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Ukrainian Girls | The 2020 Must-Have Information

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Ukrainian girls…

I didn’t even have to start this off with an anecdote. If you landed on this article, you probably have some ideas about Ukrainian women. Here’s the entire truth you need to know about Ukrainian girls.

Including, but not limited to…

Are they really all 10s?

Will they force you to get married, or at least into a relationship, within three dates?

What the heck is up with all the pickled food?

Read on to find out…

What Are Ukrainian Girls Like?

Well, what do you think?

Are you imagining the typical Eastern European “movie” star? I’m not shaming you. Ukrainian is a category on X-rated sites for a reason. Judging by those girls, the average Ukrainian woman should be:

  • Tall
  • Blonde
  • Fair-skinned
  • Super bendy
  • Skinny in all the “right” places
  • Eager to get to know her pizza delivery guy/older boss/any contractor that just came to her house to do his job.

At least some of those stereotypes are true. But before we talk about what Ukrainian girls are really like, let’s look at the other end of the stereotype spectrum:

Americans that have never gone outside their state (and really wouldn’t be too thrilled to).

If you believe your slightly racist aunt, Ukrainian girls are:

  • Poor
  • Money hungry
  • Desperate for a green card
  • Looking to tie down any American that comes their way
  • Uneducated
  • Sweet at first but psycho later

And, once again, there is truth in those stereotypes. Don’t hate me for saying it. Some Ukrainian women truly are like that. Whether that’s the norm is a whole other question…

Finally, you have the Western dudes looking to date a Ukrainian.

I’m guessing you’re one of them.

Good on you. Ukrainian girls make amazing girlfriends (if you play your cards right).

They’re a refreshing new dating pool and have just about zero things in common with western girls.

But some of you also have super unrealistic expectations about dating Ukrainian women. They expect their future girlfriend to be:

  • Completely submissive
  • Extremely feminine with perfect hair, nails and makeup 24/7
  • Pure and virginal…
  • …but somehow ready to jump in their bed within days of meeting
  • Perfect housewife material – if she can’t cook, clean, and do a handstand at the same time, she is no good.

Sure, I’m exaggerating…and sure, there is some truth in those exaggerations. While Ukrainian girls are great – you have to manage your expectations. No one single human will check off all of your list items.

Ukrainians are hot and have great personalities but a Megan Fox lookalike with the morals of your grandma and yet the bedroom skills of a porn star is highly unlikely.

ukrainian women

The Women In Ukraine Have Those Awesome Slavic Genes

The one thing I can tell you about Ukrainian women is:

They are significantly more attractive than the average Western woman.

I’m just speaking “statistically”.

Obviously, there are some incredibly gorgeous American girls and some ugly Ukrainians. On average, however, Ukrainian girls beat western girls by a huge margin (see for yourself here). Most Ukrainian girls were blessed with near-perfect genes. They are naturally slender with large eyes, nice hair, and clear skin. To top that off, there is a culture of staying fit and taking care of their appearance.

No self-respecting Ukrainian woman would go out in dirty sweatpants or with her greasy hair tied up in a messy bun. Even when they don’t go “all out”, Ukrainian girls are mindful of their appearance and take great pride in their looks.

One babushka even told me that when she was younger she’d hide her comb under the pillow. In the morning, she would brush her hair silently before her husband woke up. This way he could wake up to her looking beautiful and tidy.

This is the kind of attitude Ukranian girls have toward looks.

They don’t let themselves go, even after they get in a relationship. The all-so-common post-marriage glow down that women go through in the West simply does not exist in Ukraine.

So, when you walk down the streets of Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv or Odessa and you notice just how stunning all the girls are, remember to thank:

  1. Genetics
  2. The “don’t be a slob” culture

Self-Love And Self-Obsession

Self-love is a huge trend these days. Every basic white girl and her mom have a self-care blog/podcast/Instagram page.

However, while the average special snowflake in the West focuses on, “Love yourself the way you are” and, “God forbid you ever change, don’t let society pressure you into that”, Ukrainian girls take a different approach.

You will find they are not anywhere as submissive as you expect them to be.


Because they know their worth but they also know the value of developing yourself.

Ukrainian girls are far too humble in comparison to the western type. They study hard, work on their career, keep their relationships healthy (whether it’s the relationship with their family, friends, or significant other) and look beautiful in the process. It all stems from that sense of

“I know my value and that’s why I put in the effort.”

Bottom line:

  • Don’t expect Ukrainian women to let you walk all over them. They are not submissive – in fact, they can be quite assertive as to what they will and will not put up with.
  • Because Ukranian girls love themselves in a healthy way, they’re nothing like special snowflake brats in the West. They don’t just assert how unique and amazing they are.

What Ukranian Girls Are Really Like

Just to recap…

There is some truth to all the stereotypes about Ukrainians. These women are really hot and really loving. They do value relationships above all else.

However, Ukrainian girls are just as human as you and me. Don’t expect perfection. Expect beautiful high-value women who look for a guy who appreciates and takes care of them.

And now, let’s talk about meeting a Ukrainian beauty…

ukrainian girls

How To Find Your Ukranian Girl

There are really only three ways to meet somebody:

  1. At a bar (or a disco, club, some sort of night game place)
  2. During the day
  3. Online

Obviously, you will be relying on game in all three cases. Meeting up through mutual friends has limited use to you, as a visitor. If you do have some Ukrainian male friends, by all means, hang out with them. The most organic way to meet a girl is if you’re in the same social circle. Most Ukrainian guys are relatively cool, and aren’t nearly protective of their country’s women as you would find in say, the Balkans.

Another common way to meet Ukranian girls is on the job. Yes, dating co-workers is not taboo in Ukraine. If anything, it is expected young single colleagues to couple up. Company policies rarely even mention it. If they do, it’s never policed.

You can and should date the Ukranian girls you work with.

But if you are like the average dude reading this article:

  • You don’t speak Ukrainian (or Russian).
  • There are no local friends or acquaintances in the picture.
  • You’re just on a trip, not actually working or living in Ukraine.

Plus…do you really want to actually work for a company in Ukraine? Here at Trouble, we’re freedom fighters looking to break out of the typical 9-5 mold.

So what do you do?

Night Game In Ukraine

Ukrainian culture is very show-off-y. People wear their very best clothes to go clubbing. The girls look as glamorous as could be. The dudes are all in their sharpest outfits, too.

If you want to have any chance at success, dress to impress. Wearing a suit is a bit of an overkill in most cases (though there is no such thing as overdressing in Ukraine). Try a nice fitted blazer with a good quality shirt underneath.

I’m really emphasizing on quality here. If your clothes are cheap or don’t fit you right, I guarantee, it will show. You might not think it does but you’re wrong. Also, don’t be a slob. Wear deodorant and perfume. The opposite sex doesn’t enjoy your natural manly scent as much as you think they do.

What Are The Best Clubs?

I’m not going to lie to you, there aren’t a lot of them. Nightlife is only good on weekends in most cities. Odessa is an exception in summer but it dies off in the colder months.

Prepare to stay a while. Ukrainian nights out last until 4-5am. No self-respecting Ukrainian club closes at 2am – so load up on the caffeine if you need it. Do not load up on coke because that is illegal and a very good way to get in trouble. I’m only saying that because a worrying number of people consider it. If you can’t handle long nights, there are other ways to meet Ukranian girls.

If you are going clubbing to meet girls, a few phrases in Russian/Ukrainian can help. There are very few people in Ukraine who can hold a conversation in English while drinking vodka, especially given the noise in a club.


The truth is, Ukrainian women, avoid (sometimes completely) getting blackout drunk. They usually go out in groups and the drunker they get, the more closed off the group. Girlfriends get really serious about protecting each other.

You will have much more luck with the slightly buzzed girl at the bar than the one dancing like a crazy person in the middle of the club.

ukrainian girls

Day Game In Ukraine

For a country so cold, Ukraine is actually great for day game. You’d be surprised how many local guys who have never heard of “Daygame” won’t hesitate to just stop a girl on the street. The guys would just go after any girl they fancy – generally speaking, they’re a country full of beautiful women and lacking the sheer quantity of relationship-worthy guys. They get their pick. So yes, that includes texting them (completely out of the blue) on social media and approaching random women on the street.

Just like every other place, day game is about numbers. You will get rejections. Very few, actually, because these girls are afraid of confrontation. But anyway, you will get some fake numbers/women politely keeping the conversation/girls that turn you down.

Ukrainian girls are very down-to-earth. It’s sometimes hard to tell if they are interested at all. In all cases, they will try to keep things light and not come off as rude. The best way to know if she’s interested is:

Does she actually stop to have a conversation?

The women who just don’t want to disappoint you will give lazy, half-assed answers. Take a hint. She’s just trying to get you to shut up.

On the other end of the spectrum, the girl that seems genuinely interested, investing energy into the convo…yeah, she’s into you.

This is extremely common sense stuff.

Talk to a lot of women. Accept that it’s not all going to be successful. Meet a cute girl who likes you. Waste no time in asking her out (or she might accidentally forget who you are). It’s all very self-explanatory.

Side note: Once again, some Russian or Ukrainian is advised. Very few people on the street will speak decent English. This is one domain where Ukraine’s education system could really do better. However, on a date, it’s best you stick to English – better to play on your home turf, so to speak. That said, a dozen words in her language is probably a dozen more than most foreigners know…

Online Dating: Where Are The Best Ukrainian Girls?

Online dating is, without any doubt, the easiest way to meet Ukrainian girls. The ones you see on dating sites are already single and ready to mingle (for sure!). You can’t say that for all the women on the street. Ukrainians get married very young and don’t stop going out or looking hot after they do.

Anyway, with online dating you get two major perks:

  1. She is there because her “real life” dating pool sucks. As long as you’re better than the shitty guys that surround her, you will stand out and have a shot with stunning women.
  2. The girls on niche sites are looking for something serious. They are prepared for the challenges that come with cultural differences and long-distance relationships. It’s not a given but they’re also more likely to speak decent English.

Ukraine Date, Tinder, and even good ‘ol Instagram are all avenues worth pursuing.

On Ukraine Date you need a premium membership to message women. Otherwise, you’d only be able to make a profile and browse through. The fee is well worth it, though. It’s all-inclusive with no hidden fees. Try out the free options to see if you like the experience.

The perks of Ukraine Date are:

  1. It’s internationally focused. Mostly Ukraine Date connects Western men with relationship-minded Ukrainian women.
  2. The number of active users works in your favour – at all times there are hundreds of women online and ready to talk.
  3. The quality of the profiles is amazing. Women are actually required to upload high-quality pictures of themselves in various backgrounds. The same rule doesn’t exist for you. Still, put as much effort as you can into your profile pictures. They can make or break your Ukraine Date personal.

The paid membership thing is one of the cons. On the plus side, this means they can afford heightened security to keep you from scammers. With the popularity of Boris and Natasha scams, you want all the help that you can get!

Of course, Tinder always works.

More and more guys are going the whole “slide into her DMs on Instagram” route too, and from what I’ve seen, it can be reasonably effective.

ukrainian girls

Ukrainian Girls In Relationships

Say you met a cute Ukrainian and you’re ready to make her your girlfriend. What kind of things do you expect?

Well, for starters, misunderstandings.

Dating is weird when you come from different cultures. Try to embrace the differences and keep your sense of humor. This approach usually helps.

On a more serious note, let’s discuss:

When Is It Even A Relationship?

In the West, we have hundreds of terms for the person we have sexy time with. There are various degrees of “situationship” – starting with booty call and ending in semi-exclusive or completely exclusive friends with benefits. Then, there is also the “dating” stage.

Might as well get it out of your mind now:

You generally do not casually date Ukrainian girls.

Unsurprisingly, you don’t casually have sex with them either. Hookup culture is nearly nonexistent in Ukraine – in comparison to the west. If you are seeing each other, you are in a relationship.

Exclusivity is a given, not a discussion to be had, in a lot of cases.

Obviously, if that’s not what you’re comfortable with, you can talk about it.

I’m just saying: it’s assumed that dating = a relationship.

Don’t be surprised.

Three Date Rule?

If you are in a relationship from the first date, then when do you…

Yup, time to address the elephant in the room.

The rule of thumb goes that it should be three dates. Guess what? That’s completely irrelevant.

Here are a few things that go into intimacy (and how soon it happens):

  • Is she very religious? Though rare, some Ukrainian girls save themselves for marriage. You won’t crack that nut open more often than not…
  • How well do you click? Women know from the very first seconds of a date if they want to sleep with you. If the initial attraction isn’t there, it will take you longer. There are a billion different reasons for her to date you even without the initial spark. My point is, if the chemistry isn’t there from the get-go, you will have to wait for that fire to get going.
  • Does she see a future with you?

Ultimate, you’re probably more likely to sleep together later on than on the first night for the sake of it. As always, there’s exceptions to every rule, and the longer I live here, the more stories I hear from friends who are having more success (faster). Seems the west may slowly, but surely, be creeping in here…

Meet The Family (Later On)

You will meet your Ukrainian gal’s family. This is a very conservative and family-oriented culture. Before she’s married, family and friends are a priority. In fact, I think this is what makes Ukrainian girls great girlfriends in the first place.

They know the value of stable relationships.

Lay a steady foundation by making an effort to get along with people. It helps that Ukrainian families are very hospitable and friendly. As long as you treat their daughter right, they will receive you with their arms wide open.

Just a little warning:

Do not, under any circumstances, try to out-drink her dad…

Ukrainian Girls: Some Parting Words

My experience with Slavic girls is personal. My Ukrainian girlfriend is great, and I think a lot of western guys deserve better than what’s on offer in America, the UK, Canada, etc, etc.. That said, please be prepared for some surprises along the way. It’s not all perfect but it’s very, very fun.

Good luck and report back with your own thoughts in the comment section below.

PS: Looking for an easy, simple place to start making your first approaches on Ukrainian girls? Check out Ukraine Date. It’s one of Ukraine’s largest and most successful dating sites.

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