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Where to Take a Girl On a Date



Common question I get from readers is, “Where do I take a girl on a date?” 

Let’s discuss where to take a girl on a date.

First off, let’s define exactly what I’m talking about. Here, the context of a ‘date’ is a first-time one-on-one meet-up with a girl with the explicit intention of spending time together. If you met her at a bar, one or both of you were probably with friends, so it doesn’t count. This is the first time you’ve been out in public together alone.

If you met her during the day, same applies – unless of course you went on a date right then and there after you picked her up.

Finally, if you met her online and this is the first time you’ve seen her in the flesh, that’s what I’m referring to.

However, despite the numerous mentions of dates in the first section of this blog post, you should not, under any circumstances, explicitly mention the word date to her. As silly as it is, it just adds this element of pressure that girls don’t want (or can’t) deal with. Rather than having a good time, she’ll be in her own head thinking about if you’re the one, what your kids might look like…and then – WHAM. Too much pressure and she flakes.

Keep it casual. Say you’re just meeting for an hour for “just one drink” (see below). Do not utter the dreaded ‘D’ word to her though.

Where You Shouldn’t Take Girls

You should not participate in any of the following date activities under any circumstances. Note that this applies to first dates – subsequent dates are a whole other story.

1.) Dinner

Firstly, who wants to see a girl eat? Or anyone, for that matter.

The sight of girls eating turns me off. I want rib cages, not fat rolls – bones before rolls.

There’s nothing more unattractive than watching a girl shovel food down her throat, even if she’s skinny. As soon as I see this, even if she is thin, all I can think of is, “Well, shit…she has the potential to get fat.”

As if that wasn’t enough, you never want to be seen as a free meal ticket. Despite modern day’s “I’m an independent woman” ga-ga, women will expect you to pay for a first date. Of course, they won’t explicitly say this – but rather, it’ll show in their actions. When the bill comes, a true independent woman would rush to pay her half. I’ve been on over a hundred dates in the last couple years, and I think that’s happened maybe once or twice.

To top it all off, a dinner date is simply cliche.

2.) Movies

You sit in a dark room with a girl you like. Sure, on paper it seems fine, but remember that you’re stuck there for at least two hours. With someone you barely know. Not talking at all. It’s just awkward. Physical touch is necessary for sex but you must also have the words to go along with it. Not possible in the movies.

3.) Anything “Cute”

Picnics, hot air balloons, ice skating, gondolas, etc. are all pitched as the way to make a woman swoon. You’ll notice the ads for this stuff comes on right after the Zale’s Diamonds commercial.

Ultimately, it’s just too try hard.

You are trouble, you are the prize. She must earn your affection. Doing something elaborate like this is a guarantee to make it look like you are chasing her, placing the pussy on a pedestal (or in this case, the damn clouds).

Now, with the crap out of the way…

Where to Take a Girl On a Date

In my book (literally), you have two choices.

Where to Take a Girl On a Date, Option #1: Drinks

where to take a girl on a date

If you’re going for the bang on this night, drinks should be your number one choice. As much as some people would like to make you believe, it is not rape if a woman has a drink and then has sex with a man. There are alarm clocks which can record your activities if you’re that worried about it – the charge for video recording illegally is a hell of a lot less than a rape charge.

(Hat tip to Roosh for pointing this out, though I can’t find the post. As I won’t be in America much longer, I’m not bothering to buy one personally.)

Alcohol will help you get out of your own head (stop overthinking seduction guys – seriously), and her as well. Alcohol is good – click here for a few good home cocktail recipes.

Drinks are also a casual thing that show you’re not trying too hard. Just make sure you sit next to her at the bar so you can escalate physically. In no case whatsoever should you sit across from her at a table – just another reason why dinner made #1 on this list…

Where to Take a Girl On a Date, Option #2: Coffee

Don’t drink, no problem. I’m trying to drink less myself.

Your same night bang chances will go down, but overall it’s not bad. It’s casual. It’s easy to sit next to her. It’s also very easy to simply transition a coffee date into a drink date.

I am going to be trying this more often in the new year. I enjoy the thrill of the same night, but hate meeting up with a girl whom I don’t end up hitting it off with – because then I’m out probably at least $20 to buy drinks in Los Angeles, with nothing to show for it. On top of it, I’ve cut down on drinking (with my personality, it’s never “just one”) and slowed my metabolism down.

So it makes a lot of sense to have the coffee first – see if you enjoy her company, and if so, you can then choose to invite her to a bar for a drink.

Or just bring Kahlua and add it in your coffee.

Bottom Line in Regards to Where to Take a Girl On a Date

Bad Ideas:

Any cute, romantic bullshit

Why: Too try hard, in all cases. Tables are also the death of physical flirtation, which is necessary to seduce a girl.

Good Ideas:


Why: Casual. Cheap. No commitment; i.e. you can bail after one drink if you hate her.

Where do you take girls on a date?

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  1. My date strategy back when I was single.
    1. Drink at local dive bar
    2. Bring the motorcycle
    3. 30-45 minutes in if she’s cute and I think it’s going well ask if she wants a ride. This would also give me a decent excuse to stop by my house to pick up a helmet for her.

    Granted, you have to have a motorcycle but if you’re not a terrible driver, they’re fun and you can pick up one reasonably cheap (2-3k) and chicks dig them.

  2. Wait, so the sight of a woman eating repulses you? How do you expect to ever have any type of relationship with a woman if you don’t like it when they eat? You know that women have to eat, right? I mean, they’re humans. If they don’t eat, they’ll die. So even if you don’t go to a restaurant with a woman on a first date, if you continue seeing her in any capacity, chances are you will have to see her eat at some point. My advice to you: get over your repulsion of human beings doing normal things that human beings have to do. Eating is a normal and necessary human function. Women are human. Duh.

  3. By the sounds of it, you don’t actually want to date women. You just want to get them drunk so you can fuck them and discard them. Have fun with that, I guess.

      1. I comprehended you just fine, buddy. You seem to have some issues with women/food that you need to work through. Before you do that, you probably shouldn’t be giving anyone dating advice.

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