Last updated: August 1, 2016

How the New Tinder Social Will Impact Men



I’ve recently been made aware that there is now a “Tinder Social” option on the popular dating app.

And I’m sorry to say that this negatively will affect most men involved in Game.

But first, let’s talk fixes.

The quick solution: approach more in person. It kinda saddens me how many emails I get asking for online dating advice versus approaching in person. Even though I’ve written a book about online dating, I’ve done my work in the trenches for years, too.

You must crawl before you can walk. You must learn REAL LIFE game skills before you can truly master online game.


In a nutshell, you can now “swipe” with a group of friends.

Girls invite a couple of their friends to their Tinder Social group, and you do the same. Then you match with the ENTIRE group.

I’ve written before about how bad of a system this “group dating” is. Mixxer is the perfect example of how it falls flat on it’s face.

Unfortunately, Tinder is catering more and more to women. It’s giving them another method now to simply attention whore and get groups of chodes to buy them drinks. Do you really think they’ll offer to pay? Do you really think they’ll go home with a guy in front of their friends?

No, Tinder Social is simply another way that the dating front in the West is catering to women.

My advice is that men stay far, far away from any group dates or Tinder Social. All it does is give girls attention and you in a position to buy them drinks, and there’s really no upside for the men.

They’ll have to fight for the hot one, nobody will get laid, and more often than not you’ll probably go home disappointed after a group Tinder date.

Get out in the field and approach more. Don’t use online dating as a crutch, because you never know what will change.

Much like how I’d encourage any budding blogger to build a website first before Twitter following, online dating is the same. You don’t want to rely on any one system that might change at any time. It’s far better to be in control of your own destiny and to take matters into your own hands.

So get out there.

Talk to girls.

Get rejected.

Bounce back stronger.

And stay away from Tinder Social.

Finally, learn the skills to manage multiple women, which will send more women flocking to you.

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  1. Yep. Don’t know any guys killing the “group date” scene. I went on a few dates using the app Grouper back in the day. It can be worthwhile maybe 10% of the time.

    But normally its competing with your bros over 6’s. Better off just hitting the normal night scene.

  2. A week ago I got matched with a hot girl who was only on tinder because her friend wanted to use tinder social. I looked at her Facebook to see if the pictures were recent only to find a guy call her sweetheart. Unsurprisingly she canceled. Yeah it may bring new girls but they aren’t looking to hook up.

  3. The chicks will still be swiping on regular Tinder while on their Tinder Social dates. That amuses me more than it should

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