Last updated: January 2, 2017

What Thrive Themes Can Do For You

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Late in 2016, I added a new piece of art to the Troublesome portfolio. It’s called the NYC Experience, and it’s a great offer from my friend Goldmund.

It’s worth noting that you can build a great site like this with the offerings from Troublesome Solutions. The best part is you get my experience, expertise, and design skills and it comes at literally no cost to you.

In a nutshell, if you buy either WordPress themes, or web hosting, through any of the links on that page—I’ll help you out with your setup or basic design. Free of charge. Take a look at what my most recent consulting client (in addition to Goldmund) had to say:

What’s the additional charge(s) for your service?

Absolutely NOTHING.

I get a commission from Thrive, which is why I’m happy to do the installation and the email consultation–at ZERO extra cost to you. Yes, this is affiliate marketing–and I’m happy to teach you a little bit about it during our consultation!

What do I have to do?

Simply click one of the buttons in the green Step #1 box below, and place your order through Thrive (or just click this link).

Once you do, head on over to the blue Step #2 box and send the information over (securely over SSL, of course). I’ll have the work done within 24 hours.

Exactly what’s included?

Thrive has a variety of different packages to choose from. You can buy an individual theme and plugins (note that the themes do NOT include the plugins such as the Thrive Visual Editor and Thrive Ultimatum), or buy ALL of the Thrive products for a yearly fee. 

IMPORTANT: It does not matter which Thrive package you purchase–I will provide my service regardless of the value of your order.​

  • Fast, beautiful, and response theme(s) and plugin(s) from Thrive
  • Two BONUS eBooks with information and tips I’ve learned over the years
  • I will install and configure Thrive within 24 hours (the basics!)
  • Have an email consultation with you–you can ask me anything you want to about your website. I usually charge $99 for this consultation.

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It’s the beginning of the new year. Time to get ahead. There is no better time to start now, and there never will be.

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  1. I can recommend Kyle with 100% confidence. After working with other people on various web-related design projects, I’ll never hire anyone else again.

    Not only will you save yourself a mountain of frustration by using his services, you’ll be more than happy with the results.

    If you are thinking about it, do it.

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