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How to Triple Your Tinder Matches with Automatic Swiping

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The following is an excerpt from ‘TROUBLE. TRAVEL. TINDER’, which is my guide to traveling with Tinder – available only in Tinder & Texting University Click here to find out more.

Author’s note: If you are using it in one location, you should also delete and re-make your account every other week to get fresh matches. As this is a travel focused book, you likely won’t have that kind of time while on a trip.

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Tinder is hands-down one of the best tools you can use to meet women when you’re traveling. In the past, a player who was traveling to a new country and hoping to meet some cuties would be forced to hedge all his bets on meeting a girl in person. Most of the time, this required long nights out, the necessary skills, and of course – the little bit of luck that constitutes every new notch in a player’s belt.

Tinder (and the Internet in general) has changed the game.triple your tinder matches

Rather than flying into a city blind, a man can find entire datasheets of where to stay and what the women are like. He can look at maps to pick a centrally located apartment.

Finally, he can use Tinder (and other online dating funnels) to have a dozen girls looking forward to his arrival before he even gets on the plane in his home city. While there are a lot of options as far as online dating goes, in the year 2016 Tinder is still one of the best options out on the market, due to it’s incredibly shallow, and therefore efficient, nature.

This guide is not meant to get you a girlfriend or fall in love. It is meant to give you the best chance of touching down in a city, and having a girl riding your cock that night. If not the first night, then sometime on your trip. It is designed for quick sex with foreign beauties while you only have a few days in her town. I’ve been the guy trying to get his foreign flag/notch going into the last night of a trip. It’s horrible – your balls ache, you’re frustrated, and the imminent fear of failure haunts you.

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Tools for Tinder (now banned by Tinder, sadly—but there are alternatives. My secrets are all here.) is one of the best investments I ever made. The professional version is just $2.99 in the App Store (Apple only, though I believe there are some Android alternatives in their store).

Tools for Tinder auto-likes every girl in the radius you set until it literally runs out of targets. When I lived in Los Angeles, I would turn it on, with a fresh Tinder profile, and it would swipe through 50,000+ girls while I slept. I’d wake up to a couple dozen matches the next morning, and they would keep pouring in throughout the rest of that first week.

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]TRIPLE YOUR MATCHES NOW[/thrive_link]

Of course, to utilize Tools for Tinder, it means that your Tinder subscription plan needs to be Tinder Plus in order to utilize the unlimited swiping feature. However, this is peanuts in comparison to the rest of the costs of dating. As of writing this, the cost for Tinder Plus is $34.99 for a six-month subscription. It’s easy to spend $34.99 on a single date these days, so pony up the laughable $6 a month and invest in Tinder Plus for your trip.

Oh, and don’t cheap out on the $2.99 for Tools for Tinder Pro, either.

You won’t regret it.

To utilize Tools for Tinder, simply login with the same Facebook account that you use for Tinder. Make sure you are subscribed to Tinder Plus, and set the distance/age/location settings in your Tinder app. Don’t forget to change your location to the city you’re planning on visiting!

After this, just hit auto-like and let it do it’s magic.

Note: your screen has to stay on for it to like properly. Supposedly it doesn’t have to, but I’ve found it works better with the screen on; hence why I usually do the auto-swiping at night when my phone is plugged in.





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