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Tips On Rolling Solo In Vegas



Recently, a good friend/student of mine told me he was rolling solo to Vegas soon after a change of plans. After giving him a few tips, I’ve decided to elaborate it into an actual post for his benefit as well as the rest of my readers. I’ve enjoyed reasonable success in Vegas; granted I’ve only been three times (once with the girl). Other guys like Christian have some real good insight to the city and his various articles on Vegas are definitely far more comprehensive than this post. So, if faced with rolling solo in Vegas, here’s what I would do.

Don’t waste time on one person.

If you’re not clicking with a girl from the get-go, then I wouldn’t waste another second of time. Especially when you’re in a situation that you only have a limited weekend time frame of Friday through Sunday. In this cases, there aren’t going to be any dates or day 2’s. So when you approach, if you don’t get a good, “it’s on” type of vibe in the first few minutes – just bail out. No excuses even necessary, she’ll forget about you in about two minutes herself.

Gatorade and vodka is your friend.

This is all I drink when I walk around the Strip. It’s important to stay hydrated since you literally have the ability to drink non-stop in Vegas. Because I’m close enough to drive to Vegas, I have always filled an ice chest or cooler full with a dozen bottles of Gatorade before leaving. At this same time, I usually pick up a couple bottles of vodka. When I’m heading out of the hotel room, I take a swig of Gatorade (not quite half, I don’t love vodka that much) and just fill the rest of the bottle in with the vodka. This keeps the buzz and hydration going, and if you’re there in the summer when it’s blazing hot, it will help immensely.

Keep yourself loose.

Being in a new city by yourself can be intimidating. If you go out at a normal Vegas time, midnight, and you haven’t spoken a word to anyone all day, do you really think you can just walk into Marquee and start picking up chicks? Probably not. Be a socially savvy guy and chat people up throughout the day – since it’s Vegas, you’ll probably be out drinking anyway. Make friends with the bartenders in the hotel, or other patrons out and about the Strip.

Be smart with money.

Remember, as a man, it’s your job to lead things forward. This means putting a little more liquor in her throat if needed, it means funding the cab from the venue to the hotel (Uber, last I checked, was not available in Vegas), and it’s amazing how quickly those $15 vodka tonics add up.

Lines will kill you.

Know the right people or find a way to get in the club early. A two hour line is bad enough with friends, but standing it in alone, unless you get lucky and have cool people around you to make friends with, will kill your night.

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