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Trouble’s Travels Volume VIII: To The Top



  1. Prologue: Trouble Returns From Travels
  2. Volume I: Getting To Poland – 30 Hours Of Delays, Kissing-Ass, And Getting Drunk In Airports
  3. Volume II: The First Night In Poland, Selling Strip Club Tickets
  4. Volume III: Getting Yadstopped
  5. Volume IV: Where Is Alpha Dwarf?
  6. Volume V: The Wroclaw Dash
  7. Volume VI: “I-So-Would” Go To London
  8. Volume VII: The First Solo Dolo Day

After practically stumbling home the night before (got off on the wrong bus stop and had to walk through London, Kensington at 3am), I somehow still woke up by about 9am.  Traveler’s insomnia is a real thing, which unfortunately wears you down even more so than travel already.  Up to this point on my trip, I hadn’t done any day drinking!  So I hopped on the Tube to Oxford Circus, and began wandering around.  Eventually, I found a cheap little pub a few blocks off the street and put away a few beers.

Then I had one of the best burgers (and cheese fries) of my life:

Heart attack.
Heart attack.

From there, I headed to the top of The Shard, which had some pretty spectacular views of London:



It kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, once you leave the premises.


I tried my best to take it easy the rest of the day.  I found out that Westminster and London are two totally different cities, intersecting fact of the day.  Apparently the “real” London is only a couple square miles in diameters.

Here is the guardian to the city of London:


That sums up London.  I went to bed early, having to wake up at 4:30am for my flight.

Barcelona awaited me – check back tomorrow.



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