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What Custom Suits and Communism Have In Common

I was watching the final season of “House of Cards” recently, and I have to say…

It was absolutely terrible.

Kevin Spacey made that show what it was.

That said, they did illustrate pretty well what it might be like to have a female president…and I doubt anyone will vote for Hillary after watching this last season. So, guess there’s that. Not all is bad. But, there was one quote I really liked in the otherwise yawn-inducing final 8 episodes.

That was, Claire, the new female president suspected of killing her husband, directing these words to the Russian president:

“You’re just a communist in a handmade Italian suit.”

(Ironic note, I went to Google to look up and make sure I got this quote right…they don’t even have a resource of final season quotes, that’s how bad it was.)

And actually, Claire had a great point.

And, shockingly ironic, to boot.

Namely, that we have a lot of people in Western countries complaining that “life is too hard”. They want a redistribution of the wealth. A return of the government providing more services. More government control of the “big rich meanies”. What they want is basically communism. The think that flies right over their heads is that a communist government is just the rich people in the government positions. Nothing actually changes, except that they actually get more control to lord over their populations.

Naturally, the whinennials don’t really bother to read a single book about a communist country to grasp what would happen.

Here’s the really funny thing…

Online business is the exact same thing.

People expect to have all the best information just handed out to them — for free — and man do they get upset if they don’t get it. The simple fact of the matter:

Some people just don’t like to pay for anything.

They want government handouts.

They want to run their own business with none of the bloody, dirty, work.

They just want it to be free.

They want to preach to you from their iPhone that you’re an evil person for charging for your products or services.

And to that, I say…

“They’re just a whiner in an unfair world.”

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