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Turkish Women | The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide



Turkish women—gorgeous, exotic, elusive…are they impossible to date? They won’t be after you read this article.

Here is your comprehensive guide to all things Turkish women, including:

  • The dating culture and standards
  • Meeting your Turkish cutie (even if you don’t speak her language)
  • Dating in different parts of the country + some handy date ideas
  • How to sweep your Turkish girl off her feet (and why you have to do that)

Read on to learn more!

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Turkish Women: Some Facts

Turkish dating culture is very different from what you’ve seen in the West. For one, people are a lot more traditional, even the younger generation. For lack of a better word, most Turkish women aren’t progressive. Instead, they are more than happy to fit into the traditional gender role.

For most Turkish women, their life plan looks like this:
  1. Finish high school/university.
  2. Get married.
  3. Get a job.
  4. Start having kids.

Family takes priority over career.

Remaining unmarried is almost unheard of in Turkey.

When girls date, they do it with marriage in mind.

Whether she tells you or not, your Turkish date is sizing you up as a husband from the first meeting.

There are exceptions, but those are very rare.

One survey said Turkish women spend 6 years of their life in the kitchen. This just goes to show their priorities – not that the kitchen is their only place, but they value taking care of their family over a career.

That said, there is a huge difference between cities and rural areas. Even within huge cities like Istanbul, you will have a wide variety of people. The girls that come from more ‘modern’ families will value education and make it a priority, too. When it comes down to it, however, Turkish women are happy to put their career on hold for their family. The philosophy goes that once you have your diploma, you can always take a hiatus from working (say, if you have a child). Their parents will push them to finish their studies but from there marriage and family become way more important.

No Flings In Turkey?

Hookup culture doesn’t exist in Turkey. People here are still very conservative. Casual sex is frowned upon for men and women alike. Girls have it a little worse, of course, but men who sleep around aren’t seen as studs, either.

The ideal man for Turkish women is mature, responsible, and ready to commit. It’s a very possessive dating culture. Some girls won’t even let their boyfriends have female friends. Putting up with a fuckboy is the last thing they would do.

Waiting until marriage to have sex is also common. Even if you’re not waiting, you are expected to be in a serious relationship before things get physical. Turkish people have different boundaries when it comes to sexuality, which makes hookups nearly impossible.

The Many Perks Of Dating Turkish Women

Turkish girls might come across as prudish but they’re definitely not dull. Here is why dating them is awesome!

Wifey Material

Turkey is a great place to find a wife. It’s a place where traditional femininity is still around – girls take care of themselves, take pride in their conservative values, and pamper their men with delicious food. Turkish women are raised to be family-oriented. While most are also well-educated and have a career, they will always value a stable relationship more than any job.

Fun and Stimulating

In the West, it’s getting increasingly harder to meet a girl whose interests go beyond doggie filter selfies and reality TV. Turkey, on the other hand, offers so much more! Turkish women are educated and engaged with various topics. Just listen to interviews with Turkish celebrities. Even the beauty pageant queens are up-to-date with social and political issues! You can hold an actual conversation and learn a lot from Turkish women.

At the same time, they’re not all seriousness and no play. Turkish culture is notoriously hospitable and fun. Turks are sociable and love getting together, even if it’s just for tea and gossip. Turkish women have vibrant social lives and you will be welcome to join in on the fun. In fact, dating a Turkish girl is the fastest way to make connections in this foreign country.

Not Superficial

While Turkish girls aren’t blind and can appreciate a handsome man, their dating standards go way beyond that. Young Turks want a man that they can rely on. They appreciate traditional masculinity (which comes naturally, since Turkish women are so feminine themselves).

She wants to feel appreciated and protected, this is why Turkish women gravitate towards older men. They want the guy to be smarter and more successful than them (don’t kill me, this is literally how a certain Cansu put it), so they feel they can learn from their partner. In Turkish culture, the man is the leader and the protector and these are the main qualities Turkish women look for in a guy.

They Will Not Let Themselves Go

You know how some Western women completely stop trying with their appearance once they’re in a relationship? This doesn’t happen in Turkey. While Turkish women can be high-maintenance, this also means they love looking good for their guy. You will be proud to have a Turkish girl on your arm – she is always put-together and beautiful.

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The Best Way To Meet Turkish Women

Turkish girls are conservative, we said that already. This is why you won’t have much luck on Tinder. The assumptions are changing slowly but for the time being, Tinder equals slut. Again, don’t kill the messenger, this is how Turkish women themselves view it.

That said, don’t discard online dating altogether. It is, in fact, the easiest way to meet singles in Turkey. As a Muslim majority country, approaching at a club can be complicated and day game gets difficult if you don’t speak the language.

On the other hand, International dating sites, are perfect for Western men seeking Turkish girls!

Muslima: Is It Worth It?

Muslima is a Cupid Media site geared towards Muslim singles.

Their tagline is “Meet your Muslim life partner” and they are focused on marriage. They are one of the leading Islamic matrimonial sites, with over 4.5 million members. Success stories from all over the globe prove Muslima’s usefulness.

  • What about Turkish women?

There are plenty of them on Muslima!

They are some of the best people you will meet online, too. Turkey isn’t nearly as conservative as Middle Eastern countries so most of these women are open to dating a foreigner and even relocating. The only catch? You have to be Muslim yourself!

  • Should non-Muslim men try their luck?

It depends, not every single user on Muslima is an extremely conservative Muslim. That being said, Muslima is an international site.

Not all of the singles there are Turkish women. Among the Turkish girls, only a fraction would consider dating a non-Muslim. This lowers your chances significantly. Since it’s a paid dating site, I wouldn’t use it as a non-Islamic single man – your choice will be very limited.

#2: Turkish Personals

#3: International Cupid: The Leading International Dating Site

International Cupid connects relationship-minded people from all over the world.

It has a solid user base in Turkey and unlike Tinder, it’s not frowned upon.

You can start chatting to girls before you even arrive in Turkey and this way you’ll have some dates lined up.

International Cupid is also a great option for meeting Turkish expats.

There are plenty of Turkish women that live in other parts of the world, especially Western Europe. As a general rule, they are more liberal but still have solid family values. Don’t expect them to jump into bed with you, even if they are a bit easier to talk to.

Meeting Turkish Girls IRL: Night Game

Turkish Women

The bad news first:

Turkey is a Muslim-majority country. In Islam, drinking alcohol is a sin and so are some musical genres. That’s why nightlife is only a thing in the big cities. Even there, club hookups are almost unheard of. If they happen, it’s among tourists or ex-pats. Turkish women would rarely partake – to them this marks them as easy.

That said, you can still meet girls at night. In summer, young people mostly come out at night (when it gets a bit cooler). Bars are a place for people to get together, chat, maybe meet new friends or more-than-friends!

Singles Bars And Clubs In Istanbul

Istanbul is a lot more progressive and Western than the rest of Turkey. Here are some of the best locations for singles at night!

360 Istanbul is a bar and disco located in a 19th-century palace. Their 360-degree view of the city is to die for, and so are the cocktails. The venue is a lounge bar/café by day but you can dance at night. They host some of the city’s hottest parties so it’s worth keeping an eye on their social media to not miss out!

Sortie Club & Dining is an exclusive location that doubles as a date option. Bring your girl here for a delicious dinner or come later with your mates to meet some beautiful Turkish women! Fair warning: Sortie is not cheap but you will find some of the city’s hottest singles hanging out here. It’s the place to see and be seen.

Nardis Jazz Club brings together Istanbul’s bobo crowd. The average age of people here is a bit higher (30s as opposed to 20s) but you can still meet some great Turkish women. As a jazz club, Nardis is also popular with the ‘good girls’ that might not set foot in other clubs.

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Day Game In Istanbul: Universities And Parks

Istanbul has no shortage of high foot traffic areas.

The trouble is that living in a huge city makes you suspicious towards strangers. Trying to talk to girls at Istiklal Street can feel like handing out pamphlets. Most people will try to avoid you. Tough love but it’s true.

For day game, you want to go somewhere more relaxed.

Cafés are a good option, it’s pretty much like approaching girls at a bar. You show up with a friend and make conversation with the group of Turkish women on the next table. Doable when you’re solo? I guess for some people but mostly it’s creepy.

Solo day game is best reserved for parks and university campuses. Both will have a bunch of girls hanging out, soaking up the sun, reading their book, etc. When you have some odd time between classes, it’s not that unusual to hang out by yourself.

Approaching a girl that is sitting alone is less intimidating, and a lot more effective. Obviously, don’t be a creep about it. However, Turkish girls do have the tendency to play hard-to-get, even more, when they’re around their friends. You avoid that by approaching her “one on one”.

Here are some locations to check out:
  • Istanbul University is one of the major colleges in the city. The main campus is on Beyazit square in the center of Istanbul. The campus itself is closed off to non-students but plenty of students hang out in the square or the nearby cafés.
  • Boğaziçi University overlooking the Bosphorus strait is the highest-ranking Turkish uni, attracting some of the country’s brightest (and wealthiest). Four of the campuses are located in the same area (the Bebek neighborhood). You are free to walk around these, though you’ll probably not have access to the private beach at one of the other campuses. Fair warning: the Turkish women you meet here will be very high-maintenance.
  • Gülhane Park, known as the ‘tulip of Istanbul’ is a large but tranquil park in the city. It’s a popular selfie location because of all the beautiful flowers. There are tons of Turkish girls around at any time of the day!

Finding Turkish Girls Outside Istanbul

Istanbul is a bit of an exception, as far as Turkish cities go.

The further away you get from the megapolis, the more conservative the people. And by conservative, I mean downright patriarchial. Whether you’re a family-oriented person or not, it will be hard to get with a very traditional girl. Her parents will simply forbid her from seeing a foreigner.

So should you give up on non-Istanbul chicks?

Absolutely not.

Major cities like Izmir, Antalya, and the capital Ankara are also solid options.

But traveling there with the sole purpose of meeting somebody? A bit excessive.

Explore your options on Turkish Personals or Muslima first.

Turkish Women—A Dating Guide

Turkish people as a whole are a romantic bunch. Over-the-top gestures like sending flowers, taking her stargazing, or declaring your undying love on week two of dating are pretty much the norm here. Turkish culture is about pampering your partner – she will take care of you (i.e. with delicious homemade food) and you’re expected to treat her like the queen she is.

No pressure, but the first date can decide everything.

Like many southern people, Turks are used to big displays of affection. If you decide to play it cool and unbothered, there might not be date two.

Don’t buy a huge bouquet, though, that’s just inconvenient to carry around. A single red rose is enough to impress her. Alternatively, if she has mentioned her favorite flower before (tulip is a common one), bring that.

Date Ideas In Istanbul And Beyond…

Here are the top date locations in all major Turkish cities!

For Istanbul:
  • Nicole restaurant in the Beyoğlu area for the beautiful panoramic terrace and delicious gourmet dishes. It is a pricier place, though, so come prepared!
  • Kybele in the Fatih neighborhood for a quirky romantic atmosphere and some of the tastiest Turkish food you will sample. Affordable, too!
  • Roof Mezze 360 also located in Fatih. Watching the sunset here is magical and there is even live music!
In Ankara:
  • La Gioia Italian restaurant for high-quality Mediterranean food and a wide choice in wines.
  • Trilye Restaurant is an upscale venue in the center of the city, a favorite among Ankara’s fashionable youth.
  • Fige Restaurant is a little further out but calmer and more affordable than central locations.
In Izmir:
  • Yengec Restaurant with a view to die for and the freshest seafood in town. Smaller portions than usual so do have a snack before your date!
  • Camia Restoran is a favorite among Izmir locals as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Delicious food in a tranquil and stylish atmosphere!
  • No42 is a casual eatery/beer garden for open-air dining. They are hipster central in Izmir but still maintain a high-quality of the food and service.
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In Antalya:
  • Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant is a luxury restaurant that is guaranteed to impress your date. The cheque won’t be cheap but the quality is superb. Everything from dishes to décor is virtually perfect!
  • Pio Gastro Bar & Bistro is a fun location in the Old Town of Antalya. The menu is always fresh and interesting and the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic time.
  • Macha Cafe Bistro is young and hip with live music playing on most nights. The kitchen doesn’t close till late, which is perfect for a summer date (when going out before 7 PM is virtually impossible)!

Remember, Turkish women do expect you to ask them out first, choose the date location, and pick up the tab. Ask to split the bill and you might never see your date again!

5 Things That Will Surprise You About Turkish Girls

Turkish Women

Turkish culture will surprise and shock you. Here are some facts that might prepare you for what’s to come:

Coffee Grounds Reading

Fortune readings are actually very popular in Turkey. You can go to a professional clairvoyant or ask one of your friends to do it for you. Basically, they look for signs and figures in the coffee grounds left in your cup. While younger Turkish women take it with a grain of salt, it’s still a very popular activity. Don’t be surprised if your date proclaims she has divination talents. It’s not nearly as hippie-dippie as it is in the West.

Sunflower Seeds + Tea = Gossip

Gossiping is also a common pastime for Turkish women.

It usually goes well with sunflower seeds and some tea in the afternoon. If you see this combo, you know they’re talking behind somebody’s back!

There Is Rarely A ‘Non-Exclusive’ Period

You’re her man from the first date onward.

She would not appreciate seeing you on another date!

Did I mention Turkish girls can get possessive?

Three Rings

There are rings for the three stages of a relationship – commitment, engagement, and marriage. The promise ring is expected pretty soon into the relationship.

Since Turkish women don’t date around, they expect you to commit a lot faster than their Western counterparts, like Eastern European girls.

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Meeting The Parents… ASAP

Name a reasonable time to meet your girlfriend’s parents.

Maybe within 6-12 months of dating?

Before proposing?

At the wedding?

Nope, you’re meeting your Turkish girl’s parents within the first weeks of dating her.

Turkish culture is extremely family-oriented.

This doesn’t just mean wife material women. It also means that parents are very involved in the lives of their adult children. So brace yourself for meeting her parents and siblings very early on into the relationship.

 In Conclusion—Turkish Girls

Turkish women are a handful…but there are perks to dating Turkish girls.

The delicious homemade food is just the beginning of it, prepare to be pampered and spoiled like you never were before. But it comes at a price – don’t even attempt dating a Turk if you’re not ready for commitment!

Good luck and remember to share your thoughts, stories, and tips in the comments below!

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  1. wow I had no time to date in Turkey while traveling there.
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  2. I went to Turkey in the summer of 2020. We visited both Fetiyhe and Istanbul and I can say, unequivocally, that I got with multiple Turkish women and has a ONS with one. There are loads of young, liberal women who have the same attitudes about sex as those in Western Europe. I seriously doubt that whoever wrote this article has ever been there.

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