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What Men Want In a Relationship: 10 Things You MUST Require of Her



If you Google, “What men want in a relationship”, it’s full of bad advice from women trying, with good intentions, to help each other out. Well, this post is for both:

  1. The men out there who are looking for the absolutely BEST in life, and willing to make endless sacrifices for that.
  2. The women who are truly feminine, looking to improve, and wanting to find the best man they can. If you are a girl who likes the idea of a career, loves cats, or is fat or generally unpleasant—you’ll hate this post. Stop reading now.

What men want in a relationship is actually quite simple, once you filter past all of the bullshit. I believe these ten things that I randomly jotted down and tested on Twitter are the truth.

I firmly think that if most men followed this guidelines and found a woman who was on board, the majority of them would find then classify themselves as “very happy.”

With that being said, here is what men want in a relationship, summed up in ten criteria that any self-respecting man should 100% demand of his woman.

#1: She MUST Be Easygoing 

This is, first and foremost, her character at it’s core. It’s who she is, and unlikely to change.

Any woman worth being around can generally be classified with an “easygoing, somewhat carefree” nature. A girl who is constantly stressed, nagging, or just not enjoying life can easily sap the joy out of yours.

Now, there are a lot of external environmental factors at play here. Look at careers. Women are expected to work as hard as men, earn as much as men, and yet still raise babies, have a raging social life, and be an Instagram star.

A lot is now expected of them because they’ve been told they have to do that to be equal.


Men and women simply succeed in different areas.

Careers stress women out in most cases. It ruins their easygoing personalities. On the flip side, if you know a stay at home dad—doesn’t he often seem to resemble a chicken running around with his head cut off?

Again, we are meant for different purposes. This environmental pressure on women isn’t fair. It’s bullshit. It ruins the feminine beauty of female personality. But alas, it is what it is.

Your goal as a man is to find a girl who seems to temper this new world in the best possible light.

#2: What Men Want In A Relationship—Cooking Skills

Lean Cuisine does not count in any form whatsoever.

Now, the actual skills themselves do not matter, especially when you meet. If she doesn’t improve over time she may be a bit dense, but that’s not here nor there.

What matters is the effort.

At some point in your relationship, she should utter the words, “I really enjoy cooking for you.”

It’s a pleasing thing for her to please you, and food is at the very core of our nature/nurture existence.

Again, skills don’t matter. To start. If she cooks rotten, teach her. If she shows an unwillingness to do so, she’s not worth it.

Speaking of teaching her…give her new skills. But don’t leave her out to hang. A girl who is left to fend for herself by her lover, without the pre-requisite skills, is a frustrated girl.

She wants to please you, but you must point her in the right direction.

Give her the proper skills to succeed and she will cherish the fact that you taught her something new. Set her up for failure and she will rue you.

#3: Has Your Back, 110%

She must ride, or die.

First off, don’t apologize. You’re going to screw up. She is, too. Don’t harp on your mistakes, you’re human and can’t take them back.

But don’t get caught in the “I’m Red Pill and I’m always right” mindset. You’re not. But don’t be a puss about it.

“My bad. It won’t happen again. Let’s move on.”

If she refuses to move on, tell her to walk it off or go for a drink in the local bar yourself. It’s the best thing you can do.

At the same time, if someone wrongs you—I’ve found the great girls will hold a bit of a grudge against them for wronging you. Not in a bad, over-the-top way. Just a bit of a grudge shows that she cares about you.

#4: Has Opinions, Knows When To Speak Them

This is 2017 gents.

Your girl is going to have opinions and thoughts no matter where in the world she lives. Accept that. She’s going to have things to say, and it’s fair that you listen to them.

It is a partnership after all.

She should bring ideas to the table, you should take them into account. Ultimately though, the decision, and the burden of the consequences that come with that—is always going to fall to YOU.

Is it fair? No.

Does it suck? Yes.

Too bad, that’s just the way that life is. That’s what men want in a relationship—a woman who takes his bad decisions in stride, even if it affects her.

It is your burden to make the final decisions and live with those consequences. Again—don’t apologize.

Move on.

#5: Dotes On You When Sick

She should smother you with so much love you just can’t help but laugh. Similar to what your mom probably did for you when you were growing up.

It can be a bit over the top, but it’s far better than the opposite.

Even if she just pumps you full of drugs 😉


#6: Recognizes What She Brings

In terms of a relationship, this is what men more often than not bring to the table:

What men want in a relationship from the girl (as a “trade”):

  • Feminine warmth
  • Sex
  • Nurturing
  • Homemaking
  • etc.

So yes, she should recognize that if you work your ass off to provide—she has to bring something else to the table.

It’s best not to have this explicit discussion of “trades”.

But a smart girl knows how things work and is willing to take up her side of the bargain. If she’s not, and just wants to be a mooch who lives off your hard work and is lazy—GOODBYE.

#7: Desires Children

Self explanatory.

#8: Gives You Space

This is seriously hard to find.

It doesn’t count if she “lets” you go out with the guys (by the way, never ask—just do) and then texts you all night.

That’s no way to live a life—tied to her with a damn messaging app. She has to know when to give you space. When step away and allow you to build your business and focus.

What men want in a relationship is a woman who understands that sometimes the best work comes from going alone. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to include her at all. Things like raising a family?

Yeah, she’s going to be involved. A lot.

But some journeys are for men and men alone to take.


#9: Insecure About Her Bedroom Abilities

By nature (see #6), women know they bring sex to the table, because it’s a commodity that guys desire more so than girls.

Therefore, it’s only natural that many girls will be a bit insecure—they know it’s important to please you.

It’s far better for them to worry about whether they’re pleasing you than to show you porn-star moves every night. Over time, you can teach her to be a porn star—but again—over time.

#10: She Must “Get You”

You simply will click with some people better than others. If you meet someone who you really click with, give them a shot.

But don’t let it go to your head.

Don’t build exotic fantasies of knocking her up and raising a family, complete with a white picket fence. It’s up to you to keep a cool head. Ideally, she should be the one with the crazy daydreams.

Act in a manner that is appropriate with cultivating all of the above and there is no way she won’t have those daydreams.

THAT is what men want in a relationship. Truly.

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  1. For me, another must have is that I have to be able to trust her. A previous girlfriend was so blond that I finally had to break up with her. She would screw up everything she touched (and she was a Mensa member), probably so that I would be forced to rescue her. In the aftermath of my father;s death (we were close), I didn’t have the strength to save her all the time. The ongoing idiocy was just too much.

  2. Because of foreign women, we men do not have to choose women who are whiny, arrogant, bitchy, disgusting, talkative, annoying, insecure, controlling, etc.

  3. Yesterday I went into a one-day trip. When I reached there, I took a few pictures and sent them through Facebook Messenger to a girl I am gaming to have a relationship with. Without me asking, she took one of the pictures I sent her, processed it a bit and sends it back to me (she loves photography very much). I liked her gesture and I put the processed photo to “My Day” and I shall give her a chocolate next time we meet.

    So, I would add: “a giving nature”.

  4. Really nice post about high-value women. I’ve found myself a high-value latina girl. She is from Mexico City, she comes from a tight-knight family and she is young, feminine and loves to cook for me and her family.
    Thanks so much for your blog. I’ve learned a lot about women. You are doing it right.

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