Last updated: December 29, 2015

Times Are Changing In The Online Dating World



People say that online dating isn’t as good as “the real thing”.

And frankly, I’m inclined to agree with them despite the fact that I’ve written a book and dozens of articles on the subjects of various online dating platforms.

If you can’t cold approach in the real world, just relying on online game is going to hinder you. A lot.

But beyond that, many men have proclaimed that “the real hotties, or the 8+, 9+ girls – aren’t on online dating.” And it was a true statement. What’s also true is that sometimes, these girls are more receptive to being approached in person because most men are intimidated by their beauty.

Unfortunately, my keen eagle eye is telling me that more and more of the stunners are flocking to online dating, making them even more difficult to obtain – both in the online world, where men have no fear of them due to hiding behind their keyboard, and in person. What girl is going to be more receptive to an approach when she’s getting a hundred offers of dick from her Tinder profile a week?

Not many.

Now, it’s important to be a bit realistic here. The true upper echelon of female beauty still aren’t on these apps. You aren’t going to see the Victoria’s Secret Angels on Tinder. They’re far too busy being courted by men jetsetting across the world in private planes to bother with a dating app. But there are absolutely 8s and 9s on online dating platforms.

So what does this mean for men in the online dating world?

It means that things are going to continue going in this technological direction of dating and courtship.

There is no way around it.

Ten years ago, was shamed. People kept it very hush-hush if they were doing online dating. Same with OkCupid and Tinder five years ago. These days, it’s weird if a single person isn’t on some of these online dating websites and apps.

This means that more and more men who don’t have game will join the dating pool, but I’m not convinced that the pool of available bangable women will rise in conjunction. As well all know, equilibrium is when supply equals demand – and it’s never going to happen, in online dating.

But, you must look on the bright side.

There are ways for you to succeed with online dating, and while I’m going to plug my book and my services (somewhat) shamelessly right now – it doesn’t take much to succeed. You just have to be above the 90%.

And once you are, and you’re getting responses, numbers, and dates – you realize something. When a girl has potentially unlimited options for dick around her, and she schedules three hours to go on a date with you, it’s because she wants to get fucked.

Just keep that in mind.

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  1. Online dating is going to be incredibly tough for those that don’t really have the stats to pull it off. Men that are below average in height or looks, or if they are Black should probably not invest most of their time into online dating.

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