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The Secret to Girls



Time for a little Q&A today (been a while since I did one of these).

Let’s dive right in:


“Most of what you’re saying is true. I know from experience how much you can learn from being with multiple women at a time. But having a harem is not real outcome independence. You’re still dependent on women as a whole, and especially on sex. I wish there was someone who would talk about getting free of dependence on women and sex. But that means getting out of the player lifestyle and turning to something spiritual.”


Truer words never spoken.

The goal of having a harem—and what I try to teach in King’s Code—is ultimately to not rely on women for your own personal happiness. I personally believe women can find much happiness in finding the right guy for them, but that a man must be responsible for his own happiness first and foremost.

Try to put the responsibility of your happiness on a women will make her wilt.

Plus, resent you to boot.

Question then, of course, is how to possibly not care about women.

Relatively simple solution:

Date a lot of ’em.


I don’t think it’s really “spiritual”. It’s just having something else to do that you’re really passionate about. Business is usually the best outlet.

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Q (in response to something I wrote about having a home base):

“I know you nixed the idea earlier but you should definitely write more about this aspect of your life. If they are normal guys, I imagine this is one of the biggest concerns about permanently moving abroad.”


I think, as a whole, human beings are probably not made to travel all year, all the time. There are exceptions to this, certainly.

Here’s a bone to chew on:

When people used to migrate, it was a month+ journey to get to their final destination.

For example, my great-great grandfather and great-great grandmother came over to Ellis Island in New York City from a small town in Sicily, Italy. They came on a boat. I have zero idea how long it actually took them to sail the sea, but I can’t imagine it was less than a month.

People traveled to re-settle.

Same reason why everybody headed west to pan for gold.

There were no plans to go back, it was permanent.

And this is the way it’s been for thousands of years.

Being able to hop on a Boeing jet and be across the world in 20 hours is only something that’s been possible for what, 50 years?

Evolution in our biology doesn’t happen that fast. Most human beings are meant to settle and build something in a permanent place. It’s what has been proven to create stable families, which of course is deeply entrenched in all of us.

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“If game is faking it, what do you actually consider a high value man?”


Someone who doesn’t have to fake it, honestly.

Let’s break this down though. Typically, “high value” guys are some combination of confidence, success/wealth, fitness, and charisma. All of this can be wrapped into one word that women are drawn to:


Now think about game.

You dress better, you’re more powerful.

You get in better shape, you’re more powerful.

You learn how to read social situations, you’re more powerful.

Badda-bing, badda-boom.

Now, if you do all of these things and keep practicing them, they become a skill like any other. Eventually though, you need to get out of your own head. These practices need to become written into ya thick skull and just become a part of who you are.

If you start practicing game and picking up chicks and 3 years later you’re still wondering:

“Should I kiss her? I haven’t done enough kino and she’s only given me 5 IOIs in the last hour, I dunno what to do!”

You. Haven’t. Evolved.

Instead, it should be:

“Of course she wants to kiss me. Duh. I’m me.”

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“In the past I’ve heard of Western influence and feminism somewhat “making it’s way” into some Eastern Euro countries, and I’ve also heard of one guy in particular saying, “yeah you should visit Eastern Europe before the West reaches here.”

My question is: While this could probably be true, how long do you think it will take for it to reach over to Eastern Europe? Or is it something that’s not as drastic as they make it to be?

For example, I remember listening to your podcast with TD Game and he mentioned that feminism will never take over Poland, which is great to hear, haha. Is this something that is normally rejected in the Eastern world just like how it is in Latin America?”


Personally, my thoughts are:

It’s not so much feminism as it is technology. Once a human gets a smartphone, their natural ability to just be a normal human being seems to evaporate. And they’re getting them younger and younger now in this part of the world, whereas before you might say that many people in their 20s now didn’t have them growing up.

Too much attention from too many areas.

Why settle for one dude when you have 100 on Tinder wanting you?

I think that’s the bigger problem than feminism, per se. Easy to put the two in the same sphere of thought.

My unsolicited advice:

Do get here while you can.

For example, with the Ukrainian passports now having access to the European Union, you’re definitely seeing more and more Ukrainian girls taking nice little vacations in places like Spain and Italy, funded by rich western dudes.

From what some friends have said this year, too, it seems high heels and dresses are starting to go more out of fashion and the hipster style keeps growing.

Don’t freak out and think the place is totally ruined, but it might change.

Here’s what it means:

Inaction always kills.

If your dream is to get to these kind of places and meet great girls, do it now. There will never be a better time.

DANET can help you get there and it’s a measly 23 cents a day (yeah, you read it right…).

Details here:

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