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Where Did I Go Wrong?

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On Saturday I’m walking around one of the college campuses looking for some daygame targets.  There’s not much going on — this is considered the “ugly” campus of the three major campuses in my city.  However, it’s conveniently close to my apartment and there’s definitely some potential for the occasional adorable bookworm to be around.  I decide to brave the bitter San Diego cold (63 degrees) and head over there.  I get myself into a good state by imagining the WORST possible outcome when I approach a girl.  I envision her calling me a creep, slapping me, running screaming, and all sorts of other horrific things.  Hey, the doomsday approach works, because it allows me to come to terms with the worst possible outcome, and accept it.

I decide my opener for the day will be, “Where’s the supercomputer center?”  I actually did want to find it, as I recently found out my company has a pretty big part in it.

I stop a couple of rather average looking girls to warm up.  As I approach the student bookstore, I see a set of three cute girls walking towards me, but at a slight angle.  I quicken my pace and open them.  Unfortunately, a guy walking by happened to hear my question, and he stopped and helped.  This put me into a bit of a pickle with the girls and I backed out.  No big, it would’ve been hard to nail anything down with three of them in a group.  The next set I open has a gorgeous Asian girl and her ugly friend.  When I ask where the center is, she just points and says, “That way.”  I tease her for giving terrible directions.  My sets involving 2+ girls need work still, and I eventually falter and say goodbye.

I then open a group of two guys and a girl and ask them the same thing.  The girl, who I suspected was with one of the guys, is quite flirtatious with me, and even offers to let me walk with them and she’ll show me.  Not wanting her to get in the way of other targets, I politely decline and fall back behind them.  Eventually, I find the supercomputer center, and to my disappointment, it’s locked.  I wander around a little bit more and find a coffee shop, a bar, and the campus gym.  I’m ready to head home as I’ve walked probably four miles at this point and there’s not much going on.  I accept defeat and begin the long trek back to my car when I spot a petite little brunette walking towards me.

I put my feet into motion, and in a strong, loud voice, I stop her with, “HEY!  Do you know where the nearest coffee shop is?”

She stops and I see her mind churning.  I crack a joke.  “I found the bar, but it’s only 3pm…a little early to be starting with alcohol.”

She giggles and tells me that there’s two coffee shops, a chain behind me (which I knew as it was right next to the bar), and another more boutique shop in the other direction.  I decide to make this sexual from the start, and say, “That was actually bullshit, I know where the coffee shop is.  I thought you were cute and wanted to flirt with you.”

Her eyes spaz out a bit and she giggles again.  She’s got a soft facial complexion, auburn hair, and hazel eyes.  She’s got a bright yellow backpack on.  I tell her she looks like Big Bird and proceed to spend the next minute ranting about Sesame Street, Cookie Monster, and other childhood memories.  She’s laughing and lets out a, “I like you!  You’re fun.”, about three minutes into the conversation.  It feels very…on.

I drop a few more DHVs about what I do (professional princess, of course) and where I’m from.  I tease her for not having a bike to walk around the big campus.  It’s going well.  A few minutes later, I pull out my phone number and just hand it to her.  She puts in her number.  We chitchat for a few more minutes and then go our separate ways.

I text her after: “This is a VIP number, store with care ;)”

Her response: “Of course ;)”


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