Last updated: January 17, 2016

The Red Pill Round Table: How Much Does Money Matter?

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This week’s Red Pill Round Table is hosted by Masculine Profiles.

This week’s theme was “Money, Hoes, and Big Booty.” A tease is below.

What’s your stance on the annual money vs. game conversation?

Goldmund: Every man is different and going to have different priorities. When I see people arguing about it or pushing their own viewpoint down the throats of others I can’t take them seriously.

For me personally, I would rather be the globe-trotting starving artist without riches than the guy who works his ass off during his 20s and 30s to get rich. I went to University with a lot of people who came from money and were devoted to staying rich. They were not, and are still not, interesting people to be around.

And they get laughed at by the girls I am most attracted to.

This Is Trouble: Here is my opinion, which is best summed up in bullet points.

  • You can get laid without having money.
  • You can get laid easier if you have money.
  • You can fuck high quality girls without having money.
  • You can keep high quality girls far easier if you have money.
  • I think as I get older, these four above points will become more extreme (think 30+).

Masculine Profiles: You don’t need money to get laid. You don’t need money to fuck hot chicks. However, money can make fucking these hot chicks a little bit easier. Money simply gives a man more options to lead an interesting life and high quality chicks want to be involved with a guy living an interesting life. It’s really not as complex as many guys make it seem. The dudes who try to use definitives “like you can’t fuck hot chicks without money” or “using money in any way to get laid isn’t game” are clowns in my book.

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