with their parents.

Regular readers will be laughing themselves silly at this situation: “Those are the words that Kyle wrote that really got women up in arms?! Ha!!!”

Now in all fairness, I did find out that the Facebook group that linked to the article is some sort of “sex crimes” group, so I guess it may be hitting close to home for some. Certainly I am not trying to make a personal attack at women who have been raped, but their outrage is unnecessary.

So here we go.

Women Have Zero Emotional Control

I read this article in the morning and I still don’t know what to say. I am hesitating between considering you as an utter prick or just a sad loser. I am not at all surprised American women ignore you after what I’ve just seen here. You must have very low self-esteem to have to travel overseas to find some naive, vulnerable women who fall for the ‘Big American Mastah’. You are cheap and easy, not the girls! I don’t even hate you, I feel sorry for you. Have a life and grow up!

Kyle, you should find a good therapist, you have serious issues with your self-esteem and I am saying this with the utmost benevolence despite seeing all the dirt in this page. Going abroad to seduce naive, gullible girls will not help you to overcome those issues as first you will have to work on yourself in order to become attractive to your fellow countrywomen. You are lying to yourself, Kyle, but it does not entitle you to take revenge on inexperienced young girls. They might get seriously hurt, some Asian girls even commit suicide after ‘adventures’ like the ones you describe. And no, Kyle, this is not an ‘oops’ factor, you have responsibility. Financial or psychological superiority DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU to take advantage of young girls, even if they are not too intelligent. They are human beings with feelings and vulnerability, si stop this bullshit immediately. I hope you will find long term happiness with a nice woman. Try to overcome your hurts.

(Then she gives horrible advice to men – “BE NICE!!!”)

Men, this is exactly what you DON’T do if you want to have a meaningful relationship with a sensible woman: NOT listen to women talk about women

You don’t objectify women if you want a true companion. If you are straight, only honest, two-way relationship with women will make you happy. If you are latent gay, come out and be yourself.

Self improvement for men means helping them achieve inner peace and self respect. This is hard work and you can’t achieve this by cheap tricks.

If you use your White Anglo-Saxon Male position to seduce Asian or Eastern-European women, you are not only abusing your privilege, but you are an agressor and a racist prick, as well.

Kyle, if you don’t want to be seen as a PUA, work on your writing skills

Peace my friend

Feel free to try the above advice and never have success with women.

Major projection here:

I have to say that as a hungarian woman-from an international background- what really annoyed me how you blatantly describe that hungarian women can be bought by money (since they are poor and have trouble starting their lives on their own…this is aggravating enough on it’s own, c’mon no one chose or deserved to be born in one country or another). The very reason those women rejected you was the same contemptuous attitude you just showed in that single paragraph. Yes, many of my fellow women do appreciate someone not looking down on them, and no wonder they are nice to you if you also act nice, and maybe they do appreciate you inviting them out, but not because we are poor or we are hungarian or we are …anything, apart from being women having fun at a bar. I would appreciate it if next time you visited Budapest you really tried to make an effort and talk to these women, and maybe get to know them. (Or just forget it, a pussy doesn’t need a mouth afterall…)

More bad advice:

One very simple advise for the followers of this asshole. Do you want to get girl? RESPECT HER instead of writing and talking sexist bullshit… Come on…

Regular reader and commenter sway chimed in to respond to that one (thanks buddy!):

If that worked, guys wouldn’t be seeking this site out for advice. Guys tried your way, shit doesn’t work.

And some senseless rage:

You are a disgusting, sexist, fucking ugly man who speaks about Hungarian Girls like whores. And this really really makes me angry, not just because I am a Hungarian Girl, just because I am a woman. I hardly recommend you to go fuck yourself and your money, you narrow-minded moron!

Finally, how about some good comments!

What a comical comment section.

What I see here is a load of butthurt women not liking the reflection they are seeing when the mirror is held up to them. We live in a time when to state simple truths about human nature is not permitted.

Women have exchanged youth and beauty for wealth and status since our biological origins. That doesn’t change just because everyone thinks they’re a special snowflake in the 21st century. You’re always going to do better in a poorer country if you come from a more wealthy one, it’s not exactly rocket science.

Don’t forget, if this simple fact was embraced as common knowledge (as it was throughout history), suddenly 30+ year old washed up sluts or ugly women lose their ability to trick men out of realising their own value, and into marrying them. So of course it’s in their interest to try to keep a lid on it and shame men who state the truth.

For what it’s worth, I thought this article was pretty moderate in tone, did not describe the girls of Hungary as stupid gold digging sluts who can be bought, and Kyle has been more than polite in responding to many of these vile acerbic cat women who are vomiting their own self-loathing all over the place.

There are a lot of hateful comments here from hungarian men and women. I think it is not the opinion of whole country.

I think it is because of the facebook site, that shared this article a day ago. This facebook site is about sexual crime, and that women are just victims. (“Nem tehetsz róla, tehetsz ellene”.) The site shared this article with a long hateful comment, and the people readnig this could see just the same. In addition, peolpe liking this facebook site may had close contact with sexual crime, so they are pretty sensitive to articles like this.

It may help understand the reactions from Hngary.

(Sorry for my really bad English, I am Hungarian, 22.)

Hi, im from Budapest. Sorry for my retard fellow-countrymen, they cant really stand the truth. Im sure they are rotting at home during Friday/Saturdays night and got nothing to do with the city center’s night life.
Though Im sure most of them only upset because you wrote that “broom closets” line.
That was funny 😀
But all the other things are true. Average salary in Budapest (not in Hungary, so excluding the shitty countyside) is still just ~750 USD, thats a fact, so why we Hungarians are surprised that money can be “charming” for women. Of course it doesn’t mean that they are with you because of your money, but it can play a significant role.
All the guys are crying that “women want money, they are gold diggers etc” but when a foreigner writes that in a blog they are outraged. LOL.
Keep hooking up with hot but poor Eastern European girls my man 8)


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    1. Thx to this site, I heard of Bold and Determined. One of his articles got slammed but a retarded feminist-centric site. I didn’t get why his article got viral attention of the femmies. But now that I read this article by Kyle, I get it (i.e. no emotional control).

      I think it was this article that set the femmies afire:

      I’d link some of the retarded critiques but I don’t wanna give em traffic. Anyhow, maybe Kyle can wear a mustache and hipster glasses when he returns to Budapest if un-bearded and no-glasses Kyle is unwelcome! Lol.

  1. Those anonymous girls online giving you those messages are just wanting attention to feel validated with their mundane lives.

  2. {{If you are straight, only honest, two-way relationship with women will
    make you happy. If you are latent gay, come out and be yourself.))

    Was that more projection?

    It’s because of the written and spoken word of guy like you that helped me get something positive from the pain of rejection…knowledge. Right now you’re turning that lady’s vitriol into bullet-points- a female reacts to felling less than wonderful after peering within and questioning her own motives.

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