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The Return to Budapest

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The more and more I’ve built my brand online, and the more success I’ve found in general…well, the more the haters come out.

So, here’s a story for ya today.

I’m back in Budapest for the week. For those of you who have been around a really long time, you’ll remember it was my second ever trip to Europe in 2015. I went with a couple of other “red pill” bloggers, and we just basically just drank ourselves to death for ten days. I don’t think we slept before 6am on any night, except maybe the last one.

Back then, people actually cheered me on.

Because at the end of that trip I was returning to be a corporate wage slave.

I wasn’t free.

I didn’t have what many seek.

These days?

While I doubt anyone who reads these emails is rooting for me to have a bad time in Budapest, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of people out there who hate my guts. And yes, they’re very profitable. The point I’m trying to make, is that things change. When I visit these places, like Budapest, like Wroclaw, like Krakow, for the second, third, etc. time – it makes me realize how far I’ve come. Because while I’ve only got five days here (business trip), at the end of it, I’m heading back to Ukraine.

I’ll go back to Ukraine, and go back to my usual life of waking up when I want to, working hard for a few hours, and for the most part, just enjoying my life.

Unlike the first time I was in Budapest, when I got on that return flight and was filled with nothing but sadness. Back to the corporate grind. Back to sitting in traffic in Los Angeles. Everything was just “blah”. So while I didn’t have the haters then, I also hated myself.


If you’re looking to break yourself out of the grind, sometimes the biggest problem is having no idea where to start.

It’s always disappointing to go down one business route, come up short, and have to start again.

But sometimes, that’s the nature of the beast.

Anyways. Funny, yet horrifying story to tell you today.

Fast forward to 2017, and I returned for the second time, this time with my girlfriend (hi dear), and sister in tow.

Well, living in Southern California for so long, I got used to spicy Mexican food. I’d consider myself a bit of a spicy nut. So naturally, since I moved to Europe, I really haven’t found anything that even compares. Until one faithful day in Budapest…

We’d walked past the thermal paths to some outdoor market. At said market, there were the usual overpriced goods, and one particular stand caught my eye – for some Hungarian paprika spicy spread. They were serving it with little pretzel-like sticks to dip it in.

Naturally, I figured this stuff was like everything else I’d come across in Eastern Europe.

(That is, wussy shit…)

So, naturally, I decided I’d help myself to a whole heaping pretzel stick of the spiciest sauce on offer. I shoved the whole thing in my mouth, preparing to gloat to my girlfriend, sister, and the man behind the spicy sauce.

At first I was fine.

About ten seconds later I realized I’d made a horrible mistake.

You see, Hungary is probably the one EE country that is famous for it’s spices – Hungarian paprika, of course.

And this sauce was no joke.

I started feeling woozy.


I needed to sit down.

And I needed something to take the edge off. My sister got me some sort of fluffy pretzel. For the next 10 minutes, I felt like I was on the verge of losing consciousness.

Eventually I recovered and the day went on, but I learned a lesson that day…

You NEVER mess with or poke fun at the food that is a country’s national pride. That’s paprika for Hungary.

And for Croatia, you guessed it – that’s olive oil.

Now, our 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil does in fact have a “peppery” kick to it. You’ll feel it in the back of your throat. But it’s not spicy. The flavor has, and will continue, to surprise many a people though. And the reason is because all the stuff you buy in the store:

Does not have that same peppery kick.

Because it’s not the real stuff.

That’s the spicy truth.

PS: To get your hands on our olive oil while it’s on sale this Halloween, head on over to this link.

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