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The Serial-Cereal Scam

A Selo-Smart man wrote to us recently:

“I use olive oil as a healthy and natural fat and nutritional additive when I do meal prepping for the week.

I heard about the healthy benefits of real olive oil and found out that many brands commonly sold in stores have little of the benefits of the better ones and aren’t processed the same way.

Even for “good” ones in stores, I still can’t be totally confident about what I’m getting.

I’m willing to bet others are the same – just like other product reviews, there’s a market for people seeking out what’s best and they’d like to buy it.

The “Wal-Mart” type crowd might not be interested, sure. However, lots of people aren’t looking for the cheapest product, but the best.”

You know an industry is completely rife with potential problems when your average chef is aware of the fact that many olive oils sold in the stores is…well, not olive oil.

Here’s the thing:

Here at Selo Oils, we recognize there is nothing we can do to solve the problem on a larger-market level. Simply put, we’re small potatoes in the olive oil industry. We are just getting started. The problem of fake olive oil being sold is not something we can fix overnight.

Maybe not ever.

Here’s what we can do:

Bring the best product we can to the market, at the best price that we can as well.

Give people the option to buy a high-quality product. Let them taste the difference. Heck, even feel the difference over time.

It’s a damn shame that olive oil — which has always been thought of as “Liquid Gold” throughout history — is being sold as a fraud, off of it’s legacy.

The legacy of olive oil today is one with many question marks and asterisks.

And at Selo Oils, we’re doing our best to remove them.

Recently, our friend James Holt casually mentioned on Twitter the following about Selo Oils:

“Most exciting brand launching in our sphere – by a massive margin.”

And really, there is something special about it. We’ve built this email list quickly, our social media presence is growing rapidly, and the general excitement is through the roof from what we’ve seen.

It’s surprised us, even though we did, and do, have a lot of confidence in the product through the initial market test done back in January.


We’ve really yet to put our finger on it.

Why are people excited?

What is it about Croatia?

How is olive oil so special?

We’ve searched and searched, and here are the answers we’ve come up with:

People are excited because both Martin and I come from a “digital” background. Lots of people pen e-books, create courses or do “consulting”. All of these have enormously low barriers to entry — anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can theoretically create them — though selling is a whole different discussion.

Whereas with a physical product, you have to have a bit more in place to make it happen. Doubly true for a food product. Triply true if the product is coming from halfway around the world. Quadruply true if the food industry is rife with corruption (hello, olive oil mafia), and from a small country where it’s all about who you know.

At the end of the day, it’s simply not easy to sell Selo — that’s why people are excited.

Croatia, on the other hand…

Well, that’s a bit more explainable.

Certainly, as Game of Thrones has become wildly popular over the years, people have flocked to Dubrovnik to see it in person. And Croatia, in general, is growing as a tourist destination. It’s a hotspot on the sea, that is (not for long) less crowded than Spain or Italy, and is cheaper, too (also probably not for long).

Add in the heroics of the national soccer football team at the recent World Cup. A small nation of 4 million people taking on the behemoths of the world, and making it all the way to the finals…

…and that iconic red/white checkered pattern (that also adorns our bottle, not by coincidence), has certainly upped Croatia’s appeal.

So that’s that.


What is it about olive oil?


As America (and the rest of the world’s) obesity epidemic rages, people are starting to become a bit more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies. Notice how eggs, meat, and all high-fat/low-carb foods have been made into villains in the past decade+?

Instead, people eat processed, sugary cereal that is created in a factory.

People are realizing they’re being sold marketing hype.

And olive oil, once “Liquid Gold” in the eyes of the ancients, is certainly an industry rife with people taking shortcuts with their eyes on some phat profits.

Olive oil has been known as Liquid Gold, and was even used as currency long ago…

Many people hold olive trees, and therefore, olive oil, as a holy type of food that has a special place in their hearts.

So, that’s that.

The best explanation we’ve been able to come up with as to why people are so excited about the Selo story.

Thanks for being apart of the ride.

To get Croatia’s finest olive oil from a small village by the sea near Zadar, head over to:

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