Last updated: April 26, 2016

The Polish Puzzle






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In episode 27 of Troublesome Radio, I combine all three of these posts into one beautiful concoction; discussing Eastern Europe vs. America, the markets of men vs. women, and much more!

Cultural Observations

Reality of the Sexual Market

Stopping Her On The Street

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  1. You are mistaken, it is not racism when it is true. And self preservation is not racism either. It is only natural to kill your enemy in selfdefense. Culture in USA is a little bit fucked up if even someine unplugged from system as youvare can call natural and health behavior racism.

    As for income you are right. It is not as high as in usa. But to be honest, i like it that way, cos right niw i am in top 3% income wise and I dont even make that good money.

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