Last updated: April 30, 2017

Where to Stay in Kiev, Ukraine (Written by a Local Ukrainian Girl)



There’s a new post up on Ukraine Living, written by my more-popular-than-me-on-my-own-blog (no, I’m not bitter at all) Ukrainian girlfriend. It’s about the best hotels in Kiev, so click here to give it a read.

Lots to learn in it:

The Art of the Soft Sell

If you read her post in-depth, you’ll notice that it’s really just summarizing many of the hotels, as well as her sharing some of her personal thoughts. She studied tourism, so she knows a thing or two about a lot of those places.

But, nothing is over the top.

This is an excellent strategy to take when you’re building niche sites—easy does it. People are on that site because you have the information they need. So they don’t need to be sold very hard.

Seasonal Sales

EuroVision 2017 is coming up in Ukraine.

Apparently, it’s a big thing. Though I didn’t know anything about it until she told me, “Publish that article soon, EuroVision is soon and you might get some bookings from last-minute people!”

I guess it’s a big deal—the city of Kiev is even renovating a couple metro stations for the occasion. They’ve also re-programmed parts of the metro to announce stations in English. That would have been useful for me last year, eh?

Her Other Posts

I know everyone is curious about this girl, and I’ve been promising to put her on my podcast forever.

Well, it’s now been recorded.

And it’s coming out TOMORROW.

But, in the meantime you can read some of her other content she’s produced for me:



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