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7 Traits of a Good Wingman



Wingmen are vital parts of game. Especially when the sun goes down and the lights come on.

Sure, you can roll solo to a club or bar (and it’s often quite effective – because then you have to make something happen), but it’s almost always more fun with a wingman in tow.

But…there are some really bad wingmen out there in the world.

So the question is, what makes a good wingman?

Look no further than this list right here. I’ve also built a handy-dandy infographic just for you guys 😉




Yes, I know, Captain Fuckin’ Obvious here, but it’s really true.

If your wingman is a downer, or worse – moody – then the night can be shot. You cannot use your energy to bring him up – that’s a value suck, and you’d be better off going out solo. Someone who just sucks energy from you in order to get their vibe or state in the right frame of mind is someone you shouldn’t bother going out with again.

A good wingman has a energy level close to yours, so you can play off of each other.


And vice versa, you must understand him.

You know that word they throw around when men and women “connect” – chemistry?

Well, it’s damn true for wingmen too.

You must have good chemistry with your wingman, which only gets developed over time (hence why once you build a good relationship, you hold onto them like superglue). He should know the moves you’re going to make to pull a girl home before you make them, and be ready to act in accordance.

It’s a two way street though. You must understand his mannerisms and style of game just as well.



Now, if you pull girls home, and get laid but he ends up with balls as dark as a rain cloud – that’s not your problem. He shouldn’t hold that against you.

But a good wingman always values his friends before girls. This means that…

1.) He does not put you down in order to make himself feel good.
2.) If a girl does something truly disrespectful, he has your back. For example, if you’re with two cuties, and yours pokes fun at you – he doesn’t need to jump in and defend you. You’re a big boy and she’s flirting. But if she dumps a drink on you? Different ballgame.


Us men have this silly tradition where we take turns buying rounds, and it’s easy to lose track of it all.

A good wing doesn’t nickel and dime on everything, but understands that it evens out over time.

Bonus move: If your wing is with a girl and you notice his drink is empty, go get the next round. Then bring it up to him and just drop it on the table and say, “Noticed you were empty, cheers.”

Then just walk away.

Makes him look good in front of the girl.

If he’s a good wingman, he’ll repay it the next time.


It’s no fun to go out with a wingman who does not actually approach and open girls.

Then you end up doing all of the work, and he’s got a chance at the payoff.

Of course, it sometimes happens that he’ll finally open ONE set, and it hooks. Then you’re stuck winging a girl you’re less than enthused about despite the fact that YOU were the one approaching the entire night.

A good wingman should be opening roughly the same number of girls that you do. If he’s not, he again becomes a value and energy suck on yourself.


What I mean by this is that a good wingman isn’t too picky about girls he has sex with.

This doesn’t mean that he has no standards or that he’s always willing to go jump on the hog of the group.

(Though if he is someone who has a sickness for the thickness – hold on to him as a wing like you would you first child.)

I’ve seen far too many guys become pussies when it comes to approaching girls because of stupid reasons.

“Her ass isn’t big enough.”
“Her hair has blonde streaks in it.”
“Her right boob appears to be 1mm bigger than the left.”

You get my point.

Stupid reasons, conveniently disguised as a reason to be a coward.

But, a good wingman has diverse tastes and won’t get down about winging you on a set of Asian girls.

Of course, if you have alternate tastes – that’s GREAT too; i.e. If he prefers some curves and you like your girls rail thin.

That works well too.


As weird as this may sounds, sometimes it’s not good to go out and game with your friends. In fact, sometimes friends make the worst wings.

Sometimes the best wingman is more of an pal who you don’t spend significant amounts of time with outside of chasing girls.

It keeps it almost more business than pleasure.

Maybe that’s an unhealthy attitude, so I should explain: if you have a friend who is on a similar level to you, and eager to meet sexy new girls, then he can make a great wingman.

But if ever you feel he’s just not up to par, or not – you could be risking an otherwise perfectly good friendship if you are always out together chasing girls, too.

Don’t hesitate to meet a wingman through a blog, forum, etc – and it’s perfectly okay to keep it mostly “business” (though you should still have fun together!).


Again, a good wingman is hard to find.

When you do, hold on to them.

Bros before hoes, always. A good wing is worth dozens of notches. Don’t alienate a good friend/wingman/player for one measly notch. It’s never worth it.

Now get out there.

PS: If you need a wing, I’m available.

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