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Brief Thoughts on (Eastern) European Train Travel

Yesterday I got stuck, with my poor parents and grandma, on a train that lost AC and with only two windows that would open.

Average temp inside was 90+.

I’ll never complain about air travel again…

Supposed to be 5.5 hours ended up being nearly 7.

The train driver stopped for a beer.

Wish I could say I was joking but he was in the minimart ordering right in front of me.

Welcome to Eastern Europe I guess.

I’m usually a big proponent of train travel. Use this example – Prague to Budapest is 6.5 hours.

If you flew:

  • 1 hour journey to Prg airport
  • .5-2 hours before flight
  • 1 hour flight time (assuming no delays)
  • 1 hour journey to Bud city center
  • = 5 hours

You might as well take the 6.5 hour train, work, and then bottles of wine and enjoy the scenery.

I think I’m changing my views on this for summertime though.

Trains ACs are usually lacking and they’re crowded as hell for European summers.

This is the kind of shit that burns people out of traveling, and quickly

Because the more you travel the more often shit like this happens

There was nothing fun about today and my poor family (my grandma is nearly 80 and is walking 20,000+ steps a day!) went through the ringer.

Anyways, I guess it’s a “story” to tell for them back home…

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