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Weekly Recap: August 4th, 2019 – More Thoughts on Kharkov

Weekly Recaps


This has been a crazy busy week since I have a new dog at home…

He’s a Pembroke Corgi, and so far he is doing great. I’m a proud papa. I wonder…if the same feeling I’ve gotten as he’s started to learn commands, started to like his kennel, and just started to figure out the world…I wonder if the feeling is the same, x100, if you have an actual kid.

If so…

I now have some understanding of the whole, “It’s worth it”—that every tired and ragged parent claims at some point or another.

The Site Changed Themes. Again.

I figured out that when this design was on the site previously…it wasn’t the theme that was making it slow.

It was my host, Godaddy.

So I redesigned it, and it got faster…but then I had major issues with GD, so I switched over to SiteGround.

Now I switched the theme back, and viola…problem still solved. The theme is Focus by Thrive Themes.

kharkov, ukraine

Kharkov, Ukraine

Last week, on Friday, I drove by myself to Kharkov, Ukraine from home here in Kiev. My girl took the train that evening after work, but I had no desire to navigate Ukrainian roads at night.

I spoke about Kharkov briefly in Podcast #04, but I had two full days and nights there this time, and I’ll just say this…

It’s a cool town. I don’t know if I’d want to live there, just a bit small for my taste. But for those who hate the “big” cities, it might be a happy middle ground. The English and infrastructure is improving and will get there one day. They are very open and friendly to foreigners, and will ask what you’re doing there. The city has lots of greenery, parks, and plenty of westernized bars and restaurants.

What I’m saying is, it might be worth a peak.

2 Recommended Kharkov Restaurants:

Trouble This Week

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