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Ups and Downs to Expect in Your First 6 Months of Blogging

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[Hey guys, Kyle here. This is a guest post from Regan from Refined Mindset. I recently re-did his website with Troublesome Solutions. Enjoy the post!]

Building a location independent business through blogging can change your life beyond your wildest expectations.

There is a thin line between people who are too scared to get started and those who start expecting everything to just fall in their lap.

I want to debunk some myths and thoughts about what your first six months as a blogger are going to look like.

Hopefully my failures and triumphs in my first six months will set you for a head on collision with success.

Struggle #1: Initial Expectations

Your expectations will make or break you when starting up your own business.

When I initially started my blog, I had all sorts of expectations.

After all I had the experience in my niche, above average literary skills, good intentions, and I had already made vows to live life outside of a 9-5 job or die.

Bursting with enthusiasm I set off at 110mph towards my goals.

In the first month I saw nothing which was expected. The second month brought with it the same lackluster results but this was all still to be expected. By the fourth month I was getting restless for results but they still weren’t coming.

This is the stage where most people quit.

Unless you are extremely lucky, you will face this ‘dry phase’. This is where your initial enthusiasm has faded yet you have not received your first taste of success.

During this stage it is crucial not compare yourself to established bloggers. The growth of your business is going to be exponential—not linear.

Just because you have put four months of work in does not mean you should be making a livable income or even any yet for that matter.

Building a life people only dream of takes time.

For anyone currently in this stage, or anyone yet to approach it, imagine it like this:

The average student spends four years in college racking up thousands of dollars in debt. During this period they make no money. After four years they will be lucky to find a job in their niche within a few months.

At this stage they can begin to work towards paying off their debt at an entry level wage.

Sounds horrible.

If you have to wait one or two years to make money, you are still two years ahead of our poor college route friend who is simultaneously piling up debt.

It is better to consistently surpass your expectations than it is to consistently fall short.

Work your ass off but don’t expect results for a year.

Telling yourself anything else will surely have you sitting in the same cubicle next year because your expectations fell flat causing you to give up.

Struggle #2: Swimming Upstream

When you begin to take blogging seriously you will likely face a lot of doubt and possibly even criticism by your friends and family.

When I left a career in welding so I could serve part time at a restaurant while I began to build an online empire, people thought I was crazy.

I even had to create a fake backup plan and pretend my website was a hobby to keep everyone quiet.

Some of your good friends and family may see potential but at the end of the day they have never done the research to realize that a life free of shackles is 100% attainable.

They spend their entire life waking up miserable everyday so it only makes sense that you have to as well.

Every entrepreneur who did it before you was just lucky beyond the odds. Almost like winning the lottery right?

Get used to people looking at you like you are crazy. Soon enough people will be asking you how you did it.

“Shit was unstable now visionary’s the label – Logic”

Positive #1: You Will Learn About Yourself Everyday

In order to build a blog that people trust and come to for advice, you have to be someone who exudes success in your niche.

People want to feel your presence before they trust you. Nobody wants generic regurgitation from a blog with zero character or heart.

They want to know that you have already done what they are looking to do.

In other words, you need to know what you are talking about and be willing to be the poster boy for your brand.

If you start a blog giving life advice you will only get so far before running out of ideas without resorting to copying someone else’s work.

The only way around this is to continually be improving and learning about yourself so you can continue to be unique and authentic.

If you give advice that you do not personally follow, people will pick up on it right away.

On my blog, I generally speak about overcoming depression and anxiety in natural ways. Even though I spent 10 years battling mood disorders, I still need to progress as an individual in order to keep content fresh and from the heart.

If I try to write about something I do not personally believe in it falls flat.

If Kyle tried to write about traveling and picking up girls from a dark bachelor pad in Wisconsin, he would still be too busy working at his 9-5 job because he never would have earned his readership.

Instead, he is authentic and continues to do himself what he writes about

Before your website ever makes you money, it will improve you as a person beyond what you thought possible. Everyday will bring a lesson to learn from or an opportunity to grow.

Positive #2: Doors Keep Opening

Business is a rush and there are not many things that can parallel the satisfaction of seeing your business grow.

The more time and effort you put in, the more you see your dream start to become a reality.

All of a sudden you start to realize that building a location independent business isn’t a fairy tale that only a lucky few managed to pull off.

When you put your head down and grind, doors will open. That is a fact.

If every day you wake up with the sole purpose of taking one step forward your dream can become a reality within a few short, yet enjoyable years.

I have only been doing this for six months and I can already taste freedom in the air.

Let Kyle show you how you can get started or take the next step and join us on the road to freedom!

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  1. On some of my previous blog posts, I have mentioned my personal experiences. Then, my future readers can relate and know that I am not a hypocrite or liar.

    Zero or 10,000 views…I still am going to write more blog posts. I love what I do. I am a big fan of international dating/marriage.

  2. Thanks for sharing such an authentic post! I am experiencing all of what you wrote – my blog is turning 6 months old next week. Personally, I love writing and everything about starting a blog and business. Many days I do feel like I’m swimming upstream – those days when I only get 3 visitors. But, I can’t wait to see where my site is a year from now.

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