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Be Wary of Sneaky Girls



FranklySlavic (great username, the Slavs do it well) left a great comment on my 7 First Date Tips to Get Laid post:

Good post. only the most demure of women wouldnt find an excus e to show her true nature durig that. The one exception s that i have always been happy to travel to a girl. Mostly because in the uk people worth spending time with a few and far between, so i will gladly go to another town for a good man or woman. Plus some of the more pleasant girls seem awfully shy about going nearer your home for a date. i think its because they don’t know the area and are scared due to all the rape propagand they get in school or uni. Would happily drive a few hours to see a pleasant feminine girl, get a drink and escalate a little to see if its worth doing again. My only rules were

a, no boring places. If she’s miserable, feministey, puts out within an hour, is demanding or shit, then I want to be somewhere where i can have a good time on my own and make the most of the drive

b, not her house. Don’t get me wrong, I’d go there eventually. But if she is ‘scared’ and then invites me into her bedroom as the first date setting, I know she’s just being coy or cheap, neither of which is sexy

c, she coms to my place next time, or at least my town. No second trips

d, if she wanted food, she buys or makes it. Guests need to be treated well. If she demanded food and didn’t provide anything, then to step a.

f, there had to be escalation. she should kiss me from when she first sees me, unless i’m trying to upgrade a ‘friend’, in which case i accept a kiss before the end of the date. She should touch, hug, not lead me on but show me how interested she is.

Whoever said romance is dead?

I have bolded the part above that I want to discuss. Often, if you have a cute girl whom you’re pursuing, and you don’t have any other prospects (bad), you end up making mistakes. It really is easy to do this. Let’s pose a theoretical situation.

You meet a girl on OKCupid or Tinder. She lives ten miles away from you, and does have her own car. However, she “doesn’t want” to drive to you. Naturally, you think to yourself, “Hey, ten miles isn’t too far! And she’s really hot! This is no big deal.” Of course it is a big deal, you turd – have you not read my blog? It is all about the frame of the interaction. You giving in and driving to her puts her on a pedestal. Of course, once you arrive at what will likely be her venue of choice (which is not likely to be conducive to seduction), you will also be expected to foot the bill for the date.

To summarize (I am assuming all of this, 9 out of 10 will be true):

  • You messaged her first on OKCupid or Tinder
  • You asked for her number
  • You texted her
  • You proposed the date
  • She shut down your idea to come to her
  • You went to her instead
  • She chose the venue
  • You paid for the date

This means that she dictated everything, which is something a high value man doesn’t do. It’s either his way or the highway. You should adopt the same mindset or else end up like this.

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