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Trump Hysteria

The below is an email I sent to my uncle the other day. He was questioning me why I was happy Trump won.

This is the way I look at it–right now the dweebs of society are taking breaks from their Starbucks jobs to protest in front of Trump’s hotels. Meanwhile, the winners are inside drinking scotch. They are all about “social justice” and don’t realize that “income equality” doesn’t work.

All the guys who I meet abroad, who are doing their online business–we all support Trump. Everyone back home on FB supporting Hillary–they are still in college at age 25 or they’re doing nothing with their lives. They’re also the ones posting crying videos of themselves. Or that they’re so “triggered” they’re gonna kill themselves.

Weak. Keep crying while I make all the money. Cool with me.

Even if Trump isn’t free from backers, then they’re backers who are supporting his message. It’s a message I agree with.

An ass? Who cares?

People will whine that he mistreated women. I’m sure the good looking billionaire broke plenty of hearts in his day. I’m also sure that every women he ever banged was more than willing. And women showed up and voted him in.

In my adopted countries there is respect for him at least. People here think Obama is a joke. They think Hillary is as well.

Putin has already given his support, as has the Chinese president. Putin is not loved by others in Europe, but respected. What he has done with Russia is remarkable. They have a weak economy but likely the military to wipe the floor with us. They are not a broken society. Don’t believe what the American media says about them.

America is becoming a land where I can chop off my penis and shape into a labia, and I’m a hero. If I want, I can right now claim I’m a woman and start walking into female restrooms. Women have become masculine, men have become feminine. Neither is happy with this and yet neither knows why. I think the LGBT as a whole should have the same rights. Let them marry. But shit like this needs to stop.

The boy is 8. He doesn’t know his sexuality. And yet she’s seen as a hero for making him think he’s a woman.

Moving on.

People will claim he’s racist. Okay.

Being abroad has shown me diversity is not all that. Istanbul is a dangerous mess. Merkel has destroyed Germany. Paris might as well be Africa lite. Is it politically correct? No, but I’m now in a position that I’m not a slave for a wage I can say whatever I want.

Diversity is not all it’s cracked up to be. Mexicans contribute very little in California other than using our taxes.

Muslims want to destroy our world. Yet Hillary wants to important boatloads of them. Do you want to live in a world where (daughters names, redacted) can’t walk down the street without fearing for safety? A refugee in Vienna was just given a pass for raping a ten year old boy because they couldn’t “prove the boy said no.”

The man’s reason for doing it: He was horny and needed release.

Do I have a problem personally with Mexicans and Muslims? Nope, and I’d love for them to be able to become American citizens provided they go through a process and are contributing to society.

(Though I didn’t include this tweet in the email it perfectly embodies what I mean about money, taxes, etc.)

In many ways Trump embodies a masculine (hot wife, big family) leader who gets shit done. Sometimes being an ass is the best way to get results. I’d know.

Finally, I do think this election was as much about “NOT Hillary” as it was about Trump.

My uncle hasn’t responded to this one for three days and I doubt he will now.

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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ten zły - November 11, 2016

Well, it is always hard with family. I often argue with my father. I tend to get mad at him and vice versa.
It goes away pretty quickly. But still, it is always hard.

And for the trump I pretty much don’t get the hysteria and euphoria about him. He is politician. Not god, not satan or whatever. He will not safe America. President office doesn’t give him godly powers to safe broken culture (or destroy world as left would see it). So it is time to calm the fuck down and see what the man will actually do and not panic about what he promised to do, because camping promises are usually just pile of bullshit.

It is time to watch him and his administration closely. We should not trust him, as he is politician, they should not be trusted. Never, ever. There is no such thing as trustworthy politician.

With all that said. I’m very happy with his election. Even if I’m not citizen of USA, this country is very important it is currently cultural center of west. What changes there changes everywhere. So it is important to me that such a strong, patriarchal figure was elected president. He is a father, business men and has balls. His election together with Brexit might just be early birds of cultural change. End of PC culture. He also might be pretty good president.

But all that is still in the future. So it is better to stop both hysteria and euphoria. We will judge him by fruits of his work, not by his promises. As we are people from right. We are wise enough not to trust words.

    Kyle [] - November 13, 2016

    #1: YES. And it was also a lot of “NOT HILLARY”. She’s so corrupt and it became so publicly obvious, people realized they were electing a tyrant.

    #2: Only time will tell…

Chef - November 11, 2016


The “not Hillary” part is so true. She’s a terribly corrupt and morally/physically sick person. It has nothing to do with her gender.

Most Clinton supporters just said Trump is… blah blah and have no logical reasons for supporting her.

Trump is not perfect, but he’s got a lot going for him. I’m hopeful of what’s to come.

    Kyle [] - November 13, 2016


    It’s all hysteria.

Ash - November 11, 2016

I’m not a Hillary supporter, but I thought more people would be smart enough to see that he’s more than just ‘not perfect,’ he’s going to fail to deliver most of the things he’s promised, and he’s going to do it on purpose.

    Kyle [] - November 11, 2016

    If you’re going to talk that big, you best back it up.


      Ash - November 12, 2016

      He’s already backpeddled on his views from his campaign, about the wall and Obamacare. He’s not going to do anything about throwing Hillary in prison either. Or if he tries to, let’s see how long it takes for him to succeed. He’s not really the right winger many of his supporters think or wish he is. Now Pence on the other hand, that batshit evangelical royally fucked my state as governor, so I’d say he’s the one that would get shit done between the two.

        Kyle [] - November 12, 2016

        Dirty little secret is that Trump is more democratic than Republican in a lot of ways.

        Of course he has to back peddle. Look at the chaos. He had to be a a ruthless killer to get elected. It’s a GOOD thing if he doesn’t take that approach towards his entire presidency.

        Gotta give the man at least a day in office.

          Ash - November 12, 2016

          Yes he had to be a blow hard to get votes. He had to appeal to fear and hatred. Believe me, I know the hysteria and fear if him is ridiculous. He’s not a man to be feared. He’s a showman.

          Kyle [] - November 13, 2016

          Maybe what we need is a showman and businessman.

          There is more respect for our President than any other recent one.

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          Damn, right. And well they can say whatever they wish about Trump, but guy got elected. He might seem crazy, he might seem stupid, especially portrayed by mass media. But here is quick question for all leftoids with at least half of brain: Could stupid and crazy man accomplish this?

          You might call him evil and I understand this. I don’t agree, but I can understand. But this guy is freaking mastermind when it comes to public. Every-fucking-thing was against him. Media, left, cuckservative right, hollywood you named it. There was somebody against Trump. And he won.

          I honestly have been pessimistic about this. When I had woken up and had checked result, I could not have believed myself. He won. That is just fucking amazing. You gotta admit. This guy is just something else.

          Kyle [] - November 13, 2016


          So far it’s always been “he won’t win X/Y/Z.”

          So…now what?

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          Now we will see if he is as good administrator as PR expert.

          Election has ended. Now is time for different kind of work.

          But if he does not start war with Russia. It would be enough to be better presidenture than clinton could every offer.

          That is fucking important, because war ain’t pretty. It costs lifes, money, countries and dreams.

          Kyle [] - November 13, 2016

          Yep, Hillary was chomping at a bit to start attacking Putin.

          And frankly, I’m pretty sure they could actually destroy us.

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          Not likely. They have pretty much outdated army. No cash for upgrades (they economy is only 3x the size of polish one, so they are pretty much broken). Currently they are invedting a lot in military, as though they were gonna go to war. But it is morr like short sprint thingy. They will be out of air pretty soon.

          Russia is not Ussr. It is NOT super power.

          I know that you americans have a crush on Russia, especially ones in manosphere, but is not based on facts.

          Only thing Russia has that will make it crazy to attack them is nuclear weapon. And even then most of them outdated ones. Still nuclear is nuclear. You dont wanna mess with it.

          Say whatever you want, but Us military is wastly superior to Russian military.

          What Us should be afraif of is china. It is soon to be super power. At least if they dont fuck up. Which is possible.

          Kyle [] - November 13, 2016

          Can you provide some proof of this?

          I think there’s a reason their economy is shit.

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          first of all modern Russia started after collapse of Ussr. And it was not pretty. So they just didn’t have resourced they used to have to keep up with US. You know generally after you country collapses you have shitty economy.

          As for proof of economy it is easy to find stats online:

          As you can see they are more or less 3x times Poland. The same can be said for population and so on.

          Ad for increase in spending on military:

          And as you can see after collapse there was huge dump in their spending. So we can safely assume their military was in state of decay.

          Now lets look at some numbers:

          I will compare some things between those countries.
          Military budget:
          USA: $581,000,000,000
          Russia: $46,600,000,000
          China: $155,600,000,000

          So Russia spend 1/10 of US budget on military. And 1/3 of China budget.
          Yet Russia has:
          Nearly as many tanks as US and China together. Do you really think they gonna be modern tanks? Some of them sure. But most of them are probably left overs from Ussr.

          They have almost same number of air crafts as China. But still both those countries have only about ~3k each. US has 13k.

          That is fucking big difference. And you win wars in the air pretty much since world war 2. Even more so now than during ww2. One troops and tanks are more about controlling already beaten enemy than fighting.

          I am not saying that Russia would be easy opponent or there should be war with them, but they are 100% to loose this war. And I was comparing only Russia vs USA. USA is not only member of NATO. If you compare NATO vs Russia result is even more clear.

          Of course you don’t win wars on paper and other countries can join or switch sides. Like Turkey, which is member of NATO now, but has strong ties to Russia. And China would be wild horse in this war.
          Alliance of Russia, China and Turkey would be different story and they might even win with NATO.

          On other hand China is very, very strongly tied to US. So it is not easy to see what they would do.

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          And all that said. It doesn’t mean that Russia don’t have modern forces. It simply means that most of they forces are old, because simply they don’t have money to keep them all modern. Still they are some modern air crafts and tanks in Russia. Although it would be rather hard to tell what % of they forces is modern.

          And as fore nuclear weapons, simply most of them were made during cold war. But same thing can be said for US too.

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          On completely different note you can see who is getting ready for war

          Pretty much most of countries are not getting ready. Sadly, because that is best method of keeping peace.

          Chart is a little bit messy, but you can add and delete countries easily, so you this is easy to check everything yourself.

          Lol, I pretty much have too little to do and to much time when I am sick and cannot get outside.

          ten zły - November 13, 2016

          I have read this article. Very little facts and numbers. Mostly pro-russian propaganda. Strange one at that given that both invasion on Georgia and Ukraine were basically shooting own foot by Russia. Not mostly don’t by Putin to keep power, not to gain anything for Russia. Expensive and failed operations without any solid gain. Quite a few losses in sanctions and extra cost of keeping peace in Crimea.

          And comments say it all. Most of commentators there are pro-russia or russian.
          I don’t trust sources as this.


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