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Trump Tower is a Joke to Chicago, But Trump Will Have the Last Laugh

I was in Chicago last summer, and of course I saw Trump Tower.

A lot.

Do you want to know what every single tour guide’s joke about Trump Tower was?

Didn’t matter if it was a river tour.

Or a bus tour.

Or even if it was just someone serving a slice of deep dish pizza.

It was the same damn joke.


“Hey…so this is one of our biggest buildings in the city. Can you guess who built it? The only question is whether his ego can fit it in! HAHAHAHHAHA!

Their second favorite was:

“In the 1900s the Army Corps of Engineers reversed the flow of the Chicago River to flow into the Mississippi because our sewage was contaminating Lake Michigan. St. Louis bottles up that sewage and sells it back to us as Budweiser.”

I thought the Budweiser one was funnier, at least for first couple of times.

But I’m getting off topic. Back to the Donald, and Donald’s den – Trump Tower.


Give it some real thought. These are people that ride around on busses all day, telling people the same old spiel about their city that they claim to love but really aren’t that proud of. In a way, they despise their city because symbols like Trump Tower signify success – something they don’t have.

And yes, I’m making sweeping generalizations here, but overall it’s fair to say if you’re 50 years old and riding around on a double decker bus all day, you’re probably not someone who has done much with their life.

Mean? Yep. Tough cookie.

Sure, everyone has hardships. But it’s what you do when you pick yourself back up that matters. Hating senselessly about a man who could own a million busses does you no good whatsoever.

Yes, it’s a joke.

But it’s a joke that makes people laugh and feel better about themselves.

Do you want to feel better that someone else is filthy rich, and has enough of an ego that he shamelessly installs his name in letters that are two stories tall?



Because it shouldn’t.

Inspire to be even 1% of how successful he is (hint: 1% of 1 billion is 10 million) instead of ragging on him.


Donald Trump is very quickly becoming a symbol for the American people. Enough people are waking up to see the mess that America is in.

Trump’s haters are the losers who are fat, out of shape, and don’t want to work hard – or at all. They’re the people who want everything handed out to them free of charge.

These are people that truly believe, deep in their being, that they are entitled to money. They think Trump should sell Trump Tower and give the proceeds directly to their wallets.

People like this have no concept of hard work, or blood, sweat, and tears. People who hate Trump are the type that whine about how unfair the world is, but do nothing to change it. They spin themselves in a circle of self-pity, never willing to wake up. Always someone’s fault, but never theirs.

And of course, they’ll blame the big letters on Trump Tower as the reason he shouldn’t be the President of the United States. As if someone who has been successful enough to have a building(s!) with his name on it shouldn’t be President because of it.

What’s Hillary’s biggest accomplishment, again?

(Do you want to be like Donald, or Hillary?)

Let the haters say what they wish.

Trump will have the last laugh when the name on the White House is his.

One can only hope he installs the same letters that are on the side of Trump Tower in Chicago.

PS: If you’re ready to stop being a minimum wage bus tour guide, go here.

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