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What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen



Once a cheater, always a cheater they say.

The thing they don’t tell you is that if it’s the man cheating, a woman very well might take him back and forgive him – repeatedly. This is because a man with options in the sexual marketplace is a desired man. No woman wants the trash scorned by her fellow sisters. But competition, even if it results in the man sticking his dick in another woman – often ends up in forgiveness, even excitement. Such is the nature of humans.

The problem is that even if she “forgives” the man on paper, she can’t unsee what she’s seen. Until their relationship is put to bed, she will always wonder what he is doing when he’s not within reaching distance. Business trips? She’ll scan the dinner receipts.

“Who did you buy dinner for?!”

Nights out with the boys? Forget about freedom when she’s checking in on you every half an hour. The cycle repeats itself until one of the two in the relationship goes insane. Usually it’s the guy, because women will run themselves in circles until their hamster passes out from exhaustion. The drama gives the hamster fuel. Men, on the other hand, just get fed up. Maybe eventually they leave, or maybe they’re miserable and sticks it out. Regardless, it can’t be unseen – no matter how much therapy they attend, how many “talks” they go through, and how many promises are made. If the woman is particularly hamsterific, it may carry over into her next relationship(s).

Any quality man will not forgive a cheating woman.

It’s on to the next, end of discussion.

But what about other scenarios, in which the man sees a part of a woman’s personality that is a major turn off, but then it disappears? We are assuming this is a one time incident of instability, not a bi-polar psychopath. In that case, I’d advise any man to get out of that relationship because they will slowly tear your soul apart. I know from experience. But say this one-time hiccup could be for any number of reasons.





The list is endless. And to be frank, most women, at some point or another, hit a point where they just piss their man the fuck off – seemingly, for no good reason. One thing or another in her life causes her to go psycho for a short period of time (say, a week), and despite the man being a rock, her emotional waves crash onto the rock and manage to chip it. A man shouldn’t care, some will say – he should never be swayed. But men are not immune. Even if on the surface he weathers her storm with the best of them…what he’s seen can’t be unseen.

Then what’s a man to do?

Sure, he might have a girl who has been great to him for any number of months or years prior to that. However, once that storm has hit, it’s hard to stop thinking, “Well…when’s it going to come back? Is it going to be worse? How will I handle it next time? Do I need to step up my game?” All of a sudden the man lives in constant fear of what could be rather than living in the moment. Every potential confrontation becomes a fine line to walk to make sure you don’t push her to “that point” where she makes your life miserable. Of course it would almost be easier if she just did make him miserable all the time, because the choice would be easy. He’d get rid of her.

Men are not living if they’re crunched down in a fearful position.

At the same time, does a woman in love with a man who is good to him deserve to be kicked aside over one bad week? Women are only human, after all. They shit, too.

You know that phrase, “If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best”? The favorite phrase of American girls who are actually complete cunts, in a desperate attempt to prove that they have some sort of a tolerable personality. Yeah, that phrase is bullshit.

If someone at their worst is that bad that they need to state that, more than likely it’s more than a man should tolerate for his personal happiness levels. Even if it’s only once, the bar has been set. It can be that bad and human nature dictates that it will be that bad again someday. So while it may seem cruel, sometimes a man must move on. Like I said, once it’s out there, it’s not going away.

The difference is that a cheater, deep down, moistens vaginas. A needy or nagging girl though, does not have the same effect. It’s just the elephant in the room that won’t go away.

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  1. Insightful. It requires a lot of willpower to dump a girl who is otherwise amazing but from time to time can be so bad it makes one crazy.. but experience says it is indeed necessary.

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