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What Truly Matters – Her Notch Count Or Her Feelings For YOU?




Let’s say you’re on a first date with a cute girl. Things are going well. You’re on your second round of drinks, you’ve got your thigh pressed against hers, and she’s laughing at everything that comes out of your mouth. To move the date along, you start diving into a little tactic called The Questions Game; which of course you read about in the aforementioned post or in my latest book.

Of course, you reach that point in the game where the “fun” questions start to flow, like…how many people she’s had sex with. Dear God, I hope you asked her that question before she asked you. For the record, there’s no good way for a man to answer that.

Her answer to that question could absolutely make or break her – in any number of ways. On one hand, if she’s a slut – great. Fuck her, and be done with her. Or…should you?

The Case For Letting Notch Count Slide

You have to have very strong inner frame to just let this one slide by. Let’s use an arbitrary number for this one: let’s say she’s 24 years old, and says she’s slept with 17 different men. That’s seventeen different cocks that have been inside the little princess’ vagina. For the females that read this blog and scream, “DOUBLE STANDARD, YOU SEXIST PIG!”, I kindly say this: shut up.

The standards between men and women are different, not doubled.

Seventeen cocks is…quite a bit. To put it a little more graphically for you, think about it this way: that girl has had the semen of seventeen different men dumped inside of her pussy. She has urged seventeen other men (besides yourself) to fill her up with cum, and then moaned in ecstasy when they did so. The bastard spawn of seventeen other men has dripped out of her vagina, out her pussy lips and down her leg, escaping her attempts to close her legs and keep it inside of her.

And, because she’s slept with seventeen different men, it’s probably safe to assume she has a half dozen other guys who she sucked off but didn’t let penetrate her. Chalk up a few more that “didn’t count” because, you know, SPRING BREAK BABY, and a few more she messed around with – it’s a reasonable assumption that this girl who is playing coy with you on your first date has handled at least thirty different cocks throughout her lifetime. At only 24 years of age. Assuming she lost her virginity at 18, by the time she runs smack into the wall at the age of 30, she’ll have had sixty cocks. Yeehaw, hop on the carousel.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, you’re probably wondering…“Kyle, why the hell are you supporting letting the notch count slide?”

It’s simple, really. You just don’t give a fuck.

Not giving a fuck is an art form and isn’t easily mastered. If you place girls on pedestals, feel that you have to work to deserve them, and generally lack self confidence, you’ll never be able to do this. Her talking about her exploits will drive you away. Heaven forbid you’re already dating and fucking – her telling you the graphic details of her former sex life will unleash your inner Hulk of jealousy while also shriveling your dick into a makeshift vagina.

But, if you have the frame and an understanding of female biology, this “problem” of too many cocks suddenly twists into a fun challenge…

Be the best fuck she’s ever had.

Addicting a girl to you is pretty fun.

Her cooing over how you’re the best she’s ever had is a huge ego boost. Her doing everything in her power to satisfy you, both sexually and more, feels great. Her chasing after you for your time and your commitment versus you groveling for sex is a dream.

Enjoy the high.

I’m of the opinion that you should never discard a girl over her notch count for random sex. Granted, if she’s taken a hundred cocks, her vagina is practically an ebola petri dish – so be smart about it. Wrap that shit up, use lube so you don’t rub your cock raw, and get yourself checked on the regular. Now, a girl who claims to have lots of sex but yet is demanding you wine and dine her? Next. But throw away a sure thing because she has a high notch count? Silly. You’re the next mark in her bedpost, playa.

Just don’t hold her own biology against her. Women love sex as much as men.

And, I hate to break it to you, but if she’s cooing over how great you are in bed – she’ll coo with another man someday, too. Women are instinctive creatures that hold on to the highest value man they can obtain at that point in time – at all costs.

Never Give A Slut A Promise

Don’t promise monogamy.

Don’t promise a ring, at any cost.

I wouldn’t promise a trip more than a month or so out in advance, and certainly not one you can’t get your money back on.

You can have fun with girls that have a high notch count. If you’re unwilling to look past this, your prospects here in Western Civilization are going to dwindle down significantly. Unless you’re wiling to move to buttfuck-nowhere Iowa or Nebraska – where the good ‘ol corn-farming girls reside. But, if a girl has a high notch count, you need to watch yourself. The studies of failed marriages when the woman has “greater than X” number of partners has been rehashed numerous times in the blogosphere, so there’s no need to touch on that here. This post is merely to encourage you to make the best of the culture cards given to you, and to make you realize this:

Owning souls can be a lot of fun. Maybe more so than new notches.

Dark triad, you bet I am.

That’s why this blog is called “This is Trouble”.

If you want to learn how to own girls’ souls, go here.

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