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Ukrainian Women | The #1 A-Z Guide

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Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful, elegant, and intelligent females on the planet. They’re also some of the most difficult…

I spent most of my 2016 in Ukraine, and live here full-time now.

I moved to Prague in 2017 and 2018 with a Ukrainian girl, and then moved back to Kyiv in September of 2018.

I’ve now been with her for over three years, and really, things are quite good. She is feminine, easy-going, easy to please, and we even have a little corgi puppy together.

Overall, she is miles and miles better than the average Western women, and I’d also argue that most Ukrainian women are this way, too.

AND having coached and witnessed a lot of other guys struggle and succeed with the girls from the Former Soviet Union, like Belarus, I think it’s time I lay it all out there in a blueprint for others to follow.

So, without further ado, I present to you:

Where to Meet Ukrainian Girls


Okay, so you’re a foreigner. And maybe you’re in Ukraine now, or simply interested in coming.

Ukrainian Online Dating

Ukraine Date

There are numerous other dating sites you can use to meet the women of Ukraine.

Ukraine Date is the best one.

Many of the other ones are full of scams and bullshit membership fees.

However, Cupid Media is a pretty legit company. Their Ukraine Date subscriptions are straightforward. Pay for one month or three, and you can do whatever you want. When your membership expires, you lose access.

You can read my review of Ukraine Date here, and check out the site itself by clicking here.

The most important thing to remember about online dating in Ukraine is that most girls in this country have model-quality shots.

It’s just part of the culture. If you’re a girl, you get professional photos taken of you and you post them online.

You can witness this every day in action, as there’s always girls out on the street “modeling”.

Therefore, it’s important to note that it’s easy to be fooled by online dating photos in Ukraine.

Click here to sign up at Ukraine’s #1 dating site.


Tinder is continuing to grow in popularity as it makes its way to the Eastern part of the world. Unfortunately, Tinder in Ukraine is no longer devoid of the thousands of bots and spammers that now plague Tinder in the West. It comes with all the usual junk that make the dating app a shell of what it once was.

Remember when you could go on 3 Tinder dates a week with no effort?

Yeah, those days are long gone.

Unfortunately, Tinder has also introduced features such as “Passport” to their offerings over the years. Before, you would have to geo-hack your location if you were in the USA but wanted to talk to Ukrainian girls. Unfortunately, any guy, in any part of the world, can now simply pay the monthly Tinder premium fee, and have access to all the Ukrainian women.

This means the marketplace has shifted. Because now a Ukrainian girl can see all the different possibilities all over the world – making it a bit less likely she will choose you…even if you are in Ukraine.

It’s absolutely feasible to meet cute Ukrainian girls off of Tinder, but it’s certainly become a lot more work over the years.

Sugar Dating

In addition to Tinder’s Passport featuring making the whole world accessible (remember – women will always go after the best man they can get), Ukrainian women have come to realize just how much value they have in the world, especially with rising obesity rates and feminism in the Western world.

And, to boot, Slavic culture has always sort of had a transactional element to it…

The women look hot.

The men lead the way and make the money.

It’s how it’s always been.

So, as the world has opened up, some, not all, Ukrainian women are realizing that they are quite literally the cream of the crop when it comes to women on earth. And of course, when left unchecked, why wouldn’t they go for the best man they can?

The point is:

There’s now plenty of beautiful Ukrainian women, who once would have been pretty intrigued to date a foreigner who was in Ukraine, who now have access to millionaires in Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, and the rest of the world.

These men are hitting up Ukrainian girls because they’re the hottest, and the girls want these guys because they’re the highest value men in the world (and they’re ruthless, to boot!).

And, in case you haven’t heard, Ukrainians previously had to get a visa to visit the rest of the European Union, but that’s no longer the case. Meaning a rich guy on a sugar dating site can hit them up on a Monday and have them in the air to the Monaco coastline on Tuesday.

The game is getting harder…

PS: Make sure you check out this post about the best Ukrainian dating sites.

Where Else to Meet Ukrainian Women? Nightlife/Daygame.

The nightlife in Ukraine is totally hit or miss. There are good nights and bad. The girls out partaking in the Ukrainian nightlife will be receptive to talking to you.

But, they likely won’t be receptive to the possibility of a one night stand. It’s just not that kind of culture (more on that later).

So if you’re a guy who likes nightgame because of the thrill of the hunt, it may not be to your liking.

Daygame, however, can be very profitable. But this expands far beyond just stopping girls on the street.

Ukraine is a country where there are always events going on during the weekend–especially during the summer months.

Food, music, and art festivals can be a goldmine of cute Ukrainian chicks who have never even met a foreigner in their life.

Yeah, she’ll be receptive to having a drink with you.

Ukraine an be a tough place to figure out the dating culture, so the best thing you can truly do is just experiment a bit with everything. Find your niche.

The Language Barrier with Ukrainian Women

The English levels are not strong in Ukraine.

However, they are getting better. But that’s the difference between a place like Ukraine and say, Poland.

In Poland, girls will go out with you just to practice English. And while that’s not ideal, if you at least get them out, you can give it your best shot.

Most women in Ukraine are not confident enough in their English that they want to come out and practice it just for kicks. In fact, your English ability will intimidate them.

Should it stop you?


But understand that Ukrainian women tend to be insecure about their English. It’s likely that this may improve in the coming years, as a fresh generation free of the Soviet Union continues to roll into the dating age bracket.

But for now, the best thing you can do is this-compliment her English.

No matter what. Doesn’t matter where you meet her. Tell her she speaks great English, and make fun of your bad, or nonexistent Russian.

And yes, learning a bit of Russian will help you a LOT. One, it allows you to eventually open and at least talk for a minute or two in her native tongue. This gets you in the door.

And two, your poor Russian will get a laugh out of her–provided you can laugh at yourself.

The best resources I’ve found for learning Russian is Russian Pod 101.

English In Ukraine: Comparing 2016 vs 2020

The English in Kyiv

English in Kyiv is miles better in 2020 than it was in 2016. You can navigate just about any possible normal situation in the center of Kyiv with English only.

Sure, if you are talking to some 60 year old babushka (grandma) in a government office about your residency permit, you better be prepared to break out the Russian.

But for everyday travel situations, such as ordering a cab (Uber works great here now), getting a table at a restaurant, or any of the central nightlife, you will be just fine.

Most Ukrainian women who are on dating apps are going to speak English, as are most of them who are in the central areas.

The English levels of young Ukrainian girls is also significantly improving – rapidly.

Most people under 20 or so seem to have a very good grasp of English.

The English In Kharkiv and Lviv…

…is not as strong.

Kharkiv is a much smaller city, much more closely aligned with Russia.

I have a friend there, who routinely tells me how many citizens of Kharkiv actually have both Russian and Ukrainian passports (definitely not technically legal). Russian is primarily spoken there, and while you can navigate the center of the city with English, don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t speak English.

Heading west to Lviv, you should not speak Russian.

As Ukraine continues to move further and further away from Russian influence, they are speaking less and less Russian.

While the English levels are not great, it is preferred you speak English as opposed to Russian.

Ukrainian Girls and Their 3 Date Rule

As I mentioned above, one night stands simply don’t happen often in Ukraine.

You’re far better off following a three date blueprint when it comes to going out with Ukrainian girls.

Date 1 should consist of a beer, or a coffee. It can be for an hour, or hell–even four. You’ll find that many Ukrainian women are intelligent, cultured, and simply pleasant to be around.

Date 2 can be as simple as going for a walk.

Now’s the time to note: Former Soviet Union girls love to walk. They will walk for miles and miles–yes, in high heels sometimes. Going for a walk for a date is something that is totally normal.

(Also, their high standards of dress means you should at least have some style.)

Date 3 can be more of the same, or, if she’s offered to cook for you–take her up on it! Many of these girls are very proud of their cooking abilities.

If cooking doesn’t happen you can offer to cook for her, or just take her out and then try to get her home.

If, at any point between these dates you get her home but no bang happens, it’s important to have a “reset” date. Meaning the next date you go out for a coffee and you don’t try anything super sexual.

Final note:

Ukrainian culture tends to be one where plans aren’t really made. So if a girl hits you up at 4:30pm and asks you to go for a walk at 6:00pm, take it! Facetime is important.

Ukrainian Women Want A Strong Man

This is the part that is likely to confuse people from the West.

Ukrainian women want a strong man. However, they tend to be strong themselves. Yet, they want to be feminine. They are not like girls from the West who love feminism and hate men.

The women of Ukraine genuinely love men, but they want a strong man.

They will resist your kiss for hours on end, or sometimes even for dates.

And yeah, they want you to keep trying. Persistent pays off when it comes to the Ukrainian dating culture.

At the same time, Ukrainian girls don’t really respond to “asshole game”.

Sure, call them out on their bullshit, and pursue what you want—but being an immature dick will result in them walking out on you. The dick tactics that turn girls on in the United States will leave you out in the cold when it comes to Ukraine.

Examples of this would include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Not picking up the check
  • Not walking her to the bus or metro
  • Generally being manipulative.

Thawing The Ice With Ukrainian Women


When it comes to dating, the main difference is the one I described above: 3 dates in Ukraine versus usually just 1 in the Western world.

Another key difference is that there are defined gender roles of society.

The women are expected to be women. This means they cook, clean, and have babies. In fact, many Ukrainian daughters have been shamed for not being married by the age of 25.

On the other side, the men are expected to work and provide. Yes, this means you should pay for everything.

Finally, the biggest difference in the Ukrainian culture is the “coldness” of it.

This doesn’t make them rude or mean. It simply makes them genuine.

Have you ever noticed how Western girls become best friends after…say, ten minutes of knowing each other? It’s all so fake.

On the flip side, every time I bring my Ukrainian girl out to meet my friend’s girls, there is a bit of cautiousness. They aren’t planning to be each others bridesmaids after an hour.

In fact, even after you sleep with a Ukrainian girl, you may still have to thaw the ice off of her. It’s just not a culture where people are especially warm to each other at first.

It’s hard to put into words, but you’ll understand once you start dating Ukrainian women. It just takes time for them to open up to you.

But once they do…wow.

They are truly some of the most warming, loving, and feminine creatures on the planet. True beauty, inside and out.

Ukrainian Women In 2020: Closing Thoughts

You didn’t go all the way across the world to Ukraine to have a Western dating experience, did you?

Too many men make this mistake.

They expect to touch-down in Ukraine, and immediately have women jumping into their beds simply because they have an American passport.

It’s not Colombia or Southeast Asia. Just being a white guy does not mean that Ukrainian girls are going to hop right into bed with you.

Don’t get me wrong, they will still be eager to meet. But expecting it to be a cakewalk like in the aforementioned places is going to set you up for disappointment.

Instead, use it as an opportunity to grow. Screen girls for the highest quality, from both a physical and personality perspective.

Immerse yourself in the Ukrainian culture.

Learn a little Russian.

Get to know the girls.

I promise, if you put in the work–you won’t be disappointed.

PS: If you’re ready to start meeting Ukrainian girls now, click here.

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  1. This has got me pretty pumped for my upcoming trip. I’ll be working while I’m there but on CST so like 5pm – 1am Ukraine time. You think I’ll have issues with dates during the week or are girls fine with meeting up for early dates?

  2. I have recently got to know a lady from the Ukraine whilst on holiday in Thailand. Your description of the ladies from Ukraine absolutely spot on. Amazing beauty inside & out, & so refreshing to meet a lady who is strong, determined & spontaneous in a traditional way. I’m an English guy in SE Asia so this type of lady appeals, we all like a challenge in life so definitely worth the effort guys.

  3. My Ukrainian wife found me on a website I had not received any email for at least 2 or 3 years. We are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in November. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. We also emailed for 9 months before we met in person, and she is just stunning in the looks department and just as beautiful inside. I say let the ladies show interest in you and take it from there with emails. Take a tour that goes to their cities for your first time over there. Get to know the ladies first. Get to know what is between their ears first, you will discover being with those ladies is like a breath of fresh air. Stress the K-1 Visa is not quick or easy, be patient and sometimes frustrating but well worth the wait. The last time I went out with an American woman was July 2005. That was it, I was done, stick a fork in me! The American woman lifes’ philosophy today appears to be, summed up in 3 words. “I, ME, MYSELF.”

  4. My question is if you meet a woman and everything works out how hard is it to get them back to the United States

  5. Dont waste your time or money
    Marriage and dating will only cost you money and hardship
    Ukrainian women hate americans you need to be young and wealthy but they only want your money so leave them alone

      1. I dated a Ukrainian woman for six years, everything you said is true about them, but one day she just changed, and it ended, but while we were together it was awesome the best time of my life and the most expensive, Money was the issue, I didnt make enough, today I have tons in the bank because I date other cultures, But I would swap any or even all my girls for another Ukrainian woman.

        1. Six years??? Were you serious about her? I mean ending up with marriage, etc?
          A woman needs at least some kind of stability, especially after dating for soooo looong

  6. Learn Ukrainian, not Russian. Russian is not a first language in Ukraine and less and less of the young people in Ukraine speak Russian.

    1. This is so untrue, most of people in Ukraine speak Russian and rest of them know Russian very well…but, I here not only to promote my site of ukranian women
      I have something to say too.
      First of all, don’t look for a pretty lady in Kiev, a lot of Kiev girls are mercantile. You should better try “student” cities like Kharkiv and Dnepr. Believe me, you will find a lot of women that just want have fun with foreignals

  7. Great article i agree w everything u said about them. im w one now and they are just the way u said. I’m still working in the proces of brake that wall of ice and see the true loving girl behind her even tho it seems impossible i think its worth it. After few mistakes i made i think the best move i can do w her is try little by little … once again thanks for the info i started to feel little lost already but ur info helped me to understand better

  8. good day dear

    my name tony from lebanon im 48 years brawn skin with little white hair and small bird , 183 cm tall with 95 kg wight , i work in construction, separated , looking for a very beautiful young lady age 20/25


  9. Well spoken Kyle! Well spoken indeed. I am with Alina. Amazing! Beautiful, generous, intelligent, caring, and certainly sexy. You are right, patience and fortitude pays epic dividends. Just treat them right. It is really that simple. Oh! And for God’s sake be completely honest with them! That is paramount. Lying will leave you huddled in the corner with piss pants after she gets done with you.

  10. what you write is all true. The days of just giving them a big mac for a big bj is long gone, if it ever existed. Nowadays quite a lot of Ukrainian women are looking for rich Ukrainian men and not rich foreigners.

    They understand that don’t want to be a cashier at Wally World USA working 9-5 when they could easily be slacking off 9-5 with the rich boyfriend or man paying for everything in Kiev.

    I will add a few notes. Women here are pretty lazy. Good looking ones think the world owes them a favor. They don’t want to work. They just want to flaunt their catch. My Ukrainian friends complain that women just want everything, right here, right now, and won’t even give them a chance unless you ride into Buddha Bar or Avalon in a 60,000 dollar car. The ones that flock to you with mile long legs are all prostitutes and hell expensive. You can get an equivalent for 250 bucks for 3-4 hours, not 450 bucks an hour just by surfing the net. I don’t know of anyone who has tried this but I think you have an easier time trying to marry a Ukrainian prostitute than a Ukrainian girl at Buddha bar.

    Once you hook up, you’ll get doused in allegations of infidelity and insecurity for the most part, that is until they open up, as you mention. That will take quite some time. By then you’ll be eyeing other girls in Colombia anyway. Girls here are always suspicious and stupidly superstitious. Just ask me, I’ve been married to a Ukrainian for the last 17 years and I’ve lived here for the past 8. My friends are ll Ukrainians and Russians and they all think I am nuts to even live here. They all say in unison, Ukrainian women are beautiful but a handful.

    I could go on and on but Kyle, you pretty much nailed it. This place is not a heaven for hunting women. There are lots of good girls here too, but they aren’t going to look as fortunate as the ones in Avalon. And it’s going to take a lot of time before you can hop in bed with her. Marriage ? that’s a different can of worms. But I hope we all know that.

  11. Thank you for this write-up. Tired of American girls, I’ve recently branched out and begun chatting with a couple Ukrainian women online, via a carefully-chosen dating website, and among them, carefully chosen ‘real’ girls. I am already going to be nearby in Slovenia this Fall so I thought to make a side trip to Ukraine. This article helped immensely, and I’ve begun digging a little deeper into culture and customs. Thanks again 🙂
    I will say one thing in disagreement…I have NEVER known Colombian women to just jump into bed with anyone. They are proud, strong, and self-respecting (based on my experience).

  12. Wow! I’m surprised such article exists! I am Ukrainian girl and this article explains really well about how I feel about being Ukrainian, “kind of rules”, and the lifestyle in general. I came to US eight years ago but I still feel like I’m very different from American girls, especially when we talk about the relationship and values in general.

    1. Mariaya, please remember the article is an opinion made by a writer, some of the opinion may or may not be completely fact or truth but its an opinion made by a writer trying to explain there point of view, Welcome to the USA and I hope you are meeting nice people that are respectful and treat you with the respect you feel you deserve.

  13. Liked to read your article Kyle and I agree with you. I am currently dating a Ukrainian girl for six months. No I am not from United States but Pacific. Actually I didnt really know that I would be dating someone from Ukraine – I didnt intend as I was looking for a girl everywhere. So one day I thought why dont I give it a shot and I did.We do have our differences yes but its all because we live in a different cultural context and racial background. Not to mention language barrier (i suggest you learn her language – it helps) but that doesnt mean we cant be in love.I suggest you start off as a good friend and if she wants to be more she will show more interest.Thats what happened with me. While its still very early for me as I havent visited ukraine , I have – to date enjoyed every videochat and emails with her. I think the key to understanding a girl is to be completely honest. Also I am a Christain so I do show my christain charactor towards her. What I most like about my ukrainian girl is how she is ready to listen to me and offer her advice.
    Kyle I agree with you that men need to be strong – and understand and respect her womens feelings.
    Till now my love story has been great. While its too early for me to commit to anything yet ,I do hope to enjoy my journey. Even though I cant speak of all ukrainian women, I can speak from my experience with my woman. If anyone here is interested visit

  14. Rubbish. I married a Ukraine lady 7 years ago. I now live in Ukraine. Most Ukraine girls on date sites are gold diggers. You have to work hard, be truthful and the rest will take care of itself, just like any where else in the world.

  15. Any explanation why most of the prostitutes from Vegas to Amsterdam to Bali to Bangkok, are Russian or Ukrainian women? And what about bullshit traditional family values of these women? Men slog your asses off, meet all our demands, make me happy and if you can’t or you are going through a tough time in your life , then you are not a real man.

    1. By their nature a girl who goes to a foreign country to make money is going to fall a bit more under the “gold digger” label…

      Plenty of girls have zero desire to ever leave ukraine.

  16. Polish women are dogs to compare to Russia Ukrainian women who are way beautiful

    especially the coke head polish dog women hear in America. they are very coning
    and can’t be trusted… I would rather trust Ukrainian Russian
    women first.. Way before any Pollack female nazi dogs. They are bad news!

  17. Russian language is very different from ukrainian and many Ukrainians won’t even understand you so learning russian is pointless.. It depends where you live though cause in the eastern parts of Ukraine people speak russian normally. In Poland we have a lot of Ukrainians immigrants and they have no any clue as far as russian is concerned. It is much easier to talk with them in polish cause polish is much more closer to ukrainian(both have 70% lexical similarity) than russian to ukrainian(they shared 60% lexical).

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