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Top 7 Things To Do In Budapest I’m Looking Forward To



My trip to Budapest is almost here! Tonight, my buddy Jeremy Sploosh and I will be taking off from Los Angeles and arriving in Budapest the following day. We’ll be joined later that night by Lucky – hopefully this year he doesn’t decide to ditch me in the middle of the night to go and write poetry.

As I continue to waste my life away at work, at least until my contract is up in October, this trip couldn’t come soon enough. Even though it was only booked roughly seven or so weeks in advance, the countdown and anticipation of this year’s European jaunt far exceeds my excitement from last year. Likely because this year I know a thing or two – what the girls will be like, how to communicate when you don’t speak the native tongue, how to navigate public transit like a pro, and all the little things that a first-time solo traveler stresses about.

While our plans include a lot of drinking and partying, I’m sure we’ll get around to do a few of the sightseeing activities. Here’s what those are.

This Is Trouble’s Top 7 Things To Do In Budapest

Or at least, what I’m looking forward to.

1. Bath Parties

Top 1
Top 1

Admittedly this falls under the “party” category, but this is too good to mention. Yes, I’ve read the TripAdvisor reports stating that there will be ten dudes for every girl. Yes, I’m sure there will be people pissing in the pool and throwing condoms at each other. But trust me when I say that I’ll be just as hammered as the rest of them – so don’t be surprised if I throw the condom in Jeremy or Lucky’s face.

And, this just reminded me – I need to go buy those tickets!

2. Drive At The Hungaroring

Things To Do In Budapest - Hungaroring
Things To Do In Budapest – The Hungaroring

This isn’t a for sure yet, but I’ve made no secret for my love of racing on my blog. Prices are pretty affordable to rent a car on open track day, unfortunately though their car selection is limited.

  • Porsche 996
  • Mustang 450
  • Audi S1
  • BMW E46 M3
  • Camaro
  • Impreza

Out of those, the only ones that excite me are the 996 and the M3. Regardless though, 4 laps in the 996 on the 2.7 mile Hungaroring F1 track is only about 50,000 Hungarian Forint, which is roughly $175 USD. In comparison, it’ll easily cost $300 to do 5 laps in a Ferrari at a local track here – and that track is just an oval.

3. Wine Tours In The Castle

Things To Do In Budapest - Wine Tasting In The Castle
Things To Do In Budapest – Wine Tasting In The Castle

Everyone I’ve talked to has raved about Hungarian wine, paprika, and pálinka. Admittedly I’m not too sure about what that last one is, but apparently it tastes really good and gets you really drunk. Needless to say, no need to talk me into partaking in that.

Apparently there are a lot of wineries around the city, with the most famous one being under the castle. It may be a bit of a tourist trap, but the prices are pretty reasonable – something like $20 USD for eight tastings and a full tour. Plus, I want to get drunk and run around the castle – just like a king.

4. Szimpla Kert

Our apartment is logistical paradise in conjunction to this bar and I couldn’t be more excited.

Reason behind that? My buddy Law Dogger really recommended the place. Sure, there are mixed reports on forums and on travel sites regarding Szimpla Kert. Some say it’s a tourist trap with overpriced drinks, others say that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I’ve met him several times now and Law Dogger is the real deal, so I’m definitely excited to be within throwing distance of this bar and all it has to offer.

5. Shoot Some WWII Weapons

It’s kinda worrisome that everything on this list so far revolves around drinking, driving cars fast, or shooting shit…

I’ve actually never shot a gun in my life. Before people outcry over how this is possible and what a beta male I am for it – remember that I’ve lived my entire life in California. It’s something that’s absolutely on the bucket list, and again – it’s fucking cheap compared to doing something like this here in Los Angeles. I’m especially intrigued by the World War II weapons they have available to shoot. I’ve always had a slight fascination with the history behind WWII, so it’d be a great first time experience to go and fire some of the weapons from the war.

6. Architecture & Sightseeing

Things To Do In Budapest - Architecture
Things To Do In Budapest – Architecture

I’m a nerd and love old buildings. On the list…

  • Parliament
  • Castle & Castle Hill (see above)
  • Chain Bridge
  • The Danube – perhaps a river cruise one night.
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Hero’s Square

I’m sure there’s more that we’ll discover or I’ll remember later.

7. Public Transportation

I realize this is kind of a weird thing to be “looking forward to”, but let me explain.

Here in California, and specifically Los Angeles – I have to take my car just about everywhere. If I want to get to the airport from Santa Monica, it’s not a matter of swiping a card and relaxing during what should be a stress-free nine mile trip. Instead, I have to get in my car, fight to get on the freeway, and then sit in bumper to bumper traffic for probably at least 45 minutes. Again, this is to go nine miles. If I want to get there in 35 minutes, I can use Waze – but then I have to be on my game, taking every side street and shortcut available.

Either way isn’t much fun.

Contrast this to the amazing systems of Europe, where we’ll be able to hop on the metro and get to another part of town if we’d like. Taxis are relatively affordable (sure, we have Uber in LA, but surge pricing just about kills that). On top of that, we plan to take a day trip to Vienna, Austria. It’s a 250 kilometer train ride, but it costs all of 13 Euros (right now that’s about $15 USD) and gets you there in just two and a half hours.

Simply put, the fact that I won’t have to worry about parking a car for the next two weeks is one of the things I’m most looking forward to. Stay tuned for trip reports and more in the coming days, we’ll see how many of these things to do in Budapest we actually get through. We may just be too hungover every day!

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  1. Uber is a thing in Budapest now. It costs like half a normal taxi ride, so use it.

    Public transport is pretty good usually, but some things can be iffy at the moment.. authorities decided to start the maintenance of several important public transport lines at the same time.

    Even if you don’t like Szimpla Kert, there is no shortage of decent pubs and clubs in that area. (I’m estimating >100 places). The popular places are all near each other by foot, most of them are in the 6th district.

    Have fun.

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