Last updated: May 14, 2014

The reward outweighs the risk.



Still on the graveyard shifts, I awoke from my slumber at about 1:00pm.  Grumbling, I got out of bed and started getting ready.  I throw my gym stuff in the bag and set out the door.  It was a beautiful day, so I decided to endure the twenty minute walk to the gym in the fresh air as opposed to driving in the car.  I got to the gym and had, at best, a mediocre workout.

On the way back home I cut through a shopping center.  I was wearing my slightly dorky red cycling glasses, and was dripping with sweat.  As I’m walking through, I see a girl sitting at a table.  Her back is to me.  I size her up, noting her nice legs and long, silky caramel hair.  As I’m walking by her, and starting to glance away, she looks my way.  I’m pierced by blue eyes and a soft facial complexion.  She’s very pretty. My heart skips a beat, my step slows, my brain going a million miles an hour, I start to turn around and…enter overthinking.

“She’s on her phone she’s probably too busy.”

“She has a bag next to her, it’s probably her boyfriend’s.”

“I’m wearing ridiculous sunglasses.”

“I’m sweaty and haven’t showered in 12 hours.”

I keep walking away from her.  I chicken out.

I kick myself for the next hour.  She noticed me.  The excuses in my head were just that: excuses.  Rather than being satisfied I took action as I man, I got to be filled with regret.

The reward (possibly a great date with a great girl) far outweighs the risk (getting rejected.  boo-hoo).  Tomorrow is a new day.

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