Last updated: February 15, 2019

Travel Is NOT That Expensive…



“Travel is too expensive!”

This is a ridiculous argument in today’s world.

I just saw round trip Austria to Los Angeles flights for $217.

People don’t actually want to travel if they think it’s too expensive. They just love the idea. And really, this is just human nature. Dream, dream, dream, never take action. Travel gets more and more affordable by the year, but there is a downside to that. That is, every year destinations get more and more saturated with…idiots.

That’s the cost.

Cheap travel, more idiots.

While these are general economic rules, let’s talk about the motivation aspect of it.

Because, you see, here’s where the problem starts. People think about travel, and they’re exhausted before they even start planning a trip. And really, it does make sense.

If you’re working a typical 9-5, with two weeks of vacation a year…

Then your vacation probably will look something like this:

  • Wake up early on your first day of vacation
  • Cram into a plane with hundreds of other people, all stressed and trying to do the same thing
  • Of course, you’re in coach because the 9-5 doesn’t allow enough wiggle room to splurge for business or first class in most cases
  • You end up at your destination after 8+ hours of hell (hour to the airport, be there one hour early, 4 hour flight, 30 minutes on bags, 1 hour to get to the hotel, another 30 minutes to get situated)
  • You pass out
  • You cram all sorts of touristy stuff into your next 5 days, while eating a terrible diet
  • You return home via another 8 hours of hell
  • You’re more exhausted than when you started

I know, I’m exaggerating parts of this here, but it’s really not that inaccurate in the scheme of things. There’s that good ‘ol phrase about needing a vacation from your vacation. Sadly, it’s true for many stuck in the 9-5 world.


I didn’t even mention that if you’re stuck in the 9-5, you have a pretty set budget.

You go on vacation and worry about the price of eating out every meal. Or shelling over money to pay for the various tourist attractions that you feel obligated to do because you’re there. All adds up very quickly. So yes, maybe the flight ticket itself isn’t cheap, but I believe the real reason for inaction isn’t the price.

Anyways, what’s the point of all this?

Glad you asked.

Simply put, if you want to become a free man, with the ability to take vacation when you want, how you want, and in style, you owe it to yourself to start bringing in a little extra dough.

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  1. I don’t work a typical 9-5 schedule (work nights 4-10s with Wednesday through Friday off). I’m an aircraft mechanic for a regional airline owned by American Airlines. I get flight benefits through my job and am able to travel to anywhere American flies to. I went to Cordoba, Argentina from Chicago with a friend recently and loved it out there. Beautiful women there and it’s very affordable. I am heading to Medellín, Colombia this next week.

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