Last updated: September 10, 2019

The USA’s Stance On Immigrants and Foreign Brides



Unfortunately, I get stories like this…way too often.

I’m an American and got totally scammed and deceived. I spent HUGE amounts of time and effort with my Ukrainian bride, now my wife, to insure we were a good match. She was very clever in hiding her problems and real character to make me believe we were really good for each other.

She essentially created a fake character and fake woman to dupe me into marriage so she could get to the USA. I asked about her relationship with her mother and she said it was good.

I asked do you argue? Do you get along with her? Is everything good? She said oh yes, of course!

We have very good relations, everything is normal. Well, AFTER marriage the truth came out that she HATES her mother and says she was abused and neglected growing up. I asked her if she knew anyone in America. She said no, no one. She looked me in the eye and said, “you are the only one in all of America that I know”.

Again AFTER marriage was locked in, I found out her cousin immigrated to America 15 years ago and is a US citizen. This is a small portion of the lies that have come out. I reported all of this to immigration and absolutely do NOT care.

The fake news we hear that they are coming down hard on marriage fraud and immigration fraud is not true. They take no action on it and allow the frauds to stay. I’m a christian and am trying to hold strong to the biblical view of marriage, but she has become increasingly hostile and irritated acting,so I suspect she wont be around much longer.

These frauds are in this for their own benefits and personal gain and have no problem using you and hurting you to get it. They are cold as ice and do not care about you or your feelings of being betrayed.

You know, there’s something that often runs in common with these guys, which is, a lack of responsibility they want to take.

To expect the government and immigration to care that a foreign woman told a few lies to get a visa and green card is ridiculous. You would have been outraged if they didn’t approve her. It’s up to you as the man to screen properly, to vet a woman the right way, and make sure your future, and that of your kids, is good…

You know something else about the government:

  • A government that provides you food gets to fill the food with soy.
  • A government that gives you health care gets to do what they like with your body.
  • A government that provides schooling for your kids gets to choose what they learn.
  • A government that gives you a wife gets no way in how she turns out.

That, my friends, is up to you and you alone…

Which is why I’m considering launching a program for guys looking to get abroad. The focus will be on dating, and serious relationships, but there’s no reason some online business/tax info/general expat advice couldn’t also be worked in.

The membership fee would be high (as in, $50+ a month).

And there would be a private WhatsApp or Telegram group, some sort of monthly calls, and perhaps Q&A podcasts or newsletters.

It’s just an idea, and it’s in infancy, but I like it. I’ve tried these things before. I ran the Dating Abroad Podcast, but eventually ran out of content. I did the Trouble Times newsletter, and same thing. But maybe something that is more user-driven and more user-interactive is the way to do it.

I’m not sure, you tell me, and you can tell me by hitting the jump below and simply entering your email address:

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  1. Just my $.02……he should’ve vetted her better as Kyle says up above; but, since he failed there, he should’ve divorced her ass and killed her visa as soon as the first lies started getting uncovered. ICE would’ve sent her ass packing then.

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