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Uruguayan Women: Not Just Pretty Football Faces



Uruguayan women may not be international sex symbols like Colombians or bootylicious divas like Brazilian girls…but that’s exactly why you need to know them!

Uruguay is so much more than football! 

In fact, the girls will probably surprise you more than the hat trick skills of random kids playing soccer on the streets. But first, let’s recap some info on Uruguay. Hopefully, you know some of it. But you know, just in case you hated geography as a kid.

Paraguay is in the southeastern region of South America and borders Brazil and Argentina plus the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a handy comparison of girls in that region :

  • In Brazil, women are very curvy and very proud of it. Big booties are all the rage here. So is plastic surgery, by the way. Not all of those hourglass shapes you see on the streets are all that natural.
  • Argentine girls tend to be wealthier and so they’re a lot more Americanised. US culture is rushing into South America faster than you can imagine. Since Argentinians can afford all of those new products coming in. You would not see Uruguayan women in Victoria’s Secret lingerie but you will see Argentinians do it.
  • Uruguayan girls are low-key and down-to-Earth. The country has been making some progress in women’s rights so plenty of them are open-minded. Uruguay is not a religious place but you will meet very traditional women here. Even though they may not be as sexually liberated as Argentinians for instance, Uruguayan girls are a lot more approachable… It helps that they are pretty cute, too.

Uruguay is also an amazing place for the beach. They may not have Copacabana and the infamous Brazilian bikini, but beach culture is still strong here. In fact, I definitely encourage you to take your first date to the beach. You can thank me later!

Uruguayan Women: Hot Or Not?

I told you about their character. But how are Uruguayan women on the outside? Pretty damn cute, in my humble opinion!

Something super surprising about Uruguay is:

Most girls are white!

Well, not white-white, but they are definitely Caucasian. Demographics show that over 87.7% of the population is of European descent. African descent people, on the other hand, make a very small, almost negligible part of the overall population.

Trust me, this was just as surprising for me. After all, it’s South America, this is a place where different ethnicities mix all the time and where race is an abstract… Not Uruguay!

Uruguayan women, being predominantly white, lack the bodacious figures of Brazilians. They are just as fiery, though. What they lack in booty, they make up for in dancing skills. And you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that guys are not expected to dance as much. Unlike other places, she would not drag you onto the dance floor. Prepare for some pretty late-night partying, though…

That Healthy Uruguayan Glow

Uruguay is home to many beautiful girls. But glammed up looks are very rare here. Even for partying, women favour a more minimalist approach. This sucks if you like girls in heels but it has one undeniable perk:

She would be recognizable in the morning. In fact, she will likely be prettier.

One thing I love about Uruguayan women is how they focus on beauty from the inside out. Most girls here are very health-conscious. Not only do they care about staying slim and fit, they also take perfect care of their skin, their hair, their mental health. You can learn a thing or two about self-care from Uruguayan ladies.

And it all seems to work. Unlike other Latinas, Uruguayan women don’t feel the need to overdress or to cover themselves in cakey makeup. It’s funny because I’m pretty sure they look better without it. If you do like fancier gals, though, look no further than Montevideo’s glitzy spots.

A handful of nightlife spots do have a dress code and people take it very seriously. Other than that, there is no point to dress up for bars. Most of the locals would just be wearing jeans anyway!

No Religious Fanatics

Here is the best news about religion in Uruguay:

There are no fanatics!

Most of the countries in South America are extremely Catholic. Uruguay, though it is a Catholic-majority country, is not.

Compared to other parts of the Spanish Empire, the Catholic Church was never super influential here. There weren’t many natives to Christianize and those that existed were fiercely opposed to it. The church never quite managed to get powerful.

After Uruguay gained independence, religion became even less of a factor in politics. Civil marriage was recognized as early as 1837 and divorce became legal in 1907. Compare that to Paraguay, which was one of the last countries to legalize divorce. It only happened in 1991 and divorce rates remain low.

The Constitution of 1917 completely separated the church and the state. Modern international relations experts consider Uruguay to be the most secular country in the Americas. It’s true that most children do get baptized and marriages usually involve the church. Still, only half of the self-proclaimed Christians attend mass regularly and religious freedom is celebrated throughout the country.

One Night Stands In Uruguay

First I have to warn you. Uruguayan people party very, very late! It’s not uncommon for clubs to open around 1AM. Nobody is out and dancing at 10. But if you can stick it out until the end of the night, hookups are actually quite common.

Picture this:

It’s the weekend. You have had the longest, most exhausting week at uni. You are out with your friends at your favourite bar but all the cute guys there are already friends or at least acquaintances. Then you spot the odd foreign dude. Interesting…

Even though one night stands are completely acceptable in Uruguay, women still fear judgement. We are hard-wired to like sex. But we’re also hard-wired to want others’ approval. This is why Uruguayan women are so open to hookups with foreign visitors.

With you, they don’t have to deal with awkward post-hookup meetings where you are not sure exactly how to act.

Are you friends? Should you kiss?

Well, those are questions that she would never have to ask with you. Hookups with tourists are clean and easy. Just remember to stay safe.

With the exception of some very devout women, most girls are open to premarital sex. They are not, however, open to ruining their reputation. Foreigners are a great option for some no strings attached fun.

Since Uruguay doesn’t get as many tourists as Brazil and Argentina, your novelty status remains completely intact. You could use Tinder to meet prospective hookups or just go to a club. Night game is fairly breezy in Montevideo.

Online Dating In Uruguay

Uruguayan women aren’t like other Latinas. They don’t start looking for a husband as soon as they turn 18. In fact, I’ve heard multiple Uruguayan girls say that they are not sure if they’ll marry at all.

This is why, if you are more interested in the long-term, “I wanna make her my wifey” sort of thing, it is best to use dating platforms. Obviously, Tinder is just as much of a hookup app here that it is in the U.S. Dating platforms for Latinas who seek an international relationship, however, will be your best friend!

Bear in mind that women there are just as independent as other Uruguay chicas. Unlike Brazilians, they are not on a rush and would prefer to take their time. If you do get an Uruguayan girlfriend though, consider yourself the luckiest man on Earth. Dating Uruguayans is something else!

You Can Date Uruguayan Women Like…

Here are a few Uruguay women to inspire your trip to Montevideo:

  • Natalia Oreiro, nicknamed “the queen of telenovelas” has been stealing hearts since the 90’s. This timeless beauty is an actress/ model/ singer/ all-around super hot Latina. She is somewhat of a national treasure and most Uruguayans love to mention that Natalia comes from their home country.
  • Bárbara Mori is another telenovela superstar. She first gained notoriety TV Azteca’s telenovela Azul Tequila in 1998. The role that made all the local men lust after her, though, was Rubí in 2004. Fun fact about her: she was discovered when she worked as a waitress in Mexico city. At just 14, she rose from rags to riches and began gaining her fame.
  • Dancer Virginia Dobrich is the face of Uruguayan tango. She has appeared in a number of TV programmes, including Uruguay’s equivalent of “Dancing with the Stars”. Get yourself a girl that can move her hips like Virginia does and you can be happy forever!

Do I Need Spanish To Meet Uruguayan Women?

Short answer:

Not necessarily.

Long answer:

It is very likely that you’ll need Spanish to get by in Uruguay. The people of Montevideo do speak some English. Outside the capital, though, even basic tasks would be very difficult.

Meeting girls does require conversation. If you plan on day game in Uruguay, 1 out of 10 girls might speak English if you are in the capital. This significantly reduces your chance of success since you will waste plenty of time trying to talk to girls who simply can’t understand.

On the other hand, if you will be using online dating for the most part, you can do with just English. Spanish is a huge advantage, that is for sure, but Uruguayan women on these sites are already prepared to meet gringos. You will do just fine, just don’t use very complex “pick up lines”.

a) Pick up lines are kind of lame.

b) They would not work if she only knows basic English.

Case closed.

Take a basic online course and you’ll be miles ahead of most gringos.

Uruguayan Women

Social Dating In Uruguay

The girls of Uruguay are usually very sweet and approachable. They go out with their girlfriends, sip their cocktails, and love to receive compliments. Girls night is never really just for girls. It is an excuse to look at cute guys and maybe, just maybe end up making out with them. Uruguayan girl squads are the perfect target for your night game aspirations.

Still, it’s pretty cool if you can get into the friend group, instead of approaching her directly. Start by talking to her friends, while slightly ignoring your target. I know this is a pretty cliché approach but it works wonders in Uruguay. Social circle dating is also fun but it’s best reserved for relationships, not one night stands. The less she knows you, the higher your chances of a hookup and the lower the chances of a relationship.

If she does know you…well, you’re in for a pretty romantic time.

What Kind Of Guys Do Uruguayan Women Like?

Latino people are still very macho. The ideal guy looks something like reggaetonero Maluma. In other words:

  • Facial hair is important, I have never met a Latina that doesn’t like it.
  • Machismo and macho behaviour are important to guys and girls alike. If you are not manly enough, you are not desirable.
  • Muscular but not to the point of being scary. Uruguayan women like to feel protected when they walk the street with their men.
  • Height doesn’t matter a lot. Since local guys are on the shorter side though, if you are tall it will give you major bonus points.
  • Grooming and personal hygiene are important. Much like neighbouring Brazil, men who take care of their looks are liked and praised, they don’t get “That is so gay.” sort of comments

At the same time, Uruguayan guys are not always like that. They don’t care too much about looks. Those who do are usually the typical players that girls love to hate. Feel free to befriend the womanizers – they are fun and you can use them to meet girls. On the downside, they may steal said girls.

Since Uruguayans like to party a lot anyway, it’s best to stick to less of a player type male friends. They can show you the nightlife and introduce you to girls and you can also have fun together. The bromance of a lifetime always starts at a sports bar in Uruguay.

What can I say, these guys are really crazy about football!

Meet Uruguayan Women In Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay doesn’t receive the tourist influx nearby Brazil and Argentina do. In fact, Montevideo is pretty much an undiscovered gem in Latin America. This is why you should take some time to explore the place.

I know you are here for the girls but get some culture and sightseeing in, too:

  • Ciudad Vieja or Montevideo’s Old Town is where you should focus your tourist energy around.
  • Plaza de Independencia is the Old Town’s main square. It’s a beautiful area full of cafés and stores. This is Montevideo’s prime shopping area. Take your girlfriend here for an afternoon coffee and maybe some shopping. Hopefully, you would not walk out completely broke!
  • The Mausoleo de Artigas, which dominates the Plaza de Independencia is a tribute to José Gervasio Artigas, who fought for Uruguayan Independence. The honour guards are always there. On weekends, you can visit the mausoleum under the monument.
  • The Palacio Salvo is in the Plaza de Independencia area. It was once South America’s highest building and it is still the best place to see the Montevideo skyline.
  • The National History Museum is actually not a single building, it is spread between five old historic houses. It’s free to visit and a pretty good place to learn about Uruguayan history and culture.

Montevideo Nightlife: Meeting Hot Uruguayan Women Is A Breeze

The nightlife in Montevideo is quite different to what you might be used to. There is something cool happening on most nights, even during the week. If you are the party animal type, this is your place. It isn’t as lively as South American party capital Rio or Buenos Aires but it comes pretty close.

The downside is that Uruguayan people go out very, very late at night. You really shouldn’t bother going for drinks before 10 or 11 PM. Bear in mind that this is pre-drinks. Clubbing happens after that and it can easily take up the entire night.

Even though Uruguay is relatively safe, it’s still best not to take chances. The nightclubs are a prime spot for crime as visitors leave half-drunk at 5AM. This is the best time to take girls home but it’s also a slightly dangerous time. Be extra mindful of your surroundings and call the taxi. You can never be sure of the ones you see on the street.

The Best Bars And Clubs Of Montevideo

El Pony Pisador is everyone’s favourite place to go dancing. It’s located in the Old Town and is a Montevideo nightlife staple. The music is usually Latin pop (a.k.a. the infamous reggaeton) but you can also hear cumbia and even the occasional live performance.

The cool thing about this location is it’s an all-in-one place. It starts out as a restaurant where people usually come to grab a bite after work. It then turns into a bar (not the cheapest beer but it is always ice cold) and then morphs into Montevideo’s best dancing spot.

The address is Bartolome Mitre 1324/ 26, Montevideo, Uruguay and it’s open the entire week. On weekends it opens a little later and reservations are necessary if you want to have dinner. By the way, this is also a really cool place to bring your Uruguayan date.

Tango Bar El Hacha is a historic location in Montevideo. It was established back in 1794 by Galician Juan Vázquez the sailor Bernardo Paniagua. The stone walls they built remain intact over 200 years later.

What started as a humble tango bar is now a fine dining spot, though. It is amazing for a date but don’t expect any wild parties taking place. After all, El Hacha closes at 1AM, which is when nightlife is just beginning.

Find it at Buenos Aires 202, Esquina Maciel, Montevideo, Uruguay. Try to get a reservation early, this is a small place and it often fills up fast.

Barba Roja is your one-stop location for live music. Along with their traditional South American food, they serve international delicacies (I hear the burgers are out of this world). The true highlight of Barba Roja, however, is it has its own beer brewery, which makes over 10 different types of beer. Barba Roja is a casual and cosy hangout spot – classier than a cheap, student-favourite bar, but still relaxed enough to attract young and beautiful Uruguayan women.

The address is Avenida Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1144, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Uruguayan Women

Is Uruguay As Cheap As They Say?

Uruguay isn’t that cheap, no. This is still a developing country, though, so it’s natural that it will be more affordable than any Western destination. Overall, Uruguay is a mid-range price place, when compared to other South American countries.

Here is a breakdown of the price of travel and living here:

  • Drinks in the club are fairly cheap, around 3-4$ for a beer, 5-6$ for a cocktail.
  • A week’s worth of groceries will set you back around 30$. A loaf of bread is 0.7$ and 12 eggs will set you back around 3$.
  • At an inexpensive restaurant, you can have a simple meal for two at around 15 $. In mid-range eateries, two people can enjoy a meal for around 40$, including drinks. The sky is the limit when it comes to high-end places but 60 to 70$ is a realistic estimate.
  • A 20-pack of cigarettes is 4$.

You can survive on around 700$ per month but if you will be going out and if you want to travel, 1000$ is a much more realistic estimate. Hotel prices are at least 30$ per night and vacation rentals are not much cheaper. You can get a hostel if you want to save some cash but it’s nearly impossible to bring girls back to these.

Overall, Uruguay will not be as cheap as you expect. If you are looking to save some money, consider booking early and getting the most affordable accommodation you can. This way you have more cash left over for partying with Uruguayan women!

Whether you go and visit or stick to online dating is up to you but best of luck with Uruguayan women.  Remember to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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