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Who Knew Olive Oil Would Cause So Much Hate

“Too expensive.”

– More than one person who has been to SeloOils.com


There was a little Twitter spat about it…

Selo Twitter: “It’s silly to put a price on what you put into your body…”

Some dude on Twitter: “$65… a liter? Good luck with that, dude.”

Selo customer: “Go be poor somewhere else”

Some dude on Twitter: “This snark isn’t helpful and won’t convince me. Poor people wouldn’t even inquire.”

Here’s the thing:

We know our market.

Selo is not for the faint of wallet.

Our goal is to be the Macallan of olive oil. Like this:


Will that turn some people off?


Is our olive oil out of the price range for many people’s yearly oil budgets?


And, as much as we’d LOVE to be able to lower the price, it’s simply not possible at this phase. If you really factor in the cost of shipping, bottling, labeling, and everything else – you must ask this:

Is it REALLY possible to get genuine olive oil for $10/L at Costco?

At that price, is it real?

Or have them been some sneaky shortcuts taken along the way…

Now, on to the point:

Who Knew Olive Oil Would Cause So Much Hate?

Go read the comments on this post and you’ll see what I mean.

My personal favorite:

You are such a fucking faggot. Bet you’re private labeling Kroger olive oil so you can rip off idiots

An unfortunate side effect of success is the hate that usually comes your way after it. The internet has given every (idiot) a voice. What’s becoming clear is that people hear “olive oil”, and jump instantly to conclusions without bothering to do an ounce of research into everything that our company stands for.

Take this guy, for example:

“There’s an obvious red flag, why does it ship from North America? Are you shipping olives to Canada? I imagine production costs are cheaper in Croatia. Even if it’s cheaper to sell to Europe, why leave money on the table like this?”

You see, if he’d done something as simple as read the Selo Story page, he would have seen:

  • That we exported the olive oil from the Dalmatia region of Croatia to North America
  • That we would LOVE to and PLAN to someday have it bottled and shipped from Croatia. Both so that customers get the freshest product, and we can hopefully provide some jobs to that region.
  • Of course “production” is cheaper in Croatia, but FedEx doesn’t exact pick up from the Selo where the olive oil comes from…so any production costs we’d save would instantly be offset by the fact that it would probably cost over $100/bottles in shipping to get it to North America.
  • Croatia, while on the rise, doesn’t have the vendors and supply chain (i.e. bottles and packaging) that is available in North America. We may someday build the facilities that can handle all of this.

His “leave money on the table” doesn’t even make any sense.

Anyways, hopefully that clears our “supply chain story” up. We exported the olive oils from our own farm, where the oil was produced, and we shipped it to North America where it was far easier to get it to the rest of North America.

Here’s the thing:

It’s still 100% Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The real stuff.

The label says “Product of Croatia” on it.

And we’re proud of that.

That’ll never change.

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Grant Bartel - October 15, 2018

Fuck them. Keep at it guys!

    Kyle Trouble - October 15, 2018

    Thanks Grant!


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