Last updated: November 26, 2018

Why I’m The World’s Smartest Digital Nomad

Online Business


Recently, email wizard and all-around decent bloke Ben Settle mentioned said the following about me in his email:

The man I call the “World’s Smartest Digital Nomad”:

“Email Players” subscriber Kyle Trouble.

And really, I’d have to agree with ‘ol Ben here.

I’m one smart chap.

Here’s why, but first, let me say this:

This email was about his “war with the digital nomads”, because…

Ben sells his “Email Players” newsletter only physically.

A digital copy is not available, at all. That means, every month, I go through the absolute headache of getting a package from FedEx delivered. And, trust me, this is not an easy process in a place like Eastern Europe. I’ve got to wait until the day of delivery, stick around at home all day, and then take the phone call from the driver, stumble through a conversation in Russian, and hope it somehow ends up in my hands. Half the time it doesn’t make it to me on the first day, I’ve got to trek out to some facility in the middle of nowhere, wondering if some burly guy named Yaroslav is going to snatch “Email Players” out of my paws because he thinks there’s a wad of cash in the fancy FedEx envelope.

But, I do it, every month.


Isn’t my time valuable?

You bet it is.

But that newsletter is an investment in myself, and it’s an investment I made a while ago and have had zero regrets doing.

Because of this, I’ve got skin in the game.

Skin in the game is one of the most important things when it comes to online business. That investment has paid for itself many times over, in both it’s monetary value as well as the time it takes me to deal with it.

That’s how information works.

If you never apply it, it does you not one ounce of good.

Now, listen up, as this part is important:

If you are not going to actually apply any of the information I teach in “Pro Niche Site”, to build a passive income stream and break out of the typical 9-5 you’re so miserable with, then honestly…I really do not want your business. Nothing personal. I just like people who have the guts to invest in themselves, and then see it through.

That being said, if you want to learn from the “World’s Smartest Digital Nomad”, the time to do so has never been better.


My best free offer ever.

My daily email.

So ridiculous, I’d personally trek through Siberia in my underwear to get it if I actually sold a physical product.

To get your personal Siberian Christmas, sign up at this page right here.

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