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What Egyptian Cats and Business Have In Common

I’m currently sitting on my Ukrainian Airlines flight to Brussels, and my girlfriend next to me is browsing the inflight magazine.

Want to hear something cool?

And horrifying…

Well, Egypt is where much of civilization “started”. We all know about the pyramids. And a lot of stuff many years ago originated there. And sure, Egypt is in a weird (read: bad) state right now, which is unfortunate, but there is some interesting lining in between all of that.

Namely, Egyptian cats.

Apparently, there are these special kind of cats that live only in Egypt.

They were considered royalty by the Ancient Egyptians.

And, they’re still in Egypt and considered to be extremely rare.

The point I’m trying to make is this:

Sometimes, things change. Sometimes, things fall apart. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way that they’re supposed to. This is just how life is. I’m sure these cats in Egypt feel the same way. But, what ultimately matters is that deal with the cards that you are dealt in life — even if they aren’t ideal.

What’s this got to do with business?

I’m glad you asked.

Many things.

If you’d told me, for example, that I’d be running an olive oil company at this time last year, I would have said that you were cookoo for coco puffs. But, as is always the case with entrepreneurship, you just have to deal the cards you’re dealt.

I had a great opportunity. I was dealt a great hand.

So I jumped on it.

Simple as that, really.

All you can do is play the hand.

Speaking of a “Royal Flush”.

Much like the cats in Egypt who were treated as royalty, olive oil was also considered to be near-royalty in ancient times.

It’s where “Liquid Gold” originated from.

And, to honor this long-time royal oil, Selo Oils is putting on the world’s first olive oil *event*, with exclusive recipes from Baba Maria, and many other cool things we’re doing for it.

You can sign up for the Selo LIVE Experience by simply clicking here or at the link below…


And I’ll see you on January 22nd.

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