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Why You Don’t Need Goofy Lines With Foreign Women

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There are two excerpts below. The first is from Trouble In Hungary, and the second is from ‘Trouble. Travel. Tinder.’ These two books are being offered as a bonus package next week! Read more here.


I woke up feeling like absolute shit.

Again. Reoccuring theme, as you’ve noticed.

Not hungover per se, but I couldn’t breathe and only slept for two hours on the couch, after being blue balled the night before. I suspect being around smokers every night for the entire week murdered my lungs, as I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. I kept thinking about trying one purely for socializing, but Jeremy was a good friend and never let me.

We said goodbye to the girls from the night and pounded some garlic and orange juice, which combined are a magical cure. We headed back to sleep until almost 2 pm and at this point, I was seriously contemplating spending the entire day in bed and recharging. I reluctantly agreed to leave and get some food.

lines with foreign women
Foreign girls are so sweet – good luck keeping them OUT of the kitchen…

Jeremy really wanted McDonald’s to taste the difference between Hungary and American, so we sit outside the McDonald’s near Akvarium with his food. I opened two girls behind us by making fun of her for having a Spongebob stuffed animal. Turns out it’s her birthday.

She had just turned 15.

Oh, dear God.

Not long after that, while Jeremy is buying cigs, I get opened up by a Belgium girl and her friends asking for directions. I didn’t ask their age, but there’s no way they were older than 16 or 17.

This situation combined with the young Danish high schoolers from two nights prior, and the McDonald’s pair is making me think that perhaps my destiny is barely legal high schoolers.

I picked up a goulash bread bowl since I passed on McDonald’s, but it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. I’d generally recommend staying away from the spring festival/shopping mall street food stands. They smell amazing but don’t compare to the better food in Budapest. I really can’t recommend Bors Gastropub enough – get the hot dog!

As we headed back to the main square, Jeremy opened a smoking hot brunette and another girl sitting next to her – who we assumed was her friend. The brunette was as close to perfection as it gets, a genuine Budapest beauty. I talked with the brunette after getting nowhere with the blonde, and Jeremy took the blonde. The brunette was from Germany and has been in Budapest for four years. She was a ballerina, and I tried to get her to dance with me to no avail. She seemed into me, and while I felt slightly guilty for hitting it off with the girl Jeremy really wanted, I figured I could live with it. That bastard had already been laid twice.

We asked them how they know each other and they respond laughing – stating that, “We didn’t until you talked to us.”

Turns out they were just sitting on the bench next to each other, had been for an hour, but had never met. They were sitting so close together we just assumed they were. The blonde’s boyfriend eventually meets her, I go for the number close with the brunette but she has a boyfriend too.

Regardless, a very enjoyable interaction.

After taking a lap around the park, we sat in the grass. I opened two girls who are sitting in the grass together – they’re young, too. I can’t tell you how much I loved the reactions from young girls. Their giggling and general girliness is just something I don’t see much of in Los Angeles. Turns out they were from Spain, so we spoke a bit of broken Spanish and had a good laugh at it. They were studying medicine in Budapest. While they had a lot of exams coming up (bad timing for us, it must have been midterm season – many girls were slammed with school), we had hoped to meet up with them for an hour in the park again at some point, but it never worked out.

This is the perfect story of why dating overseas is so different.

Last year when I did my first trip, I did four days in Poland and definitely saw the difference in quality and receptiveness. But then I went to London, Barcelona, Rome, and Prague and did mostly tourist stuff. I didn’t pipeline, and just wasn’t that enthused to roll out solo by myself all the time.

There was no doubt in my mind that if I were to make a move to Eastern Europe, I’d easily be able to date several high-quality girls.

They are higher quality, more feminine, and significantly less of a pain in the ass than American girls.

EXCERPT #2: TROUBLE. TRAVEL. TINDERspiralbinderclosed_550x681

Tip #5: Stop The Goofy Lines 

A funny thing happens when you leave American girls behind and go overseas.

You realize that all of the things that society says you’re supposed to go for girls actually works – things like being a gentleman, complimenting her, etc. In American culture, that often backfires on you completely, but it’s not the case when you go overseas. Generally speaking, being a nice (but confident/strong) and genuine guy will get you pretty far with these girls. You do not have to ruthlessly manipulate and game them like you must do for American girls.

Truthfully, this starts from the opening message. In America, you might have a corny-but-effective go-to line that you copy and paste to all girls you match with. Want to know what my favorite and most-used opening line is for girls overseas?

“Do you speak English? <monkey covering eyes emoji>” 

That’s it.

Amazing, isn’t it? I bet you don’t believe me, but try it out for yourself and see if it works. If you have a good profile and she’s attracted to you (and if she swiped right then you know she is), that’s usually enough to get her to respond. My response rate is 70% with this opener when I use it overseas.

The only time I don’t use this opener is if she clearly speaks English; i.e. her profile, or part of it, is written in English. If this is the case, I simply send this:

“Your English is great, have you been to America? 🙂 

Many girls are insecure about their English abilities, so this is a great way to make them feel good about themselves and get a response. Again, complimenting a girl overseas actually works – they won’t hold it against you.

Another option if her profile is in English is to still send the opener asking if she speaks English. Then, you can write her another message a few seconds later and just say:

“Whoops, I read your profile again. Your English is great!”

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  1. That’s refreshing to hear. Do you find that only knowing English is a huge limitation where you are currently at (Eastern Europe if I remember correctly)? Have you attempted to learn some basic words / phrases just to be able to keep up? And how does that affect stuff like ordering food, taxis, etc?

    I feel like I’m asking for an entire blog post, but awesome article.

    1. Not quite to EE yet. Few more weeks in Cali then I head that way. Waiting out the cold.

      I’ve been twice though and it hasn’t been an issue. I do suspect it will be when I head to Ukraine, so I’m working on learning a bit of Russian (most there speak Russian and Ukrainian but Russian is at least usable elsewhere).

      I actually have a draft of a post “How to Enjoy a Country Where You Don’t Speak the Language”, so stay tuned for that.

      Hope you buy the package when it comes out Monday! Lots more good stories and info in it.

  2. man, you hit the nail on the head with this article. i have turned my back on the american gals, signed up for two of the russian ladies websites after much research on this. wow, one would have done just fine, i am covered up just replying to messages. you can just be nice and gentlemanly and things are just fine. i hired a photog for a nice set of pics and wrote a proper letter of introduction. they have their own shit test but they are gentle. (in soft russian female accent: “John, why you like russian girls? John, why you here?, this place is for serious) the russian gals are just a bit leary also, because lots of guys spreading the “windsong” pretty good out there. the best way to describe it is … american’s just celebrate and practice romance one day a year … valentine’s day – russian gals seem to celebrate valentines day and practice romance 24/7. and SKYPE’ing with them is wonderful !

      1. Kyle, most of the women near my age in Russia are divorced and have at least one child. I can certainly see plan B being to bring a nice lady over here and when I retire, sell everything and head to Russia with her so she could enjoy being a grandmother. might as well, the future of USA is not looking good

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