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What I probably shouldn’t tell you about online business

A reader interested in enrolling in Pro Niche Site this spring asked:


The goal is to get people to a point where they’re building sites that make about $500 a month?

It is too time consuming for you to just make like tons of them instead of teaching other people to do it?

Can you help with picking a niche?


My response:

Honestly I have considered never running this course again, considering how well all my niche sites are doing. Have thought it might be better just to keep it to myself and keep cranking them out versus sharing the knowledge.

I spun up two last November when the last class was open, then 3 more since the start of the new year. Plus another one when this course starts. But, I want to continue to teach. I enjoy it a lot, and for the people who put in the work, they’re seeing success too. It’s gratifying.

Yup, the goal is $500/month of passive income, or at least passive enough to get by with updating it roughly once a month. Or, if it continues growing, to continue building it out and see what it caps out at.

And yes, I help with picking the niche. In fact, I encourage people not to even buy a domain and whatnot until they’ve gone through their ideas with me and we’ve sat down and figured out their first 20-25 pieces of content.


So, there you have it.

To learn about everything that’s included with your enrollment, go to the link below:



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