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Why I No Longer Give Refunds

A few readers hit me up and asked me as to the why behind why I’m no longer offering refunds on many of my products…

Here’s my no-filter answer:

Mostly just because I strongly have shifted my views over time. If someone refunds something, often times it’s because they were already planning to. This is especially true when it comes to selling information. At the same time, my system works—someone could easily absorb it within a year, get a refund, and then go off and compete with my own sites.

Not cool.

It’s not like buying a set of silverware at Costco and when you get home you have some broken plates.

This is more like the person who buys noise cancelling headphones for their long-haul flight and then returns them when they come back. I had a few of those when I worked at Bose, and I typically flat-out told them they could do that, in the hopes that they’d either love them so much they wouldn’t or that they’d forget.


That’s why.

Also Influenced by Selo Oils

Naturally, we started off with a strict “No Refunds” policy on Selo Oils, simply because we can’t afford to be paying return shipping, and passing it off to the customer seems wrong.

And yes, if there are broken or lost bottles, we do replace them, and we have refunded one or two people because of bizarre circumstances (a bottle meant for Taiwan ended up in Australia, for example). But, for the most part, I think our high price point, high-quality product, and no-refund policy has really attracted the type of people we want as customers.

And cut out the riff-raff.

The “Do Your Homework” Policy

Some people combat refunders by requiring that people watch all the videos, fill out all their homework worksheets, and show proof that they actually attempted to, you know, do the work, but I personally find this more of a headache than I want to deal with. Perhaps if I ever have a full-time support team, I’d reconsider, but I’m not a babysitter. I’m not going to check that you did your homework and judge whether or not you get a refund from that.

Therefore, it makes both our lives easier if I just say “No Refunds”.

If that makes you skeptical, I totally get it.

You should be.

Here’s the thing, doe:

I’ve been around these parts — blogging, podcasting, niche-siting, and generally just creating content — for five years, since summer 2013. I’m not going anywhere.

I’m not slapping up a 10-page PDF and calling it a $199 “course”.

I know better.

The problem?

Quite a few people don’t.

What do you think about refunds when it comes to online content? Leave your comment below.

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