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This Is Trouble Appears on the Lithuanian News

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Well, shit–it actually happened.

This little blog has made headlines on a global news site. The biggest one in an entire country, nonetheless.

While you’ll need to use Google Chrome to translate it, and it won’t come out perfectly, it’s a good read. The journalist who interviewed me, Ruta, was very fair and told my story.


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Some of my favorite quotes:

“I would like to compare Lithuania with amerikietėmis. If you kiss a girl in America, you can not be sure that she likes. If you will get the number of girls club, the probability that she will call – about 10 percent. They have plenty of opportunities out there and can make a choice.Especially – in California. Men more than women in there and they just fights for them. Even if you made love with an American on a first date, only 15 per cent. the probability that it will meet again. Girls there išlepusios, if we talk about serious relationships.

At the time, the girls from Eastern Europe is a very pleasant, mild, slender, perfect dress. They like men and indulging in them. I do not think that men in the West prefer my training because they do not really want to – they have no choice. There are more men, and girls are fighting for their shows them attention and to the received response “, – he compared.


Named men’s mistakes: sometimes you have to sleep with 25 girls, to understand how it works

According to him, the biggest mistake that men make communicating with girls these days, the test of experience to draw from Hollywood films.

“Every girl next to you wants to have a strong man. You can not simply sit back and hope that it is something out of you modeled. Must discover himself and to be a leader in relationships.”Softness” – a big problem in America. I can not guarantee, but I think the situation is similar in Eastern Europe “, – he said.

According to Kyle, men become “players” because that fail to establish a serious relationship.Just because they do not have the necessary skills, others – because do not like girls.

“Every man, at least one stage of life to be dreaming of Playboy and sleep with lots of girls. How long does it take to become so, depending on your situation. Must practice, if you want good results. If you want to manage the situation, has previously know a lot of girls. Los Angeles, where the situation protested, at least you have to sleep with a 20-25 girls until IMSI feel that you start to deal with the situation. If you are a smaller town, perhaps it is enough for you to sleep with 2 girls to understand how it works, “- he explained.

3 Tips for Men

Asked to give 3 key tips for men who want to make them more successful in relationships, Kyle explained able to distinguish it:

1. To discover the life of the engine and balance. Maybe it’s disgusting to understand, but the girls are not interested in unsuccessful and unhappy men. Should play sports, take business or other activities.

2. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. It must find a way to be seen with the girls, not to be afraid to charm them, invited on a date.


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  1. Congrats dude. Looks like a good step for you.

    Ha – In the west, the 3 date rule is as dead as the concept of waiting for marriage. Nice to see there are some places in the world where 3 dates still apply.

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