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Hungarian Girls: The Secrets to Success from A to Z

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Back in 2015, people were asking how my trip to Budapest went - namely, how I did with Hungarian girls.

I've since been back to Budapest numerous times, and am happy to report that this post can still help you achieve success with Hungarian women---despite the hordes of British stag parties doing their best to ruin the fun.

Peopled asked me to provide details about Hungarian women on social media, including:

  • Break down step by step how the Hungarian girls responded to your game.
  • Could you be more 'nice' with the Hungarian girls or did the US style work?
  • That would be a great article for us who haven't been there. The more details the better.
  • What time of night seemed optimum for pulling? What did you wear? Stuff like that.

Without further ado, I'll break down my experiences with Hungarian girls.

First Off - About Me


Looks and Style:

I'm 5'8", maybe 5'9" on a good day. 180 pounds, look reasonably big but not shredded.

Always in a blazer at a minimum, with a pocket square and a nice watch.

Usually wore a pair of red sneakers or a nice pair of dress shoes.

I also rocked a red pair of pants quite often on this trip.

I have a full beard with a mustache that doesn't quite connect, and keep it nicely trimmed at all times.

Type of Game:

I'm not a sniper, by any means.

I'm very sociable in general, so it feels natural for me to talk to various people throughout the night. I wouldn't go as far as to call myself an approach monkey, but my friend Jeremy called me a machine more than once on this trip. I have a certain "zone" I can get into in regards to approaching and drinking, and if I hit that spot I am just on fire. Sometimes I go with direct game, and sometimes indirect.

We did a lot of night game and a little bit of day game on this trip, and I made 100+ approaches throughout the ten days; a couple of daygame sessions spread across the ten days and a dozen or so approaches per night when going out.

I'd say this is a reasonably good sample size to make some judgments and answer the questions in detail, so here goes.

hungarian girls

What Hungarian Girls Think Of Americans

When I rolled through Poland for the first time - girls loved me.

I would open a conversation with, "I'm California Kyle", and they'd be intrigued.

However, Wroclaw is a smaller city - most would probably classify it as a second-tier city behind Warsaw and Krakow. So it makes sense that a Californian is practically a celebrity there.

In Budapest, I found that the Hungarian girls were either red hot or ice cold towards me being an American.

Keep in mind that I'm referring to local Hungarian girls, the reactions from fellow tourist girls, who were also visiting Budapest, varied at all times.

With the Hungarian girls, I found it best to withhold my American identity until I'd had a chance to get deeper into the conversation. This meant not opening with, "Do you speak English?" like I often used in Poland last year.

The best opener I used on the entire trip, with the most success was simply, "Hi."

Seems too good to be true, because in America you sometimes have to play monkey game with girls in order to grab their attention. This comes from the sense of entitlement - your "opener" has to be good enough to impress an American girl for her to "gift" you with her time.

"Hi" is a very confident opener.

I found Hungarian girls to be very open to talking to me if I just opened them simply and confidently. Once I did that, being American didn't hurt me - on the contrary, many of them were very impressed. But if I opened with something blatantly American, such as, "Do you speak English?", I was simply blown out of the water. It made me appear as a guy leveraging my American status to talk to girls, and lacking the confidence just to talk to them as a "normal" person.

And I really do mean blown out of the water - ask Jeremy about it. I had a few Hungarian women just turn their back on me, or say "No." --- and that was that.

Hungarian girls gave me some of the harshest rejections of my life.

I'm also not the only one who has observed this.

The simple fact that I didn't open by floating about my citizenship resulted in them being intrigued. I'm obviously not Hungarian. I didn't open them by speaking the language (Hungarian is pretty much impossible unless you've grown up as a native speaker), and my accent certainly doesn't sound Eastern European. So undoubtedly, they'd be intrigued by where in the West I was from. Once they found out where I was from though, it usually became positive. I often made fun of them.

  • Hungarian girl: "Where are you from?"
  • Me: "Los Angeles...have you heard of it?" (Slight grin or wink)
  • Her: "No, never..."(with a smile).

And just like that I'd be off to the races.

Budapest, the home of thousands of stunning Hungarian women...

Does American Game Work On Hungarian Girls?

As you read above, the US style of opening which I often utilize doesn't work. Admittedly, I probably play monkey man more often than I should in the US - but it seems to be what works for me best here; as a shorter guy I often need to simply get my foot in the door and then let my conversation/game skills take over from there.

Overall though, you definitely don't need to run the same level of asshole/player game to get laid as you do in the US. Some of the Hungarian girls don't speak English well enough to understand the sarcasm that is a huge part of our communication here in the States. In addition to that, Hungarian girls are simply nicer. You will find yourself not being an asshole simply because they don't open any doors for you to do so. On the contrary, American girls throw so many repeated shit tests at you it's easy to just smash it out of the park by making fun of them.

Hungarian girls are vastly different simply because they won't belittle you as a way of making their own pussy wet. This doesn't mean you can be less of a man, but it does mean you can lean back and play a little more "nice guy" game with them with the same success.

Let's dig into those more specific questions:

When To Pull Hungarian Women

Hungarian girls

If you're coming from California - brace yourself. There is no last call at 1:30am, the party doesn't even start until later than that. The main tourist bar we went to, Szimpla, closed at 4:00am. The local clubs stayed open as late as 6:00am on some nights. Welcome to Europe.

You might take that to mean that they don't start drinking until 11:00pm or midnight, but that's not the case.

Hungarians will start drinking at the same time us Americans do our "pre-gaming", at 8:00-10:00pm.

They will just continue all night.

It's a tough transition to make and it will take a few long nights of exhaustion before your body adjusts to it.

The best time to pull Hungarian girls really depends on the circumstances.

You definitely will not pull a girl away from anyone at 2:00am like you can in California. Your best bet is honestly to wait until the end of the night, but not until the place closes. It's better to bounce out of there prior to last call because otherwise it just becomes a mad rush. The lights come on and it's not sexy. On top of that, everybody is flocking to the food stands, and you know that will cockblock you.

So if the bar is closing at 4:00am, your best bet is probably 3:30am.

I also would say that I noticed that as the sun came up, Hungarian women seemed to sober up quicker and I didn't see as many hookups going on. So even if you're at a club that stays open until 6:00am, you might want to consider bouncing to another venue before the birds start chirping. That signals to a girl that it's time to get breakfast and sleep in her own bed, not end up in yours.

Much like the lights coming on in a club, the sun coming up and birds chirping isn't sexy. It's simply not conducive to sexy time.

hungarian girls

What Should You Wear?

I always prefer to overdress.

Most nights, I rocked a blue or black blazer, always with a pocket square of course. I paired these with either red, black, or blue pants. My shoes were either a brown pair of boots, a grey pair of dress shoes, or a red pair of sneakers.

The blazer is definitely "my look" that I've worn on dates since the beginning of time, so it's something I'm very comfortable and confident in. At the nice Hungarian clubs I often wore a dress shirt underneath the blazer; tucked in and everything. However, on the more casual nights I preferred to wear a v-neck underneath the blazer.

I did receive some nice comments about my blazers from girls, so they appreciate a man who can dress well. Suits might have been a bit too much at many of the places.

How To Survive A Night Of Drinking In Hungary

Remember, European drinking times differ from Americans, except maybe New York City.

You will need to pace yourself, and this begins at the beginning of the day when you wake up. My days usually looked like this:

  • Go to sleep between 5:00am-7:30am.
  • Sleep until 11:00am-noon.
  • Have lunch, usually a big one.
  • Take an afternoon nap around 5:00pm.
  • Have dinner, lighter than lunch or you'll get lethargic early in the night.
  • Start drinking around 10:00pm - casually. No shots or getting crazy...yet.
  • Consider having a snack around here, too. Just a small sandwich or something.
  • Throughout the night, drink water consistently. If you're getting tired, pump yourself up with a sugary drink like a Vodka Sprite or a Red Bull, if you dare. I also consumed a lot of 5 Hour Energys, which are great hangover preventers, too.
  • If you are changing venues in the middle of the night, it may be worthwhile to consider a snack in between. This does not mean gorging on a large plate of greasy drunk food - I'd say no more than a single slice of pizza. This is to hold you over, more than anything. If you've been up all night and haven't eaten since 7:00pm, it's natural to get hungry at 3:00am.
hungarian girls

5 Easy Hacks To Game Hungarian Girls

If you're a guy who is taking his first trip to the more Eastern European countries (in the West European areas, the US game applies more so), here are the general pieces of advice I would give.

  • The girls will appreciate money. Don't cry and say they're gold diggers. Sex revolves around money, and money revolves around sex. Deal with reality. Sometimes these countries are so poor that the average salary is $400 USD per month. It is not a big deal to pay for her $2 drink for you, so just do it. It's appreciated by her.
  • Find an excuse to get them back to your apartment, assuming you have good logistics. They will be impressed because most of them live in broom closets, or with their parents.
  • Have your apartment stocked with a variety of drinks, especially wine and champagne.
  • Experiment with opening. Some countries will love that you're from the US, and others will take some warming up to you.
  • Dress well because many foreign men don't.
  • Do not get completely drunk. Many of these foreign destinations are hot spots for British stag (bachelor) parties. That means that groups of a dozen men take a cheap Ryanair flight and get blasted all weekend, making sloppy pickup attempts at the local women. Be in control at all times.

Hungarian Women: Closing Thoughts

Hungarian girls are stunning. You can do very well with them as an American, but it's not going to be a walk in the park. Don't plan a trip to Budapest with the anticipation that pussy will fall from the sky.

With that being said, there is no reason you can't clean up with some Hungarian women if you play your cards right and have solid game.

Post 'em below and I'll be happy to answer anything you need to know about Hungarian women.

PS: If you want to meet Hungarian girls, check out this site.

2020 Update - Thoughts On Budapest

While I haven't been out to game and party in Budapest on this level for a while, I've taken a trip there nearly every year since 2015. In addition, quite a few of my connections and associates spend significant time there.

Things have definitely changed...

When I rented a two-bedroom apartment right next to Szimpla Kert in 2015, I think I paid $45/night in April (again, this is 2015).

That same place now would probably cost you at least double.

Budapest is an absolutely stunning city, that is getting all the hype and tourism it rightfully deserves. Of course, this comes with some downsides as well.

  • Prices go up across the board: From both a local and foreigner perspective. Food, apartments, cost of living, all go up.
  • Hordes of tourists: Let's face it, nobody likes having those large Chinese tour groups walking around, blocking sidewalks, and generally just being clueless.
  • Stag parties: Imagine dozens of British guys walking around, totally plastered, hitting on everything that moves, and then puking on the sidewalk at the end of it all. Welcome to a typical weekend in Budapest.

This is also a result of Western Europe having its own set of problems with immigration, as well as being just completely overrun.

And, things have changed in the world.

It's not that "cool" or "trendy" to go to a place like Paris or Barcelona these days.

The younger crowd is looking for more up-and-coming places, and Budapest, for better or worse, pretty much fits that description perfectly. I don't see the popularity waning anytime soon, it's getting right up there with Prague as far as popularity, and doesn't show any times of stopping.

The best times in Budapest might be over, that's just reality.

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  1. Hey,
    This is my first time posting on your blog..
    Just wanted to make a comment to thank you for writing up this lengthy and detailed post. I learnt about yourself through C McQueen and have been watching your blog ever since.
    I’m from Scotland myself and having visited Budapest for a couple of days, back in 2012 as part of an interrailing trip, I had earmarked this city as a place to come back and game when I’m older because of the quality of girls.
    3 years on and here I am today, sitting at the airport ready to fly to Budapest for a week with alot more game knowledge and experience under my belt.
    Myself and a buddy are flying here exclusively to daygame and nightgame till we drop..
    Oh and this time round I’ve got logistics on lock with a massive apartment I found on airBnB just round corner from Szimpla!
    It’s even got a jacuzzi and a sauna so makes for an easy excuse to bounce girls back..
    I’ll try my best to take notes and hopefully provide a follow up report on my experience in Budapest over the next 6 days..
    But gottah catch my flight now.. Let the fun begin 🙂
    – Kash

      1. You help people fornicate, having sex the way you do will cost you, demons are real and payback time is soon… then you remember this: Ask for the Spirit of Christ until you see Him and don’t take the medications to block the anxiety attacks and sleepless nights that are coming your way friend. IF anyone asks Jesus to see Him in a dream at night he will come… but you have to ask to feel heaven here, its better than sex even… its called Living Water and if you ask Jesus he will give it and show you but you have to ask for a few night or weeks and stop sinning… as I said soon you will know what I mean by demons and anxieties… peace.

      2. I am trying to help you and all the girls you take to bed from future anxiety… This energy you have now to go out and do this is going to drain out of you if you do not quit and cash out soon. I have seen it happen to the best of them. I am telling you these are Gods daughters and you too are His Son and your purpose in life is to receive what’s called the Spirit of Christ to taste Eternal Life here. You can’t take all this fruit free and think you will get away with it. There is a spiritual accounting taking place and surely it will come back to you asking for payment. Then you will beg Jesus for the Spirit of Christ out of a bed of suffering if you do not stop this my brother. I know you think you are helping people but you are spreading deceptive techniques. I have met the devil and God and you will too… as for a vision of the Living Water from Jesus to see what you are missing, if you knew what that felt like you would stop all you do and seek it out.

          1. Alex.. don’t listen to Kyle. I found what you said To be very beneficial and it certainly is true. God made sex to be wonderful and created us in his Perfect Image but not to go around and fornicate and live a life of debauchery having sex with a bunch of beautiful young Hungarian women just for the sake of having sex. So please keep on preaching God’s word and keep on being you! God bless you man. (:

          2. Yo thanks Kyle me and buddy are headed to Budapest this spring break your blog was on point. Blazers it is boss

          3. I will forsure! Did you use tinder in Budapest haha I always turn mine on when I travel. Why not right. Is it pretty safe down there? Any clubs or bars you recommend? I’m from Miami I’m looking forward to it ????

          4. Where are you staying? Did you already book a spot?
            Local talent = Kraft, Otkert
            Tourists = Szimpla

            All depends which area you’re in.

            You’ll kill it on Tinder, and from what I here it’s perfectly safe.

          5. Will do thanks for the tips. What’s up with the bath parties? It’s funny you say that my buddy just texted me saying check out these bath party pictures!!! Lol

          6. They’re a giant cockfest.

            At least 5 dudes to 1 girl by midnight. That’s best case scenario.

            Add in the sperm and condoms you’ll see floating nonchalantly around and it’s just not worth it. Seriously you’ve been warned – don’t go! Especially if you’re on a limited time frame.

  2. You are a disgusting, sexist, fucking ugly man who speaks about Hungarian Girls like whores. And this really really makes me angry, not just because I am a Hungarian Girl, just because I am a woman. I hardly recommend you to go fuck yourself and your money, you narrow-minded moron!

    1. Anna I agree 100%. Please know that not all American men are complete douchebag assholes like this Kyle. I have many Hungarian friends and they are beautiful, inside and out and my female Hungarian friends are kind and caring. And this guy is disgusting and does not speak for me or many American men.. So please know that there are a lot of kind gentlemen out there that have nothing but respect For Hungarian women and all women for that matter. (:
      Magyar Angyals ?

        1. Then why would this guy be creeping on your site if he is so disgusted? Perhaps he has fantasies of performing “cleanup duty” or at best the sloppy seconds.

          Keep up the good work.

  3. 😀 What kind of real loser r u? This shit made me laugh and cry at the same time. (A hungarian girl who u could never ever touch…asshole!)

    1. Cerna, right! Thank you! You just answered your own question. a “loser” – plain and simple- is the kind of person that posts is garbage ? I have many wonderful Hungarian female friends and like you they would be laughing at this idiot.. and any woman that would spend any time with him obviously has no self-respect. He would not know a Magyar Angyal if she fell from the sky and hit him in the head ?

      grow up Kyle, you give real American men a bad name.

  4. Lol man, you really think Hungarian girls will fuck with you just because you are a sexist American with a horrible personality and an even worse face, just because you have money? And yeah, sure man, write us down as stupid chicks, because “Oh, poor, stupid Central-European girl needs to feel how good it is to have sex with a Real American Macho.” Hah. Sure. And of course you had to write down the sentence where the girl doesn’t know about Los Angeles. First of all, I’m 99% sure it’s fake, and second, tell me please, how many Americans know about Hungary? But I’m certainly hoping this was a joke, it would only show that your sense of humour is terrible. Because if you’re really such a loser like this, then I’m starting to feel sorry for you. (And even more sorry for my poor country. We don’t deserve people like you here.)

  5. This is incredible sexist, stereotipical. Do not ever listen to this guy, we are not like this. If you really want to have these easy sex, you don’t even have to come here, a girl doesnt have to be Hungarian to drop her panties for a 2 dollars drink and a nice flat, it’s enough if she is a dumbass slut. I’m Hungarian and I’m not shamed because I had sex with foreign guys, but all these craps what this guy is writing here is a bullshit. Seriously man, go and fuck yourself, or your followers, but definitely not us.

      1. I really cannot believe that you can’t see how problematic is what you wrote…it’s full of with stereotypes, with sexism, you demote us, based on this article we are cheap easy sluts, who drop their clothes for a cheap vodka and a nice flat…wtf man seriously. I don’t know when I was so pissed last time for somebody. And yeah just as somebody commented it, it’s not only bothering because im a Hungarian woman, but because i’m a woman in generally…

        1. You do realize that most American men HATE American women. We are actively leaving the country to find better. Do you not want Hungarian girls to have a chance to meet confident, successful American men who are genuinely looking for greener pastures than they can find in America?

          If I didn’t love my experience with Hungary I wouldn’t have written the article.

          1. Look, there is nothing wrong between sex and there is nothing wrong with one night stand, sex with foreign people blabla, these are all individual decisions. I don’t give a fuck either if American men come here whatever. Which is wrong is the tone. You are giving “advices”, but these advices really show a bad imagine about women in generally, about Hungarian women, about Hungary. It’s like a ridicolous “how to fuck a Hungarian women” tutorial. You really cannot see how bad is the imagine what you show about us?

          2. “between sex and there is nothing wrong with one night stand, sex with foreign people blabla”

            If there’s nothing wrong with sex, what’s wrong with the article talking about sex with Hungarian girls?

            Also, please tell me where you found this article.

          3. :DD man, it sounds like you are saying that cheap drinks and fancy flats are so impressive for poor, miserable Hungarian girls that it’s easy to tempt us like this. You really cant feel whats wrong w this?:D i mean, yeah, i guess it happens with some women but writing a whole article and generalize it…it’s disgusting. Also this sentence, that the girl did not know where is Los Angeles…i have doubts that this conversation really happened, but you really had to highlight this one? Unbelievable. And I can’t tell you since a friend sent this to me.

          4. Noooooooo. I repeatedly said Hungarian girls were actually very TOUGH. Yes, a nice apartment impresses anyone. And I said you should buy her a drink. I did not say that it was automatic sex if you did that. You are assuming 😉

            As for the conversation about Los Angeles – she knew what it was. She was being sarcastic and playing along.

            It seems like you wanted to assume a lot of things about this article, but try reading it again without the “he’s an asshole” bias. I think you will find that I actually said you needed to be charming and confident to do well with Hungarian girls as a foreigner.

            Thank you for the comments regardless.

          5. Not really. By answering as nicely as possible and being sarcastic he kind of achieves to make the commenters look hysterical raging bitches, although they just share their feelings. Funny thing is until I have read the part about money, being poor and living in small apartments I did not have a problem with this “article”. Because he has his own mindset, priorities and it is to fuck with women, not date them or get to know them or whatever. That is fine, as long as you respect your partner, who has also decided to hook up with you. And this is where it goes wrong, this is not a description on how to have sex with women who also want to have sex with you, but how to try to exploit them while thinking money is all that takes to get them.

          6. This is a lack of reading comprehension here…

            I’m actually a nice guy. Go read all my comments on all the posts here. I’m generally pretty laid back. This article has been taken so out of context.

          7. “By answering as nicely as possible and being sarcastic he kind of achieves to make the commenters look hysterical raging bitches, although they just share their feelings.”

            Res ipsa loquitur. The commentators are making themselves look like hysterical raging b***ches!

          8. They are making a point- and that’s how we do it. (Hungarian mentality lesson number 01.) But no problem, the op has already quit with the nice guy act, so now we are on the same level.

          9. “We are immature and make unnecessary attacks, but that’s how we are as Hungarians.”

            I respond nicely.

            Continued unnecessary attack.

            I up the fire a bit.

            “OP quit with the nice guy act, wahhh he’s mean!!!”

            Goodness Binky, how dense are you?

          10. Lol. Sure. You just admitted at another post that some sentences might have been a bit too harsh. If you had sooner done that, you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble. How dense are you?

          11. Yes, use the same words I use. Clever.

            Just because I admitted that would PROVE that I’m being quite nice. It doesn’t mean I will edit it.

            Also, look at the comments. I’ve been more than kind.

          12. You are not making a lot of sense you know. Also just a little thought for the day: Getting defensive doesn’t ooze self-confidence. Admitting your mistakes and still standing tall does. Or don’t admit it and accept being called a douchebag as a consequence. Don’t be naive.

          13. Where have I gotten defensive?

            I have simply argued points, despite the vile attacks on myself. Almost everyone prefers to just continue attacking me rather than make an argument with substance.

            I’ve admitted that some sentences could be taken poorly, but also have said that overall I think it was a pretty mild article. That doesn’t mean it was a *mistake*; but I can admit I can see why it riled some people up.

          14. I could cite a lot of your comments to answer that question. People are not going to point out nicely where you have offended them, that’s what i partly mean by saying dont be naive.

          15. Of course, but people should also be willing to step back and objectionably, without bias, say “Okay…what did he really mean by this? Am I projecting this article to my own reality?”

            The phrase “treat others the way you want to be treated” rings true. Sure, I offended some people. I also have the right to free speech. So if they attack me with vile and hate, I am pretty within my rights to simply respond with the same tone back.

            And I haven’t.

            I’ve tried to bring out the logical discussions with peace and calm. You and I are having one now. We don’t have to agree on the subject matter, but you can at least be civil and make your points, which I appreciate.

            Naive though – naw, I know I piss people off. But you can dislike a subject matter without breaking into pure hysteria (like most commenters here have). I would expect harsh criticism, but the majority of the comments here have been far more offensive and hateful than the actual article itself, example:

            “You are a disgusting, sexist, fucking ugly man who speaks about Hungarian Girls like whores. And this really really makes me angry, not just because I am a Hungarian Girl, just because I am a woman. I hardly recommend you to go fuck yourself and your money, you narrow-minded moron!”

            Far worse than my actual article, wouldn’t you agree?

          16. It’s no wonder if you offend someone you will get offensive comments, right? As for the swearing- this is pretty mild, we are known to be hot-headed and having a filthy mouth. But that doesn’t mean what’s behind that isn’t a true feeling. So if you get a response like that- that means you have offended someone so deeply. The same quote right back at you “treat others the way you want to be treated”. If you imply that hungarian (women) live in puny flats and are poor and charmed by money and flashy flats, we are going to imply you are an obnoxious bastard (and see i write that to you without any real malice, i am not clenching my fists). I don’t know if you have this idiom but we say “when everyone drives on the wrong side of the highway…” which means if everyone is completely against you maybe they are not the one at fault, but you… Still, as i have stated before, I don’t really have a problem with the rest of this aticle, but that paragraph really made me mad. It sounds disdainful, I don’t want to hear that from someone of a different nationality.

          17. I’m amazed at your calm, correct, and tolerant argumenting culture. Unfortunatelly this culture is not typical here in Hungary, and actually I am really sad about it. As a commenter told You before “this is how we do”. If You accidentally tread on someones toe, he may kick you in the stomach for it. You say “I’m sorry, i din’t do it on purpose, and was it necessary to kick me so hard for it?” And You get “Don’t wonder, after what You did to me”. I think it’s because most of us are abused at work and/or in other social surfaces.Most of us have bosses, colleges, sometimes parents or partners, who treat us like shit, but for some reason we don’t stand for ourselves, we are afraid to lose a job, or parents support, we just swallow, and some of us compensate this on the internet. You cant imagine how bad is the situation around that here. You can’t write an interesting article with open (or uncensored, or tolerately censored) comment section, without a lot of this hatred flaming on it. And the feminism situation? As You can see here on your own site…

            Yea, It makes me feel a bit bad too as a poor hungarian guy, that You can just come here, and easily buy a few drink for women, and amaze them with a fancy big flat or something, and no need the half of your monthly income to do it. But I can realize, you are innocent about my “misery”, actually You are helping guys like me with this article. Anyway, try not to have a picture about our nation based on how we act on internet. We have a lot of agressive commentwarriors, but i bet, these warriors act the most servile at their jobs/family/relationship…
            My best wishes from Hungary (33 years old hungarian man).

          18. Thank you for an amazing comment and for your support.

            It is easy to remain calm and poised when it’s on the internet. As you said, most people talking a big game here are keyboard warriors. Most wouldn’t have the courage to say these things to me in person.

            And yes, this article has made me think a bit – about the fact that I don’t fully know what it’s like to grow up and be poor. I was blessed in that sense. But as always, there are tradeoffs for everything. I grew up in a country where women hate men, where many women are fat and unpleasant, and had to go through the journey of “breaking out.” Now that I built a business and managed to “escape”, yeah – I get to live a bit more comfortably. Maybe it’s not “fair”, but what is to stop all of these hateful Hungarian people leaving comments from starting an internet business that gets paid in US dollars?

            In any case – a bit off topic but you see my point. Thanks again for your support. I’ll probably return to Budapest later this year, so if you’re still reading the blog then, get in touch.

            We’ll grab a beer – it’s on me.

          19. Also, it’s worth saying…yes, I am the “OP” – but this is MY WEBSITE.

            You have come to my house vehemently attacking me with no logic, but senseless rage.

            I’ve been MORE than kind.

          20. Now I am reading the comments, especially yours, I see he really does not understand why the article is so offensive to Hungarian women, Hungary, and women in general. The problem is he takes the feeling of attraction and applies it to people as pleasure for pleasures sake. It is not raising anyone’s esteem to be treated like this. The man behaves like an animal–and not like a wolf or eagle, building with his mate, but like a dog (unscrupulous) or a fish, seeding everywhere. What he writes about attraction is true but artificial, fabricated, that is why you say he is the cheap one. You are right. Hungarian women are not raised to be treated like this. That is why they make such good wives compared to Americans, English, German etc women. Also for kyle to write like this and say “I don’t like American women” and “don’t they deserve a chance to be with an American man” makes me wonder why you cannot control the women in your own country. and i take issue with foreign men coming to Hungary for the women…we Hungarians have dealt with that in the past and do not like it. Instead of wearing the mask of a lion while you behave like the bird who lays eggs in another birds nest, find where you have esteem in your life, become the lion.

          21. Well, I reckon that’s subjective as I’m quite content with my attitude. 🙂

            I’m bowing out now. Nothing more to add.

  6. One very simple advise for the followers of this asshole. Do you want to get girl? RESPECT HER instead of writing and talking sexist bullshit… Come on…

    1. One of the fb sites that’s originally purpose was to speak up against victim blaming, but posts on other social issues as well. I have to say that as a hungarian woman-from an international background- what really annoyed me how you blatantly describe that hungarian women can be bought by money (since they are poor and have trouble starting their lives on their own…this is aggravating enough on it’s own, c’mon no one chose or deserved to be born in one country or another). The very reason those women rejected you was the same contemptuous attitude you just showed in that single paragraph. Yes, many of my fellow women do appreciate someone not looking down on them, and no wonder they are nice to you if you also act nice, and maybe they do appreciate you inviting them out, but not because we are poor or we are hungarian or we are …anything, apart from being women having fun at a bar. I would appreciate it if next time you visited Budapest you really tried to make an effort and talk to these women, and maybe get to know them. (Or just forget it, a pussy doesn’t need a mouth afterall…)

      1. I never said that Hungarian women melt for money and will jump into bed for you.

        I said that as an American visiting, you should pay for the date because your earning power is much greater.

        It’s simply good manners. You are reading it wrong.

        1. If you have put it that way- i would have still found it offending, but it’s still more subtle. Also you are wrong here. It’s not because your earning ower is much greater, but because you would like to be nice to someone, and our culture values a man inviting a woman out for a drink as a polite gesture. In case you would like to pick up a dutch woman, you wouldn’t have to invite them out, since it is not really a thing to do there… so yes “courting behavior” is as different as every country, and men and women attitudes towards sex and dating are generally different. It’s not their socioeconomic status that matters. If you would have bought me a drink I wouldn’t appreciate it because oh wow, you are american with a greater earning power but oh you are trying to be nice to me and get to know me by inviting me out…it has nothing to do with YOUR nationality or MY income, so making this sort of connection is not just unnecessary and logically incorrect but also offending.

          1. EXACTLY.

            This is a site geared towards AMERICAN men. In AMERICA, you don’t pay for drinks for women. You get taken for a ride.

            (I realize this was linked from a Hungarian Facebook site, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a site geared towards American and Western men.)

            Essentially, that line is saying, “Hey, it’s different in Hungary…women appreciate the drink (PLUS it’s literally nothing for you), so don’t play the games we play in America. Just buy the drink.”

            OTHERWISE, your average American man would say something like, “You buy me a drink,” and guess what – you’d be even MORE offended than you are at this post.

            You are projecting your own views from what you see as (evil) instead of looking at the big picture.

          2. What I can see is you are trying to save your own ass. Why would you have to include how much the average salary is to point out the booze is relatively cheap for you? If the gentlemen here can convert huf to dollar which requires basic math skills than it shouldn’t be a problem… As for inviting out women- nothing wrong with that, but not because you are “rich” and we are “poor”. Why don’t you try to see what offended so many people here?

          3. “I don’t care what you say.” Then maybe you shouldn’t respond? Or even care what all these women, women you potentially wanted to fuck think about your “game plan”? Not a really good businessman I must say 🙂 No, you haven’t said that, but if you did read my posts attentively I also never implied you have said that. No one debated about whether buying a drink or showing a flashy apartment will work wonders. Half of the women don’t think so and the other might agree. (This is another topic.) But the connection you made here is what hurt our national (not just womanly) pride. Simple as that. You are the only one who spent a generous amount of effort trying to defend your statement. You are the one who supposedly wants to create a useful guide for whatever purpose. You are the one who gets profit out of it. So why don’t you listen to your “product”? Seriously.

          4. I don’t want to fuck any girl who comments here. I respond because it’s my website, and it’s my general policy that I respond to everyone and everything.

            honest question: do you live in America or Hungary?

          5. I live in another european country with pleanty of international experience (yes i know a lot of americans also…), but i am hungarian.

          6. It’s very apparent he doesn’t live in America because if he did, he would know THIS IS WHAT AMERICAN MEN WANT. The Internet is flooded with sites like this. Porn is one of the biggest money making industries on the net. If Kyle can give some of these men advice on how to approach women, they might be able to put down that mouse and pick up a bar tab. So if Kyle gets something every time someone visits his site, it’s also a revenue source. So how “dump” is he now Tereza?

  7. Hi, im from Budapest. Sorry for my retard fellow-countrymen, they cant really stand the truth. Im sure they are rotting at home during Friday/Saturdays night and got nothing to do with the city center’s night life.
    Though Im sure most of them only upset because you wrote that “broom closets” line.
    That was funny 😀
    But all the other things are true. Average salary in Budapest (not in Hungary, so excluding the shitty countyside) is still just ~750 USD, thats a fact, so why we Hungarians are surprised that money can be “charming” for women. Of course it doesn’t mean that they are with you because of your money, but it can play a significant role.
    All the guys are crying that “women want money, they are gold diggers etc” but when a foreigner writes that in a blog they are outraged. LOL.
    Keep hooking up with hot but poor Eastern European girls my man 8)

      1. “Sex revolves around money, and money revolves around sex. Deal with reality.” – are you fucking dump or what is wrong with you?!?! You must have a very shallow, pathetic and miserable life, mate…

          1. Perfect reply, thank you. (You speak your native language very well, congratulations. This is really something.)

  8. I read this article in the morning and I still don’t know what to say. I am hesitating between considering you as an utter prick or just a sad loser. I am not at all surprised American women ignore you after what I’ve just seen here. You must have very low self-esteem to have to travel overseas to find some naive, vulnerable women who fall for the ‘Big American Mastah’. You are cheap and easy, not the girls! I don’t even hate you, I feel sorry for you. Have a life and grow up!

      1. I read the whole article and the more I read the more it disgusted me. I am pretty damn sure you you would find male fans in Hungary who would admire you and follow you with big blue eyes, we are not lacking those sad losers (like Pete) in Hungary. I think you are lucky that you don’t understand the local language, most girls are quite eloquent in their ways to send you to hell

          1. I see it ‘logically’: the girls didn’t like your article, Pete did. So go ‘enjoy your time’ with Pete, he appreciates your two dollar drinks 😉 If you don’t like opinions different frim yours, you are not only a sad loser, but a coward, as well.

          2. Kyle, you should find a good therapist, you have serious issues with your self-esteem and I am saying this with the utmost benevolence despite seeing all the dirt in this page. Going abroad to seduce naive, gullible girls will not help you to overcome those issues as first you will have to work on yourself in order to become attractive to your fellow countrywomen. You are lying to yourself, Kyle, but it does not entitle you to take revenge on inexperienced young girls. They might get seriously hurt, some Asian girls even commit suicide after ‘adventures’ like the ones you describe. And no, Kyle, this is not an ‘oops’ factor, you have responsibility. Financial or psychological superiority DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU to take advantage of young girls, even if they are not too intelligent. They are human beings with feelings and vulnerability, si stop this bullshit immediately. I hope you will find long term happiness with a nice woman. Try to overcome your hurts.

          3. Oh, are you not?
            Do you really present yourself as who you are? Do you tell girls straight away that you are a pick up artist and they are just one of your trophees? Do you tell them that they will be kicked out of bed after you had sex with them? Do you tell them that you are just using them to boost your damaged self-esteem? That they are nothing to you but mere objects? That you don’t see women as possible companions, you are just aiming to rub your feet in them? Have you never deceived them?

          4. This will get you nowhere! If you want to improve men’s self esteem (or yours) learn to respect yourself first and then you won’t engage in one night stands. Get a hobby or some passion, read books, travel to see the world (and not get drunk and fuck bimboes!). Sensible women appreciate excellence and self-esterm based upon real achievements. Some American women I know are really sweet and hot, and not shallow at all. You don’t have to be filthy stinking rich to attract their attention, you just need to get rid of the anxiety that prevents you from having the courage to approach them. Plus you have to treat them with respect. The tricks you are using are simply ridiculous, they only work on inexperienced teenagers. Yea, in the US it’s a crime. In Hungary it is not, I know. In Hungary girls are not always educated to stand up for themselves and neither are Polish, Czech or Slovakian girls, so some of them are an easy prey with very low self esteem (mostly due to childhood abuse!) You should not use your privileged position to take advantage of their weakness, because that’s a power issue and you know that. Privilege is not only power but also responsibility, remember that. And don’t you dare calling them sluts. If they are sluts, what are you?

          5. Men, this is exactly what you DON’T do: listen to women about women.

            You don’t ask a fish how to fish. You ask the fisherman.

            BTW, you just proved my point. I said “self improvement for men”. Not PUA. This means fitness. Money. Travel. Culture. Experience.

            Not cheesy lines. I never teach that.

            Please work on your reading comprehension and learn to control your emotions better.

          6. Men, this is exactly what you DON’T do if you want to have a meaningful relationship with a sensible woman: NOT listen to women talk about women

            You don’t objectify women if you want a true companion. If you are straight, only honest, two-way relationship with women will make you happy. If you are latent gay, come out and be yourself.

            Self improvement for men means helping them achieve inner peace and self respect. This is hard work and you can’t achieve this by cheap tricks.

            If you use your White Anglo-Saxon Male position to seduce Asian or Eastern-European women, you are not only abusing your privilege, but you are an agressor and a racist prick, as well.

            Kyle, if you don’t want to be seen as a PUA, work on your writing skills

            Peace my friend

          7. Kyle, you ignorant, entitled prick! You wouldn’t stand a chance with a girl who doesn’t have botox for brains, like your adversary here. I don’t even understand why she bothered to engage in verbal combat with you when you’re clearly not smart or open-minded enough to listen to actual intelligent arguments. But you know, what makes me really angry? That it is people like you who make it hard for people like me to approach sensible women, because I have to spend hours convincing them that I’m not an ignorant asshole like the majority of guys, who don’t give a rat’s ass about what women think or feel. I have to clean up your mess, brother, deal with their low self-esteem caused by you, provide therapy for the abuse guys like you unwittingly commit. And you know what? I don’t marry them either, but at least I make them feel worth something and believe in themselves, and realize that there indeed are men in this sad world who are intelligent enough for them to come out of their hiding and show their true selves. You, my friend, will never ever really get a woman. You will just be a toy who think’s he’s the player. And it’s ok, because you don’t deserve more. But please, don’t ever come back to Hungary.

          8. @truthfultrouble:disqus Wow i am stunned by the comment section and your ability to argue with people to the bitter end.
            Dont listen woman who tells you about woman reminded me of nietzsche -> also sprach zarathustra.
            He made the honest conclusion: dont ever talk with a woman about woman.
            and what a perfect plot when i saw daniel tuning in with his disappointment about how woman really are and his ignorance about it.
            thanks for the friendzone point.
            the world is even more messed up my friend.
            i dont know anymore if nietzsche said it or we came to the conclusion ourselfs but: fake love is better/healthier than real love.
            like 8 years ago i started with the same naive and nice type like daniel and your former character.
            wasnt the passion, interest, love and good will real?
            Or just not convincing enough because of the bad experiences they made.
            Haha i even would go that far that the whole model of relationship is outdated and thats the reason why even good man and high class woman cant be happy together.

            If my power wouldnt be empty from all my experiences you would be one of a handful people i would recrute for our elite team for the world domination.
            Sincerly a former lover of life

          9. Being American citizens, you unfortunately do not get a say in our visa status. We can go wherever, whenever. And guess what, I’m in Budapest as I’m writing this. Getting ready to hit up one of Kyle’s suggested spots. So do your self a favor, stay in your broom closet, babysit your $750 monthly income (my child support is more than this) and learn to hate the game not the player.

            In essence all you have accomplished is that you proved to be inferior.

            Hey Kyle, I hate to say this but I have a slight advantage over you… I was born in Budapest and lived here till I was 7. So I speak the language a little. My plan will be to open the conversation in Hungarian and when they realize the accent and ask… That’s when I’ll tell them I inherited my grandmothers broom closet and I come here to take a break from my 2500 square foot house in Texas.

          10. Well said brother. Keep fighting to keep your beautiful country/culture/women safe from western foreign assholes. I love Hungary so much, I will fight to keep as many assholes away from your country, I don’t want it to end up like most western country, full of douchebags and hateful/frustrated/masculine feminists.. Greetings from France !

          11. I don’t see how his self-esteem is damaged… Quite the contrary if you ask me. The only ones with “damaged self-esteems” are the ones going home with Kyle. And is someone bitter because they are not getting the attention from the “wealthy foreigners”?

            If I were a car salesman writing an article about the most efficient and productive way to do my job, are you waiting in the peanut gallery to tell me how I take advantage of first time car shoppers?

            Now, let’s debate the manipulative tendencies of women…. Do you really want to go there? What goes around, comes around!

          12. And how long have you been in America, if so?

            I’m not taking advantage of anyone. Your head is quite far in the clouds. I don’t manipulate. I simply present myself as who I am, talk to girls, and they want to have sex with me.

            If that’s “taking advantage of”, time for a reality check.

  9. I am a 30 year old Hungarian living in the US. I would agree with MOST of your story. I did find it a bit insulting when you mentioned “living in a broom closet” but after thinking back to how life was back there, I will have to admit, apartments/houses are not very big there. I personally don’t like Hungarian men, my experience knowing some, their egos are just not my style. Everything is about who drives the nicest car, who has a bigger TV etc. American men are also somewhat assholes, but if you find a good guy, he is a loyal friend and an amazing partner. Hungarian girls can somewhat be cold, but I think that too many Hungarian girls the glitz amd glamour. I have yet to meet a “modern” Hungarian who can dress down, ride dirt bikes, change the oil filter on their car but still be able to dress up and have fun. I am glad that I live in America.

    1. Adrienne, thanks for an excellent and fair comment. I will not disagree, the broom closet remark was perhaps slightly insensitive, but I’d say the same thing about most places in Europe; as well as NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago in the US.

      I have to agree with you – most Hungarian girls didn’t seem to like their own men. Neither do Polish girls here in Poland.

  10. I feel a bit ambivalent after reading your article and the comments underneath. At first I found it entertaining in a weird way, althought I understand why people find it offensive. On one hand you offended the hungarian men (they can’t be well-dressed, they are commonly poor, they live in a mousehole, and of course they can’t get the hungarian girls who you twist around your little finger in a few hours), and on the other hand you successfully offended women all around the world. Not bad. 😀 I’ve read a few articles from men like you (about “how to get chicks” and “how to be a man”, “how to walk like a man”, “how to eat like a man”, “how to tie your shoes like a man”), so I’m not surprised but I can imagine what they feel if you’re the first Be A Man trainer they’ve ever met.

    You make us the “same”. Like a game, a puzzle with a simple solution. “If you write letter ‘A’ in the stead of the ‘flower’ symbol, you win.” You don’t say directly (or DO you?), but you imply that girls just things you can get, but you don’t have to appertain to, they are sweet, stunning, nice things, but objects without real identity.

    And THAT makes us sad and angry. We like to hear that hungarian girls are nice, beautiful, sexy and etc., because we feel that we can be one of that nice, beautiful and sexy women who deserve your desire. Then we realize that that’s all. Cause your desire doesn’t take long and it seems we don’t deserve more. You can get the next one any time.

    And at last I have a question, something I never understand. Why are you ‘self-improvement coaches’ and ‘pick-up artist’ and else all alone? Why? You have all the tools to get the smartest, sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world, the one you love and respect the most. Why don’t you do it?

    If you were a husband/boyfriend of a happy woman who never regret the moment when she gave you a chance, I could do nothing but believe you. I would say all of the men who gave up that follow you, keep your advises in their mind, beacuse you’re the proof there IS a result…

    But no.

    Cause you just give them one more reason to not try to love and understand women, it’s enough if they know how to treat them.

    … I almost forget: sorry for my bad english, I’m just a hungarian girl with a poor language. Hope you understand.

    1. Your English is great! I have no problems understanding what you meant.

      I definitely never said Hungarian girls were easy: “And I really do mean blown out of the water – ask Jeremy or Lucky about it. I had a few Hungarian girls just turn their back on me, or say “No.” and that was that. Hungarian girls gave me some of the harshest rejections of my life.”

      Your comment here is key: “You make us the “same”. Like a game, a puzzle with a simple solution. “If you write letter ‘A’ in the stead of the ‘flower’ symbol, you win.” You don’t say directly (or DO you?), but you imply that girls just things you can get, but you don’t have to appertain to, they are sweet, stunning, nice things, but objects without real identity.”

      “Game” on girls is universal. Nearly every girl responds to it in some capacity. But what “Game” really is – is be the best man you can. Be smart. Be cultured. Be confident. Be charismatic. All of it boils do to is this: girls respond to powerful, attractive men. So “Game” = be powerful and attractive.

      I do believe every girl can have her own unique qualities, but also believe that every girl responds to “Game” to a degree. Just like how all men respond to a beautiful face, and nice boobs and ass. It’s simply how we are meant to be.

      “And at last I have a question, something I never understand. Why are you ‘self-improvement coaches’ and ‘pick-up artist’ and else all alone? Why? You have all the tools to get the smartest, sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world, the one you love and respect the most. Why don’t you do it?”

      I’m not alone.

      I had a girlfriend in Los Angeles:

      Now that I’m in Poland, I have a couple of girls I’ve been dating who I genuinely enjoy.

      But yes, many guys who teach this stuff are alone, or incapable of settling. Part of it is that once you “Game” enough, it does become sad to realize that MANY girls ARE practically the same. My goal is to find the top tier girls in life and settle with one of them (probably ten years or so).

      Every guy is different, I can only speak for myself.

      Thank you for your insightful comment and I hope my response answers your questions.

  11. Have a bunch of money, dress like a foreign low level Casanova… do typical US things… in a shitty city where the locals 3/5 do (everything) a lot for a small luxury, or in fact: for to pump out a little more money from an idiot abroader… you are a genius! Lets go and buy some more red pants Papa Smurf, or even buy a violet one to expand your “hunting grounds”…

    1. Waaahahahaha. This is some funny shit…Papa Smurf. Are you aware of the peacocking, sir? Kyle dresses in a stylish and slightly flamboyant way because women are like little children: they are attracted to bright colors and shiny things. Keep up the good work Kyle this hater is just jealous because he can’t afford a good pair of red pants to rock out in Budapest.

  12. Haha, I just imagine those girls writing the same blog about You: “How to seduce a rich Americain? Girls, they earn like xxxx$ over there, don’t be shy accepting a 2$ drink from them, they will feel charming and important… When you go to his place, just keep playing the naiv center-europian girl, big eyes, like someone who have never seen a flat bigger than 40 squaremeter…” 😀 So… I just wonder who is the fish and who is the fisher(wo)man in this game… 😉
    (Before you ask: I’m Hungarian, 32, and please don’t start correcting my mistakes, english is not my native language.)

  13. There are a lot of hateful comments here from hungarian men and women. I think it is not the opinion of whole country.

    I think it is because of the facebook site, that shared this article a day ago. This facebook site is about sexual crime, and that women are just victims. (“Nem tehetsz róla, tehetsz ellene”.) The site shared this article with a long hateful comment, and the people readnig this could see just the same. In addition, peolpe liking this facebook site may had close contact with sexual crime, so they are pretty sensitive to articles like this.

    It may help understand the reactions from Hngary.

    (Sorry for my really bad English, I am Hungarian, 22.)

    1. Thank you for your comment and kind words! I tried to translate the Hungarian to English but it didn’t make much sense. Thank you for letting me know – I had no idea it was a Facebook page about sex crime.

      It does explain a lot. I appreciate you sharing. And your English is great!

  14. Lol. After reading your article, “How to try picking up dumb bitches in any random country” seems to me more fitting a title. Though I’m not sure if the dumb bitch is the one who acts like that or the one who believes the act. Long live the sexuality and its intricacy.

  15. What a comical comment section.

    What I see here is a load of butthurt women not liking the reflection they are seeing when the mirror is held up to them. We live in a time when to state simple truths about human nature is not permitted.

    Women have exchanged youth and beauty for wealth and status since our biological origins. That doesn’t change just because everyone thinks they’re a special snowflake in the 21st century. You’re always going to do better in a poorer country if you come from a more wealthy one, it’s not exactly rocket science.

    Don’t forget, if this simple fact was embraced as common knowledge (as it was throughout history), suddenly 30+ year old washed up sluts or ugly women lose their ability to trick men out of realising their own value, and into marrying them. So of course it’s in their interest to try to keep a lid on it and shame men who state the truth.

    For what it’s worth, I thought this article was pretty moderate in tone, did not describe the girls of Hungary as stupid gold digging sluts who can be bought, and Kyle has been more than polite in responding to many of these vile acerbic cat women who are vomiting their own self-loathing all over the place.

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate this.

      And you nailed it. The reality of the world is shattered by this article, despite the relative moderation of the overall tone (I’ve written far worse!). But fragile egos can’t handle it. To top it off, when I have repeatedly asked the age of the women who ARE commenting with their nonsense – have any of them answered me?

      Nope, they just dodge and attack again with more hatred pent up.

      Thanks again!

  16. He wrote it as an informative article. You people who take offense to the things he said clearly have low self esteem. It is clear in his writing that he was NOT trying to put anyone down. Just being informative!! Thank you for your article! As a man who has dated women from all over the world he was truly trying to be helpful to other men!! You low self esteem people grow up!!

  17. Your article is interesting but I’m confused as to what the point of it is? You are just trying to get girls back to your rented room to have sex with them? Hungarian girls especially are not like this. We are loyal and appreciate the connection between two people, trying to be good wives to our husbands and good mothers to or children. Maybe if you are lonely you need to find a wife? Then you can focus on something else than raising your partner count, like starting a family or making a business. If all you are interested in is sex that is not hard to find, you can go with a prostitute.

  18. Seems like all the “trolls” have a very similar writing style. Didn’t you think about making it easy on yourself and just react to one of them instead?

    I, for one, thought it was a great and informative piece of writing. Glad I stumbled upon this website and surely will visit it again, thanks to this article on how to pick up the “tough” hungarian women. 😉

    1. Thanks for the kind words Patrick! There are a lot of other articles about foreign girls too. The home page will direct you to many of them!

  19. Well.. For having actually been to Budapest you don’t seem to have the first clue as to what you’re talking about with regards to Hungarian women. Most are quite mature, intelligent and classy. And if you can get to know them for who they are, then you don’t need to worry about your “game” and if you have alcohol stocked in your pad and blah blah blah. ? A true Magyar woman will like you for who you are. But you are right about one thing; Hungarian women are indeed very beautiful.

  20. I know a hungary girl from 6 Month, I said I love you . Now sh is in Hungary. What is attraktive for a hungarian girl. I saw in germany now we have relation with whatsup and sms.

  21. You are an idiot!
    Bitches are bitches everywhere…. Im hungarien, and i didnt really care anybodys money… and yes, i can buy my drink from my 500$ salary, just like most of my friends too… and no, the normal girls will not fuck with you, even if you pay her drinks… most of them will say no thanks…

    1. Köszi Lillus, vannak elég kemény helyi farkak itt, nem kell egy kivakaródzott ostoba jenki nigger lekicsinylő pofázására szüksége senkinek.
      Magyar vaginába magyar faszt 😀

  22. Hey Kyle,
    I’ve just read your article, which I found after – honestly – opening up google and typing “hungarian girls” into the search field. 😀 Enjoyed reading it, even showed to some German friends of mine who are supposed to come over to HU in some months.
    Referring to the comment section, I do agree with some points of yours and as well as the commenters’ who think it might be inappropriate. I feel like a bit of explanation can help. (I think it’s even different to see it from the Hungarian “rural” area. I’m a 18 y/o guy from Szeged.)
    It is really true that you – US guys – have advantage over natives to some extent… (I have friends from the USA still living in the country.) Most girls are open-minded, great at English, love to meet with foreigners. It is just the matter of time you can get close to them. It might be rather difficult for us, having to “compete” with more guys for the girls, lower “interest-factor” compared to a nice foreigner despite we speak the language. This could just cause such a hate-wave (not heatwave haha) you unfortunately encountered with.
    Even if Hungarian girls are really nice most of the time (haha), they want to be important, valued, but you must know this. The female commenters really thought you’re just looking for a “quick night” which is an impolite, inappreciated way of being with a partner. At least in our Eastern European country. 🙂 If you’re lucky enough to catch a nice girl, be with her as much as you can, get to know her better. This is what they expect, excluding the ones looking for one night long relationships. 😛
    On the other side, culture&language. We, Hungarian people are mostly too sensitive about even a little bit offending posts, trying to win the arguments all the time, it’s just who the environment wants us to be. Even, some of the words you did use, are translated into Hungarian in an offending way, used rarely in obscene situations. (E.g. to pull a girl, hookups etc) They can be easily misunderstood, even if it’s just everyday’s slang in American English.
    Some of reasons of thinking, mentality can only be understood after years of living here. Not because we’re poorer or having lower self-esteem, it’s just our self-respect, probably different than in the western countries: we don’t even like to write about our sexual life in public.
    However, I hope you liked Hungary. I think – hope it’s not my ego 😀 – we can’t deny it’s a nice place but hard to understand for foreign people. Therefore, I do think we’re mostly the ones, who have to accomodate to others, even if we go or they come here. 😛 And some people are unable to do so …
    Have a nice day/evening.

    1. Hi Tomi, many thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I love your people and country and it’s nice to know that not everybody hates me 🙂

      I will be returning to Budapest this year and can’t wait!

      1. Do you think bitches care about another wannabe pua american dipshit? :DD
        Go get the fuck back to your nasty liberal shit hole

  23. I have been reading your travel reviews, and I think you are like Austin Powers. For the look and the clothes, nobody would suspect you are an international man of, well, intercourse; but apparently you are. About Hungarian girls feeling been described as whores, they should be consired fortunate. Latin women here are described almost as catle.

  24. Great report. I follow your podcasts too. Still uncertain on visiting BP as I’m more of a daygamer. Could you provide some detail on your daygame experience there compared to Prague or Krakow. Is it true BP girls are less receptive and closed? Is the city flooded with rsd spam daygamers like prague? Thanks.

    1. When I was there Daygame was lackluster. Unless things have drastically swapped I’d pick either of the other options for day.

  25. I’m 18 years old and i met a hungarian girl at a game who is a year younger than me and her character stole my heart. She is mature and kind. She thinks she has found someone but i still want to try everything i can to win her heart because we have been talking for a long time as good friends and she once said that she could live with me forever if she could so i believe there is a chance for us to be together and i am planning to go there this summer. Please give me some tips how to deal with her when i go there because i live in greece

  26. All the hate is too funny. Most likely its based on the sour taste the locals have for travelers due to the sheer number of drunken Brits running around on Stag parties. The town has a reputation abroad as being full of hot chicks and I think the women are a bit sensitive to this. This post isn’t about hey come here and rape women. It simply is stating that this place is swarming with attractive women and if you are a single guy who spends his weekends looking to meet women to date and ultimately have sex with then you should get your ass here. I couldn’t agree more. I think kyle may have been overdressed for summer in budapest. The few times I had a blazer on I felt like I was getting looked at as a cash machine and its just too damn hot. Just be cool confident and act like a normal American who could meet girls and they will come flocking. Kyle may have had some difficulty due to his height and the fact that “he looks Turkish or Romanian”. Looking different is clutch and unlike in Poland dark is not a trait girls here are seeking. Hungary has the racist white is right vibe going on. Being a 6ft tall white dude with paler skin gets me nowhere in the states but I’ll have women coming up to me at the bar joking that I’m a viking. It doesn’t help that at 185lbs I’m seeing as “strong” which I would never get confused for in the States. My Hungarian friends complain about the foreigners stealing all the top pussy and this is probably true, but it’s no different then American girls flocking to suck some Italian hostel dudes dick just because there is a stereotype of them being great lovers.

  27. I was going to write a comprehensive reply to you as to exactly which parts of your article I took issue with but I realised I would probably be wasting my time as you don’t ever mention anything about character. I am a Hungarian British woman and am in love with the most beautiful honest man who didn’t play me and simply made time to connect with on an honest level. His “power”, if you want to put it that way, was his security within himself to embrace who he is and use that to make a connection with people.

    He never played a “game” with me. I have never fallen for “the game” in my life. If a woman goes home with you, it’s not because she’s fallen for a “game”. It’s because she’s made the choice to sleep with you just as much as you have to sleep with her. And if not, from where I’m standing, you’ve either led her on which is pretty heartless if you ask me, or she’s probably a bimbo. And where’s the accomplishment in that? Your comment about not listening to women about women is absurd and deeply disturbing to me. It’s not difficult to find a pretty girl to sleep withl. There’s nothing wrong with a one night stand in and of itself but once it becomes a way to garner self worth then it becomes an issue because it’s really not that difficult to get laid.

          1. Hmm, well, that must be subjective as I’m quite content with my attitude. 🙂

            Bowing out now, said my bit.

  28. I’ve been studying in S. Korea for 3 years now, and was curious how foreigners think of the game back home, so thanks for sharing your experience. Also read through some of the comments… Gotta say it’s pretty sad!

  29. Woww, guys.. As a hungarian girl Im not sure if i should laughing on this article or reather cry. Actually Im laughing cause by my Canadian ex- who was livin in Budapest for awhile- I know many nomads like that and I can recognize so many things.
    Im working as party guide in Budapest, so I know exactly how nightlife is going on. Funny Ure mentioned Szimpla or Instant…. Welll…good luck to find hungarian girls there. I mean u gonna find guides cause we bringing stag groups there but thats it. Looot of tourist girls, we have a lot of them there… And ok, u have bigger chance to get laid if u going there but the quality of the girls not the best at those places..
    Ahh, I dont even know why im writing here. I just see this happening, as i said I know lot fo man whose doin this, they all going the same places-Kijev, Krakow, Budapest, Novi sad, exct.. And fck… all of these cause of the girls? Ohh, god I wish I could be a man.
    +info we are not really impressed if u thinkin its cool ure from the west…Italian or spanish can be positive. Anyway if u comin see u in Szimpla, im gonna be the sober one with an english stag group, can suggest a couple of cool places. Drink pálinka, fröccs or Uniqum, u gonna hate it. Buuuttt we obviously have great nightlife and everything is cheap.

  30. There are people in this world that do not believe in God as you see him although they may believe there is some definite physical order in the universe that can be understood through complex laws of physics. Your demons exist in your head because you believe in a higher supreme being. In short, you are really just punishing yourself. To have a healthy appetite for women or men (if so I clined) is a natural thing. You are only young for a short time then you get old and these things don’t matter as much anymore. So you must sieze the day. Live and love to the fullest. No one is forcing anyone into anything. What is going on here is consentual activity between two adults and just because this type of thing shames you and causes you anxiety, believe me when I say it does not affect everyone in the same way. I am 70 years old now and I still think back with fondness on the many women I had the pleasure of seducing and being seduced by when I was a young man. That will never change.

  31. Here is your 2022 Hungarian Unicorn update.

    The game is over. You are not appreciated for being “Western” or “Australian” or “American” anymore. Sorry but I have been here 13 months. There are too many Westerners, everywhere. Even in Szeged, there is a cafe, coffee shop on the corner near the Center – run by a Westerner – an Australian man – with LGBT globalization posters on his walls. Not only to you have masses of Westerners – you have these same white people who FLED their country to move to Hungry advocating for the SAME THINGS THAT HAVE RUINED THE WEST. If you see these people, I don’t think boycotting them works anymore. Especially when they are being funded by NGO’s.

    As far as Hungarian women are concerned …

    1) “Hello I’m so and so from such and such a Western place – do you speak English” to a pretty girl is no longer met with a “Yes” and sparkle in the eyes. It’s met with a sigh, yes and what do you want.

    2) Prices have gone up drastically. Although you will pay less than the West – it’s no longer a Bargain. It’s almost comparable. I paid equivalent of $10 in in Hungarian Forint for a Coffee and a small pastry in a local cafe. The attitude was “give us your money and go” “next!”

    3) Many Hungarians, especially Hungarian men, are tired of Westerns coming to take their women because they don’t have the balls to stand up to feminism at home.

    4) Hungarian women are hit on by platoons desperate “starving”, foot worshiping Western Simp’s every time they go out. Although they are polite or not interested – the place is almost ruined when it comes to seeking a wife. Generally speaking, Hungarian women want to marry Hungarian men – if they get married at all. The Hungarian language is one of the most difficult in the world. More difficult than Russian or Chinese. It will take many years to learn. And you will never use it outside of Hungary.

    5) More women are constantly staring into their phones and the vile whorish tattoos are coming up everywhere. Legs. Asses. Tramp Stamps and even the occasional neck. More women are also cutting their hair short. All the Western styles you see in American you will see here.

    7) Hungary is not poor anymore. For this you must ask yourself “what is poor”. They live in a safe clean country with beautiful cities and villages – devoid of non-white immigrants. THERE ARE NO HOMELESS PEOPLE. Except the occasional singing drunk on the street. Or your random drug addict that got tossed out of Mommy’s house.

    8) Budapest is full of Chinese tourists. But sexually speaking Asian men are the lowest of the low. If you are Asian you will never get laid. You can always point to the 1 in 1,000,000 exception you see once every two years. But Asian men are coming in droves for white women and none of them are getting laid.

    9) Non-White Immigration. They are coming in as “tourists” and “students” or under “work permits”. But we all know where it goes from there. It will only remain safe if a right wing conservative Christian leader remains in power. They put everything to replace him my a Klara Dobrev – a Jewish Attorney and Communist who lives in one of the richest gated communities in HU. They put millions into her campaign (and her “conservative” opponent, playing both sides). She only lost because Orban won’t allow Diebold voting machines into Hungry. You must be a citizen and vote in person by paper. Thankfully the “conservative” (who wants to take down the border fence of course) lost to Orban.

    9) Your money and job is not an advantage anymore. Again – there are no Homeless people. Everyone has a place to live, food to eat, electric, water, and clothes on their backs. Compare this to any major city in America and please tell me what “rich” is? Living in a gated Western community or mixed suburb where you must eat, shop and live with the dregs of society constantly doing all the things you must do to survive with said Dregs? Fake smiling, opening doors for them, fake socialization, over the top politeness, tolerating the black-white couple at the party making out, being politically correct, fear of being labelled “racist” to lose your job, paying $3,000 month in rent for an average apartment – and all the other horrors they have turned Western societies into. OR living in a safe clean comfortable Christian environment in a 700 Ft2 house or apartment – less than what you can get in the USA but without the above?

    10) If you want to become a Hungarian citizen you must not only prove you are Hungarian by descent – but you must master the language and pass a test which is there version of an University Masters in English class. Think “masters of english” now think “the Hungarian version. I am telling you the language is almost impossible to master. It is extraordinarily difficult to learn basic Hungarian – let alone semi-fluent conversational Hungarian – let alone full mastery of the language. If you can do this you should probably be learning Mandarian also because it’s probably the only language more difficult. Learning Russian was easy for me next to Hungarian. There are no root words or comparable words in English to grab onto.

    11) For Hungry to become great again – Westerners have to leave. Sorry but they have ruined it. Dumping their money and bringing their antics to the streets. Along with their effeminate manners and simpishness. These people should have NO PLACE to emigrate. They should defend in place or be destroyed by the coming storm.

    12) If you still want a Hungarian Unicorn – good luck. It’s gotten 100X more difficult. Your not going to impress them with cash or your cool American accent. You won’t be kissing them or meeting Mom with wedding bells. Sorry but there comes a time when there is no place to play nice or run and you are forced to turn around and fight.

    Good luck Gentlemen ..

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