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Trouble’s Travels Volume XIII: Absinthe Is Trouble



  1. Prologue: Trouble Returns From Travels
  2. Volume I: Getting To Poland – 30 Hours Of Delays, Kissing-Ass, And Getting Drunk In Airports
  3. Volume II: The First Night In Poland, Selling Strip Club Tickets
  4. Volume III: Getting Yadstopped
  5. Volume IV: Where Is Alpha Dwarf?
  6. Volume V: The Wroclaw Dash
  7. Volume VI: “I-So-Would” Go To London
  8. Volume VII: The First Solo Dolo Day
  9. Volume VIII: To The Top
  10. Volume XI: Barcelona, First Of The Worst
  11. Volume X: Get Me Outta Barcelona!
  12. Volume XI: All Roads Lead To Rome
  13. Volume XII: Where Gladiators Fought

I caught another early flight out of Rome and was shortly after air bound towards my final destination in Europe – Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague is one of those cities that you always hear is so beautiful, but yet nobody can really tell you why it is so.  Truthfully, it is beyond gorgeous, and it is difficult to put it into words, but I’ll do my best.

Prague is so beautiful because of the stunning river background, the blend of modern-classical architecture, the lack of light pollution, and the laid-back, genuinely nice attitude of its people.

Prague is the only city I visited that I consider moving there on a long-term or permanent basis (Wroclaw would come close, but is probably just not nice enough for my snobby rich ass).  It has enough modern amenities, is clean, and once again – is stunningly beautiful.  Just see for yourself:

Taken in the shuttle from the airport to city centre.
Taken in the shuttle from the airport to city centre.
I have no clue what that blue thing is.
Street near my apartment, which was above a gay bar. No, I didn’t pickup.


Have I mentioned that the Czech Republic is absolutely fucking insane about Absinthe?  Here’s proof:

Absinthe has been consumed in the Czech countries (then part of Austria–Hungary) since at least 1888, notably by Czech artists, some of whom had an affinity for Paris, frequenting Prague‘s famous Cafe Slavia. Its wider appeal in Bohemia itself is uncertain, though it was sold in and around Prague. It is claimed that at least one local liquor distillery in Bohemia was producing absinthe at the turn of the 20th century.

So needless to say, Prague is absolutely covered with shops like the below.  In addition to that, many of their open bar specials include all you can drink Absinthe.

Yes, UNLIMITED Absinthe.  Sounds like trouble, huh?

Uh-oh, here comes trouble…

I had epic plans to join a Prague Pub Crawl, which are supposed to be reasonably popular and supposedly TONS of fun.  So I showed up to one, $25 with two hours of open bar (including the aforementioned Absinthe) – but there were a bunch of hideous tourist girls, and three guys.  So, knowing that groups were going off at 8, 9, and 10pm (they all meet up again in a large club), I stuck around in a different bar.  At 9pm, there were 10 dudes, no girls.  Granted, it was a Monday night, but still disappointing.

In hindsight though, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t go out.  Unfortunately, this was the night that my overall exhaustion from the trip really started to set in.  As I was hanging out in the Bombay Bar, recounting the tales of my travels to a cool bartender, I was about passing out after one gin and tonic.  On the bar.  With my hand in a bowl of peanuts.

It wasn’t a pretty sight, especially since I was blazered up for the night, too.  Ultimately though, I realized that trying to force myself through it when I was already so out of it, especially without a wingman, was going to be a futile event.  I did some recon on some of the other bars in the area, and headed home for the night.

Tomorrow, I try some delicious dark Budweiser and get my day drink on.

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