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Ukraine Date: The A-Z Blueprint (And Exact Message to Send) In 2020

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Ukraine Date is one of the largest online niche dating sites in Ukraine for Westerners. So, are you ready to meet some of the stunning Slavic beauties that blow most Western women out of the water?

I hope so, because this is the blueprint.

This post will give you all of the tools you need to meet Ukrainian girls off of Ukraine Date. It’ll walk you through what to put on your profile, what to say in a message to them, how to move to a phone/text conversation–and finally, the best way to run your date with them.

Ukraine Date Review: The Ukrainian Women

They are, well, stunning.

There’s no other way to put it.

This girl made the headlines for the 2016 UEFA EuroCup soccer match, but frankly–she’s average for a Ukrainian girl. And that’s not to say she’s not stunning. But if you threw her into a major city she would blend right in.

Ukraine Date

As far a personality goes, they can definitely be a bit cold at the start, especially when you meet them online. But part of it is just being guarded–they don’t want to be screwed over by a Westerner looking for a cheap pump and dump. Once you crack that outer shell though, they are wonderful creatures.

The best way to put it is this: once they become comfortable with you, it’s the completely opposite of dating a Western women. I know how frustrating it can be to date girls from the West. They’re bitchy, demanding, and simply not feminine. The girls in Ukraine define feminine.

They will dote on you and shower you with affection–as long as you are a strong enough man.

But regardless, read on…

Meeting Girls on Ukraine Date Is a Breeze

There are three reasons why girls are so receptive to meeting you.

The girls on this website truly want to just meet a man.

In many parts of Ukrainian society, these girls are considered absolute failures if they are unmarried at 25. May God have mercy on the girl who is 30 and hasn’t tied the knot. Her family just might disown her…

Because of this, they are actively searching for a man when they join Ukraine Date. They have essentially said that their normal, day-to-day life isn’t giving them the results they need in regards to their romantic life. So they sign up.

There’s way more women than men in Ukrainian society.

And part of the reason that women must actively search for a man online is simply because of the lack of men in their society.

For one reason or another, the women really outnumber the men in Ukrainian society. It’s partially alcoholism. It’s partially the expat opportunities likely more often available to men. And it’s partially because…well, a lot of Ukrainian girls don’t want a lot of the Ukrainian men.

They are hoping for better.

Online dating doesn’t have a bad rep.

In fact, it has a good reputation because it’s far less worse than the mail-order bride system. Odessa, Ukraine is the mail order bride capital of the world.

So it doesn’t seem too bad for a woman to use a site like this–at least she’s not on a mail order bride site!

Ready to get started?

The Ukraine Date A-Z Blueprint

Yes, I realize this has been a teaser post so far. Those pictures don’t help. But let’s walk through the whole process of using the website, step-by-step.

Step 1: Go to + Sign Up

It’s pretty straightforward to get started. Just enter your name, email, and a password (or Facebook), and you can start looking at profiles immediately.

ukraine date

Step 2: Profile

Let’s face it, a huge part of online dating is having the proper profile and photos. Otherwise, girls aren’t going to give you a second look. The difference between a site like Ukraine Date and a Western dating site is that girls will actively be searching for your profile.

Right away.

Sure, she may still not send the first message, but she will send you winks or interest.

Meaning, if you have a blank profile…you’re missing opportunities.

So, Step 2 is to start filling out your profile. You don’t have to fill out the whole thing, or make it perfect. But at least upload a photo and fill out the basics. The profiles on are much more in depth than say, Tinder.

Eventually, you’ll want to fill out the profile in-depth.

Why, you ask?


Just having words on your profile with a bit of charm will blow the minds of the girls on Ukraine Date. Using this website is out of the question for many Ukrainian men themselves, simply because of the price. Therefore, there are a decent amount of Westerners on the site.

But most don’t have game.

It’s more often than not just old men with silly things written on their profile. And their messages aren’t much better.

“Baby you are so beautiful, I would make you my wife and cherish you forever!!!”


Not even Ukrainian girls want to hear this. Despite the fact that they’re much more receptive to compliments than Western girls. It’s just too much.

Click here to start meeting some Ukrainian beauties.

Step 3: Photo Rules

Here are some quick guidelines.

  • No shit-face drunk photos.
    • Remember what I said about alcoholism in Ukraine?
  • Good dress is appreciated.
    • These girls get dressed UP. All the time. You can expect girls to show up to your first date in a dress, heels, and hair and nails impeccably done. So no, the photo of you in gym clothes isn’t the best. Class it up!
Ukraine Date
A bachelorette party in Kiev, Ukraine…

Step 4: Have Fun

That’s because, my friend, tides have turned.

Unlike in the West, where you are fighting an uphill battle to just get replies, on Ukraine Date you are a man in demand. Girls will be responding to you and be eager to meet.

Again, you are in demand.

They will chase you and make an effort.

The one word replies of “Thanks” or just telling you “No thanks” will be a thing of the past. Sure, some girls will be shy (especially those who don’t speak great English), but will generally be polite and courteous in your interactions on Ukraine Date.

The EXACT Message to Use on Ukraine Date

It’s really going to blow your mind how simple it is to message girls on and get replies.

Here is what I would message girls on Ukraine Date:


Do you speak English?”

Let’s break down this message.

Part 1: “Привет”

Привет is the “informal” version of “hello”.

  • In Latin letters: Privet.

Здравствуйте is the “formal” version of “hello”.

  • In Latin letters: Zdravstvuyte.

What’s the difference between formal and informal?

Here’s the best way to look at it:

Informal would be how you’d greet a friend.

For example, in English you might say, “Sup man?”

But you would greet a business partner with, “Hello.”

  • You can open with the informal Привет online.
  • Do not say “Привет” to random people like the grocery store checkout lady, unless you want to be looked at in a very odd way.
    • In these situations, Здравствуйте is the proper way to go.
    • добрый день “dobry den” is another option if you need an easier pronunciation.

Part 2: “)”

Yes, that is just a parentheses. Ukrainian girls use this as a smiley face.

“Hello, how was your day?)”

Just like American girls, more faces means they are extremely happy.

“I had a very good day))))”

Basically, opening with the greeting in her language and using a the smiley shows that you are interested in her culture.

At the same time, best not to get her hopes up and have her think you’re fluent in her native tongue.

Part 3: “Do You Speak English?”

At this point, you’re making it clear that you are a Western guy with limited knowledge in her language. This is both a plus and a minus. You have sky-high value to her. At the same time, she’s going to realize that communicating may be a bit difficult.

And you’re putting the ball in her court. Some of them may not be comfortable with only communicating in English. This is their chance to politely bow out. Better to let these girls go and focus on the ones who are comfortable in English.

Caveat: If a girl doesn’t speak English but STILL wants to meet, you should! Just bring your smartphone with Google Translate. It can be great fun.

In Ukrainian culture it’s nice to not assume that they speak English. Many of them are insecure about their ability. Let her make the call.

Check out some photos and browse the profiles here.

After The First Message

ukraine date review

Well, assuming she responds and says she speaks English (or even if she doesn’t), you simply move on to something like this:

“I am enjoying my time in your city) It is a very interesting place. How are you?)”

At this point, she’ll probably ask you what you have done in her city, and simply tell you that she had a good day. She likely won’t elaborate.

So now you’ve exchanged a total of four, maybe five, messages.

Time to go for the number. Yes, it is that easy.

All you have to say is:

“Do you have Whatsapp or Viber?)”

If she doesn’t–no big deal. Ask her if she has Facebook (the chat feature works great), or a local number you can SMS her on.

If she’s interested, she’ll give you one of them. She’ll find a way to make it happen.

The First Date With Ukrainian Girls

ukraine date

Dating in Ukraine is a little bit different than Western countries.

Pick a casual place for drinks or coffee (many girls off don’t drink). You should plan to meet for an hour or two for the first date. Ukraine does not have a culture of having sex on the first date like you find in many Western countries.

Honestly, you don’t even have to kiss her on the first date (but you should try).

For the second date, you can go for a walk in a park, or grab a casual bite to eat.

Eventually you move things forward towards the bedroom and more intimate settings.

It is important to note that it’s perfectly okay to see a girl you are dating every other day, or even have 3 dates in a span of 5 days.

Ukrainians also have a culture of planning on a whim–so she may just offer one day to go for a walk or something of the sort. Take these opportunities if they are available! You do not need to plan every individual out days in advance.

Facetime is everything.

Closing Thoughts: Ukraine Date Review

Ukraine Date is a fantastic way to meet Ukrainian women online. There are literally thousands of girls waiting to meet a cool and charming guy (and since you read this blog, you’re obviously both).

There’s little risk and tons of reward. You can go on lots of dates with lots of Ukrainian girls, or maybe find one you really like.

Meeting girls on Ukraine Date is so simple.

They are all eager to meet you.

There’s no stigma against online dating.

And to top it off…Ukrainian girls are beautiful, feminine, and intelligent.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a free account here.

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  1. This was a very informative article and I can attest that Ukrainian Date is a very good site and everything said in the article is true. These women are for real and they don’t play games. Men must be ready to get serious when joining, and if you’re not serious enough or not ready (like my case with a pending divorce) then wait to join because it will be a bit overwhelming and too much too soon.

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