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The Taco Bell Blobbering Beta

Time for the latest Q&A (and comment) to kick off July…


By the way I listened to the podcast you made with Matt Forney about Paris, and you’re right this city is becoming a real shithole. I lived there from 2015 to 2017 (and not far from it during my childhood).


I talked about this in a recent DANET podcast, but yeah…maybe if you’ve got tons and tons of money, Paris could be fun, but there are plenty of places that are far prettier and cleaner than Europe’s former shining star.


Is an age gap of 15 years realistic (the man is 35 years old while the foreign girl is 20 years old)?

Will her family and relatives mind if the man is 35 yrs while the girl is 20?


No, provided you’ve got your shit together.


Somewhere someone told me that if I had a sex before marriage (yuck about marriage btw) that I wouldn’t be successful. That’s the only reason, that fear is why it hasn’t happened yet. That’s my lack of action. I just wish o could at least get a fuck buddy. I’m attractive in the mirror but not in person lol. A girl eye tucked me at taco bell the other day and I wanted to compliment her hair (doh), from experience complimenting beauty doesnt work so I didnt. But then she eye ducked me again. It was great I just didnt know what to say. I’ll go back there this weekend ad see if shes there. But anyway I’d rather have a ferrari than a fling thing. If I had to choose.


This is loser attitude.

The men who are super-commitment happy are the ones who just simply can’t get any women. It’s blatantly obvious…

Trying to pick up women at Taco Bell?

Manage to pull it off, great.

Hoping to make a chance meeting happen by going back to a Taco Bell is probably the most beta thing you could ever do.


If you really think about this, it’s just NOT how things work in 2018 and beyond. People don’t wait until marriage to have sex. If that’s what you seek, you probably ought to move to a place like say…Russia, and try your luck there.

Cause you ain’t going to find it in the West.

She’s a unicorn.

And she’s certainly not eating at The Bell…


Don’t want anything, just want to say thank you for the valuable gems every day.

Kings Code, still the GOAT for getting a Harem.


And, this is the perfect follow-up to the previous Taco Bell email (which I suspect will live in infamy for the foreseeable future). Thanks much!

To not be a Taco-Bell-Blobbering-Beta male, get your copy of “The Code” at the jump below:

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