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Travel Niche Site 003: The Reveal! (

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If you’ve missed the first posts in this series…

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I will say this–I sort of struggle to write these posts. Sometimes, I just don’t think there’s much to say. I know how I learn. Through examples.

Part of me things it would almost just be better to do these types of posts in a sort of image format, where I just show screenshots of Google Analytics and put some small notes with my thoughts.

Maybe this is a skill I can develop over time. I’ve always been very technical, and very skilled at explaining it verbally.

But writing is a new one.


The new niche site I’ve built is ==>

I do have to give credit to Robert from 30 Days to X for giving me the idea.

It’s basically a site where I’ve dumped all of my knowledge about Ukraine gained this year into a blog format. I’ve also added affiliate links to sites like Ukraine Date and Russian Pod, which is how the site is going to make money.


I’ve also recently been approved for the TripAdvisor program, so I’ll be adding some booking options to the site as well.

If you missed 002 of this series, you’d see that I actually got a sale for $112 (but none since).

That post about Ukraine Date (read my post about Ukrainian women here at This Is Trouble) is now up to the third page of Google and climbing.


Really, as I’ve built this site I’ve been shocked at one thing–how easy it has been.

First, a comparison though. Think about back in February when I built that silly (in hindsight) Types of Tequila website. I didn’t really say it at the time, but writing those 15 or so articles for that site was absolute torture.

I seriously would have rather watched paint dry than try to do that again. I estimate that those articles took me an hour or more each to write. And many of them barely top 400-500 words. To contrast that, this article is currently 220 words as of this sentence, and I’ve only been working on it for about four minutes.

Simply put, when you’re passionate about something it’s a hell of a lot easier to write.

I’m not saying that you should apply this to everything in life. Certainly there are times when we all have to suck it up and do things we don’t want to do.

But a business or major project shouldn’t be one of those.



Another point is that people recognize authenticity.

I don’t think anyone can look at that tequila site and not say it’s full of bullshit. Whereas, with Ukraine Living, I was actually excited to write the content.

I used pictures I’d taken and told a story.

The posts at 500 words were only taking me thirty minutes or so to bang out, and that includes formatting, image creation, etc.


I think it’s reasonable that this site will ultimately end up making me $100 a week. It might take six months before it’s at that point, but it’s absolutely within reason. Especially if I can knock out some more of those big $112 sales.

That’s $400 a month, which isn’t nothing when you consider how much you could sell a site making that for (hint: $5k+).

Should be noted that it would take 3 months of consistent sales at that level to be able to sell at $10k.

I’m working on another niche site now.

The more I continue to work online (and find some success), the more value I see in diversifying across multiple platforms. I’m fortunate enough to have a large “authority” site, but sometimes the money is in the niches.

Make sure you check it out. ==>

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